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How Can You Raise Your Testosterone

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Tips To Help Raise Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

How To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Low testosterone, commonly referred to as low T, can cause a wide range of health issues for both men and women. Its tied to erectile issues and difficulty concentrating in men, as well as low libido, fertility problems, weight gain, muscle and bone loss, depression, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes in both men and women.

Low T is relatively common problem that can lead to a wide range of health issues. For the most part, its considered a mens health issue, but it also affects;women, says Dr. Andrea Klemes, chief medical officer, MDVIP. Testosterone replacement therapy is a possible treatment, but risks exist.

Testosterone assists in the production of red blood cells. In fact, if your testosterone is low, you run the risk of anemia. Although TRT helps your body create red blood cells, it can make too many, causing your blood pressure to rise and blood clots to develop a combination that can lead to a stroke.

If youre concerned about your testosterone level but not a candidate for or interested in TRT, there are a few ways that may;help raise it naturally, such as eating certain foods. You can also try:

Exercise: One of the easiest ways to raise testosterone is to strength train. Studies have found higher testosterone levels among people who work out regularly. High intensity interval training also can help. Make sure you talk to your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

Discover What Fats May Be Good For You

Most people often affirm that fat is bad for you, but just like cholesterol, some types of fats correlate to benefits instead of only making you look fatter. Monounsaturated fat, for example, is described by experts as one type of it that can aid you in getting more testosterone.

If you want to ingest some monounsaturated fat, you should look for specific kinds of foods such as almonds, olive oil, avocados, peanuts, or dark chocolate. You may also find it on ingredients such as red meat, but the downside is that youll be ingesting other undesirable elements such as high bad cholesterol as well.

Testosterone Levels In Men

In healthy men, serum testosterone levels range from 300 to 1050ng/dL, peaking in the late teens and early 20s before plateauing and beginning a gradual decline at about 1-2% per year after age 30.;

According to the American Urological Association , a level of at least 300 nanograms per deciliter is normal for a man.;

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Drinkmoderately To Increase Testosterone

Drinking too much alcohol decreases testosterone in men, but drinking small amounts increases testosterone. A 2001 report in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism tried to duplicate this well-known finding in women.

The researchers gave participants two to three standard drinks. Compared to controls and baseline, this procedure increased blood testosterone levels for the next several hours. Surprisingly, this effect happened in both users and nonusers of oral contraceptives.

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Testosterone And Vegetarian Diets

The Best Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Another common concept is that vegan and vegetarian diets will contribute to lower levels of testosterone. Still, one study found vegans to have higher testosterone levels than both vegetarians and meat-eaters .

The vegans and vegetarians in this study were younger and had a lower body weight than meat-eaters, which can affect the results. If these men were healthier in general, they would also tend to have higher testosterone levels.

Nonetheless, the study seems to prove that you can have a vegetarian or vegan diet and enjoy optimal hormonal balance and health.

Need a boost?

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Do Not Ignore Your Mental Health

Mental health is something that should never be ignored. Talking about how it affects testosterone levels in the body, you might not believe us. But, if you are stressed out and mentally upset, your T-levels drop significantly low.;

Do not hesitate to consult a psychiatrist whenever you feel like there is something troubling you and making you depressed. Always talk about your mental health with professionals, as it is not a thing to be ignored.;

More to keep in mind is to constantly check the medications you are taking for other health problems. This is because they might contain any ingredient that promotes low T levels. This might not happen, but you should be careful and talk to your online therapist if you feel anything like that.

Avoid Drinking Excessive Amounts Of Alcohol

Drinking alcohol in excess can cause a decline in testosterone and an increase in a female hormone called estradiol, research shows . How much is too much? Although no recommendations have been made specific to preserving testosterone, experts advise moderate drinking to reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease. Whats moderate drinking? No more than two drinks a day for men, and one drink a day for women.;

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How Can Women Optimize Testosterone

As a woman, having optimal T;levels will make all the;difference to your athleticism, health and body composition.

Were not talking about anabolic steroids;here; were talking about naturallyincreasing your testosterone via simple lifestyle tips that you can start straight away. We dont recommend steroids at all as youll see here.

Here are our top 5 methods for optimizing your T levels naturally to improve athleticism and body composition:

Testosterone What It Does And Doesn’t Do

Secrets to Naturally Boost Testosterone | How to Check Your Testosterone Levels

When you think of testosterone, what comes to mind? Macho men? Aggressive, impatient, type A behavior? Road rage? Violence?

Testosterone’s role in bad behavior is largely a myth. What’s more, testosterone plays other important roles in health and disease that may surprise you. For example, did you know that testosterone is a key player in ? Or, that women need testosterone, too? There’s more to testosterone than guys behaving badly.

