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Hormone Replacement Therapy Staten Island

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So How Can I Know If My Hormones Are Imbalanced

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The symptoms of hormone deficiencies affect three areas: mental health, physical health, and sexual health. Typical symptoms include fatigue, libido loss, lack of enthusiasm, and sexual dysfunction. Are you feeling tired, apathetic, and weak? Perhaps your sex drive is fading. You might also be losing muscle tone. Although hormone deficiencies can affect people in a variety of ways, these are just some of the symptoms that a deficiency can cause.

What Symptoms Suggest Im In Menopause

The symptoms associated with menopause vary widely from woman to woman. Some women have virtually no symptoms, while others experience symptoms that are quite uncomfortable.

Women in menopause and perimenopause may experience:

  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Mood changes
  • Painful intercourse
  • Insomnia

In addition to these physical symptoms, menopause can change your overall health. The lower estrogen levels associated with menopause also affect bone health and increase your risk of osteoporosis.

Where To Get Trt In New York

New York is one of the most populated cities in the world, which means it has all types of people including men experiencing testosterone deficiency. Where there is demand, supply will inevitably pop up, and this is the same case for TRT clinics. There are many clinics for testosterone replacement therapy in the Big Apple, but if your goal is to receive help in an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective manner, then AAI is your best bet.

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Causes Of Sexual Disorder For Men And Women:

Physical causes Several physical or medical conditions can cause problems with sexual function including diabetes, heart and vascular disease, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, chronic diseases such as kidney or liver failure, and alcoholism and drug abuse. The side effects of certain medications including some antidepressant drugs can also affect sexual function.

Psychological causes These include work-related stress and anxiety, concern about sexual performance, marital or relationship problems, depression, feelings of guilt, and the effects of a past sexual trauma.

Low Sexual Desire For Women

Get your Drive back by Pure Wellness Medical

According to the Mayo Clinic, womens sexual desires naturally vary throughout the years. Female sexual arousal disorders usually overlap with the end of a relationship or with major life changes, such as pregnancy, or an illness. Menopause is another very common reason that women have low libido. Some medications used for mood disorders can also cause low sex drive in women.

You may have a condition called hypoactive sexual desire disorder if your lack of interest in sex continues or returns and causes personal distress. If youre concerned with your low sex drive, there are lifestyle changes, sexual techniques and some medications that can get you in the mood more often.

Signs of low libido

  • Having no interest in any type of sexual activity, including masturbation
  • Never or only seldom having sexual fantasies or thoughts
  • Being concerned by your lack of sexual activity or fantasies

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Where Can I Find Hgh Therapy Clinics In New York Ny

If you are in the Big Apple then you are, as Jimmy Cagney once screamed: On top of the world, Ma! Top of the world! And you are, whether you are in Brooklyn NY, Queens NY, Staten Island NY, Bronx NY or Manhattan NY, right now youre in the Big Game. So why then should you ask Where Can I Find HGH Therapy Clinics in New York NY? Easy. Because in this game you want to experience explosive energy, high desire, clear thinking, strength, optimism along with a sparkling attitude. So lets just cut to the chase and get you in a New York State of Mind where just like that anything seems possible and anything is possible.

We know that youre ready to find an HGH Clinic in New York City, but lets face it that isnt as easy as people might imagine. Youve discovered that first hand, huh? Oh yeah, youve already been there, youve done the website scans, the flashing pop up ads, the wild-eyed promises of all this and then some and at a price that will make Grandma proud. Well forget all that. You wanted to know How to get HGH Therapy in New York NY, and now youre here at the one HGH Clinic in New York that promises you we are not going to waste your precious time or your resources. We offer real solutions to real problems. Our HGH Doctors in New York NY work to only the highest industry standards which means we prescribe only safe, legal prescription HGH injections.

Human Growth Hormone In Staten Island

Injectable HGH

HGH for Men and HGH for Women. As women go through menopause, and men through andropause, HGH levels decline and can become deficient causing a variety of age-related symptoms. Some of the most notable are decrease in libido, flabby muscles, rapid weight gain, fat around the belly, mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats. This, combined with city living, especially in fast-paced cities like Staten Island, and lifestyles like those on Wall Street where stress, lack of sleep or exercise can take a toll, make hormone optimization an important part of preventative medicine and anti-aging.

Staten Island HGH Therapy addresses how to prevent, slow, or reverse the effects of aging and help people live longer, healthier and happier lives. HGH scientific research has applications in genetic engineering, stem cell injections, tissue engineering, and other medical advances like hormone modulation, also known as Hormone Replacement Therapy. Some people want HGH prescribed specifically for weight loss, body-building, athletic performance, for use with HCG injections or anti-aging, and although growth hormone does help both men and women burn fat, lose weight, build strong lean muscle and enhance performance, prescription HGH is not prescribed by doctors for those purposes alone.

For more Staten Island HGH Therapy info, to find out the cost of HGH Treatment or to buy HGH Injections on Staten Island at the best price, fill out the Hormone Treatment Info Form.

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Clinic With Innovative Approach To Treatment

Welcome to our Staten Island HRT clinic. Working for years we’ve gained unique experience in HRT treatment for both men and women. With us, you’ll forget about sexual dysfunctions, depressions, low energy or weight fluctuations. All these symptoms and even more can be corrected efficiently with the help of hormones replacement therapy.

Our medicians will provide you with full-fledged testing to choose the most resultative customized HRT program for your treatment.

Our clinic was established a decade ago when scientific researches on HRT as a key method of life quality improvement were held. Since its efficiency was proved, we have adopted this method to provide our patients with simple yet effective medical help in various body conditions. Our pros constantly improve their skills, provide scientific work in the field of hormones investigations. We provide a thoughtful and customized approach to every patient, choosing the best cure according to age factors, health conditions, anamnesis and other factors. In our clinic, you are welcome to pass the most precise hormone level testing to get your HRT. We’ll make your life quality higher.

What Are Hormones And Why Do They Matter

Hormones are signaling molecules that work as messengers in your body: they travel to different body parts and regulate both your physiology and behavior. They influence your growth, development, metabolism, sexual desires, and moods.

When the organism ages and the level of hormones decreases, it regulates the body slower and less effectively. That is why you may experience physical and mental health issues like bones brittleness, body hair loss, weight gain due to worse metabolism, lower sexual drive, mood swings, depression, anxiety. Everything becomes imbalanced.

In order to return to homeostasis, the balance in your body, you can take such hormones as testosterone or estrogen. It is available as tablets, creams or gels, vaginal rings, and skin patches. You should consult with your doctor to get the best advice on how to take it.

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Standard Trt Treatment Regimens For Men

As usual, for Testosterone therapy are used various substanses that cause not only the balance of hormones in the blood to be restored at the present time but also activate its production in the future. With the correct use of TRT, you should notice an improvement in just a few weeks, with results accumulating over time. As TRT treatment regiments today there are several methods considered to be effective:

  • Injections of hormonal replacement drugs. This is one of the most effective effects, quickly delivering a dose of hormones into the bloodstream.
  • Taking oral forms of Testosterone. Modern bioidentical hormones allow you to take them in pills without loss of health.
  • Topical application, for example, in the form of patches, ointments, gels. This option is no less effective with a logical dosage.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Staten Island Ny

The specialists of our clinic have made it their mission to help people suffering from hormonal disorders. It is the hormones produced by the endocrine system of the body that affect all life processes without exception. With age, the level of many hormones, and especially Testosterone in men, fall. As a result, you feel unpleasant symptoms, which together can be called signs of aging. But with us, you can avoid the onset of these signs, prolong your youth and well-being for years. We offer you a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of hormonal deficiency, including TRT therapy for men.

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Looking For Hormone Replacement Therapy In Staten Island Get It In Clinic

Our clinic provides high-resultative Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women throughout the US having a branch in Staten Island.

We specialize in HGH Replacement Therapy, Menopause and Andropause Therapy, Testosterone Therapy for men and women, Erectile Dysfunctions Treatment and other methods of HRT.

Testing For Hormone Deficiency In Staten Island

ACOS eLearning: Webinar: Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy ...

Getting tested for HGH or Testosterone deficiency is the first step on your way to anti-ageing routines. In clinic you can pass your Hormone Level Tests by the newest methods. We provide you with accurate results of your testing you can show your medical advisor to get launched to an HRT program. Results of Hormone Level Tests are of high importance, as they are the basis for choosing the program, the type of bioidentical hormone replacement medicines and their dosage. Please, apply for a Hormone Level Test if you have any concerns about your hormone balance to improve your body and mood condition in a safe and efficient way that is HRT.

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How Can A Patient Know That He Needs Hrt

There are some special symptoms that occur when the lack of hormones exist. They concern both mental and physical condition. In some cases, you may have only several of them, in some all of them. The last option may enclose you have a hormone deficit of more than one hormone. What are these symptoms?

  • Constant feeling of weariness.
  • Sexual dysfunctions i.e. low libido, erectile dysfunctions.
  • Low mood, dissatisfaction with life, depression symptoms.
  • Increasing fat fibre and weight.

When you notice at least one or two of these symptoms repeating, it is better to visit our clinic in Staten Island to get diagnosed. We have a big experience in overcoming ageing symptoms using Hormone Replacement Therapy methods with proven efficiency. We’ll test your hormone level and provide you with an appropriate cure. Apply for a doctor’s supervision right now not to feel annoying symptoms of hormone deficit.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Staten Island Ny

The clinic specializes in providing HGH therapy to people who are experiencing the side effects of aging and the clinically diagnosed disorders associated with declining hormone levels, such as fatigue, weight gain, memory decline, muscle loss, aging appearance, and low libido. If you are an active and busy adult and looking for a safe and effective treatment that provides you with a real benefit, look no further.

At our Staten Island clinic, we focus on individualized hormone therapy for men and women. We are committed to restoring your health and vitality with bioidentical hormone therapy for men and women. With our hormone replacement for Low Testosterone in men and HRT for menopause for women, we hope to help you feel younger, healthier, and more vibrant.

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Low Testosterone In Men

Testosterone is a hormone found in men and women although men have much higher levels of testosterone than women. Production of testosterone increases during puberty but starts to decrease after 30 years of age. The level of testosterone in men begins to decline at about 1 percent each year, which is a natural result of aging. Testosterone in women decrease by half from the age of 21- 40 years old.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms

When it comes to menopause, which ends for a year and comes with major hormonal changes, it can be the most uncomfortable stage of a womans life. Unfortunately, these changes cause hot flashes, low desire, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, just to name a few.

There are fortunately ways to solve this problem by using bio-identical hormones via the Mona Lisa touch laser and medication. These solutions have helped increase desire and lowered side effects to make menopause as comfortable an experience as possible.

If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction symptoms, we can offer recommendations and resources that can help you. Contact us at

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Staten Island Ny Doctors Who Prescribe Hgh Injections

HGH Injections Staten Island NY can help restore your energy and vitality to youthful levels. Our Staten Island HGH doctors use a holistic process treating low growth hormone levels and will help you get local lab testing and arrange for treatment. If you are man or woman experiencing a deficiency or imbalance, our comprehensive bio-identical HRT programs offer you the many benefits provided by hgh injections therapy for residents who live in Staten Island, Annadale, Arden Heights, Arlington, Arrochar, Bay Terrace, Bloomfield, Brighton Heights, Bulls Head, Castleton, Castleton Corners, Clifton, Dongan Hills, Eltingville, Emerson Hill, Great Kills, Huguenot, Livingston, New Brighton, New Dorp, New Springville, Oakwood, Port Richmond, Prince’s Bay, Rosebank, Silver Lake, South Beach, St. George, Stapleton, Stapleton Heights, Sunnyside, Todt Hill,Westerleigh, West New Brighton, and Willowbrook. Call our hormone treatment center to learn how to get the best HGH treatment in your local NY area and find Staten Island NY doctors who prescribe HGH Injections. We provide HGH Therapy for men who may also have low testosterone and HGH Treatment for women.

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Unfortunately, testosterone production tends to reduce over time especially after 30 years old leading to health complications such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, tiredness, and many others. While most of the time these symptoms are caused by testosterone deficiency, it might not always be the case. That is why the testosterone levels are first determined to ascertain the need for TRT.

Testosterone replacement therapy involves replenishing the hormone deficiency that facilitates the restoration of testosterone to healthy levels. TRT therapy is conducted at licensed therapy for safe and effective delivery. Once the TRT treatment commences, the patient might start experiencing increased vitality, more restful sleep, enhanced libido, and heightened energy levels among other short-term positive benefits.

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Low T And Low Hgh Therapy Reviews

Im a bit of a contradiction in that I moved into NYC just two years ago when I turned 63 years old. I was starting to feel that my life was contracting into boredom, less people, and fewer new experiences since my retirement from an engineering firm and I reasoned in New York City things would be much different. So I moved to Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn NY from Upstate NY and suddenly Im surrounded by people. But in many ways it was same old, same old even here. I had a lot more possibility around me, sure, but not a lot more energy. That is until I discovered your Low T Therapy Clinics in New York NY and began Combined HGH Testosterone Therapy Synergistic Effects. With the double blast of testosterone and human growth hormone replacement, I have nothing but energy to take on new tasks like volunteering at the community center where I have gained a whole new respect for people and their varied lifestyles. With Combined HGH Testosterone Therapy my life is now full. For example, we recently organized a West Village trip where the whole group of us played bohemian for a day, checking out the Jefferson Market Courthouse where Mae West was once locked up and then getting cupcakes and beer. Yes, I said cupcakes and beer. Thank you for helping me make my life interesting again.

Benefits Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. McNally

Benefits of hormone replacement therapy can significantly improve every aspect of your life and well-being from your appearance to your mental health. Hormone therapy is a safe and effective way to revitalize energy and happiness in the lives of women and men who are experiencing hormonal changes. Some of the top benefits include:

Growth hormone therapy increases energy levels, helps you lose weight, strengthens bones, improves heart health, and reduces fatigue associated with aging.

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Enjoy The Happy Life With The Help Of Our Specialist’s Innovative Methods

When your Testosterone is at its peak, you feel the power to change the whole world. This hormone impacts your strength and stamina, it affects your lust for life and your libido. When you have your Testosterone at normal levels, you feel young and self-confident. This is a good reason to change the situation for the better, isn’t it?

How Is Menopause Managed

Dr. Kamal-Mostafavi can recommend lifestyle tips to help you manage mild hot flashes and night sweats. For moderate, severe, or long-lasting symptoms, you may benefit from hormone replacement therapy. Restoring estrogen levels back to normal stops your symptoms and prevents chronic health problems.

Vaginal dryness may be treated with lubricants or topical estrogen. However, Dr. Kamal-Mostafavi also offers gentle laser treatment using the MonaLisa Touch® by Cynosure®. As heat from the laser penetrates vaginal tissues, research suggests it generates new collagen, elastin, and blood vessels, which relieve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy.

Your treatment with the MonaLisa Touch is done in the office and its so gentle that it doesnt cause pain. The MonaLisa Touch has a better than 90% satisfaction rate for treating vaginal dryness.

Dr. Kamal-Mostafavi offers comprehensive menopause management helping you with menopause symptoms and other problems you develop along the way. To schedule an appointment, use online booking or call the office.

“Being first time parents, Dr. Kamal was the best thing happened to us…”


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