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Diseases And Conditions That Affect Testosterone

Men can experience a drop in testosterone due to conditions or diseases affecting the:

  • Testes direct injury, castration, infection, radiation treatment, chemotherapy, tumors
  • Pituitary and hypothalamus glands tumors, medications , HIV/AIDS, certain infections and autoimmune conditions

Genetic diseases, such as and hemochromatosis can also affect testosterone.

Women may have a testosterone deficiency due to diseases of the pituitary, hypothalamus or adrenal glands, in addition to removal of the ovaries. Estrogen therapy increases sex hormone binding globulin and, like aging men, this reduces the amount of free, active testosterone in the body.

Cabbage To Flush Out Female Hormones

King of the veg patch, cabbage is full of a chemical called indole-3-carbinol, which rids your blood of girly hormones. Healthy men took 500mg daily for a week at Rockefeller University; their oestrogen levels halved, making testosterone more effective. Its time to become more of a man at meal times.

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Make Sure Youre Training The Right Way

Before we close, we want to revisit weight training and make one more important point. At the outset, we discussed how weight training can boost testosterone levels and how compound lifts were the most effective type of lifts to do. While both of those things are true, there is one other factor that weighs on the size of the testosterone boost you receive: the volume of lifting you do.

Volume refers to the total number of reps and the total amount of weight you lift. Studies show that if you concentrate on higher volume rather than maximum weight, your body will release more testosterone in response . So, instead of seeing how much weight you can bench press, focus instead on putting anywhere from 75 90 percent of your maximum weight on the bar and doing as many reps as possible.

Zinc The Ultimate Testosterone Boosting Mineral

5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Weve covered the core vitamin, now heres the mineral: Zinc.;Found mainly in red meats and leafy greens, zinc is insanely good for boosting testosterone,;because its a necessity for its production.;The process for testosterone starts in our brains, which first requires a reaction to produce LH ;the Luteinzing Hormone.;This is the precursor to testosterone and essential to its production.

And it cant happen without enough zinc.

Not only that, LH is responsible for growth hormone, hair growth and other benefits.;A study focused on elite wrestlers supplementing zinc found that regular supplementation of the mineral both maintained and improved testosterone levels over a 4 week period.

TIP: Dont overdo Zinc! The maximum recommended daily intake of the mineral is 40mg according to the Institute of Medicines Food and Nutrition Board. Too much can result in side effects such as nausea and headaches.

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Take Zinc To Increase Testosterone

Zinc deficiency also negatively affects testosterone levels, according a 2014 article in the Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Physiology. The authors of this review note that zinc supplementation can increase circulating testosterone in some populations. In fact, daily supplementation with typical doses may double testosterone within a few months.

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Say Goodbye To Junk Food

You probably love junk food. Almost everybody does. Its so hard to resist because greasy, unhealthy food tastes delicious, especially after hours of training. However, eating may put your health in jeopardy.

Not only will junk food clog your arteries and kill you before your 60s, but it will give you way too many carbs and slow down your production of hormones like testosterone.

There are two main tips to avoid junk food: the first one is to simply avoid places that sell it. Always choose a nice restaurant that offers fresh salad instead of the local burger joint. Also, stock up your fridge with fruits and vegetables and eat them instead of ordering fries via delivery apps.

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Exercise And Lift Weight

Exercises tend to be the most crucial factor in preventing many health diseases. Surprisingly, this can also be the best alternative to increase your testosterone levels. You can increase your testosterone levels on your own by adopting some essential pieces of training and workouts.

Low testosterone levels are nearly bound to lowered energy levels, decreased muscle mass, and inadequate mental health. Exercises can be the best in this regard.;;

Exercises increase testosterone in two ways:

  • It helps in building muscle mass. Once your muscles are building up properly, increased T levels will result.
  • Exercises help in weight balancing and maintenance. Many studies have shown low testosterone levels are closely linked with obesity.

Research has found that heavy training like weight lifting may be the best way to boost testosterone. Lifting heavy weights may help gain muscle mass and, likewise, higher T levels. If you are new to this, opt for a trainer to get basic knowhow of it.

High-intensity interval exercises, if done along with weight lifting, may be the best combination that will not only elevate your T levels but may also help promote heart health.;

High-intensity training is also found to have positive effects on testosterone levels. Research revealed that resting for a couple of minutes between intervals is more advantageous.

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TESTOSTERONE: How To Increase Testosterone & Its Effects (Naturally Boost Low Levels)

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How Testosterone Works

Youre probably most familiar with testosterone as the sex hormone responsible for defining manhood. And yes, it does.

However, proper levels of this key hormone are also necessary to stimulate sexual desire, increase libido, heighten arousal and ensure sexual satisfaction for both men and women. Its also necessary to maintaining the following:

  • A healthy pain response
  • Inadequate exercise
  • Prescription drugs

All of these risk factors deplete the normal immune response, lead to obesity and diabetes, tax the body, and decrease metabolism. This, my friends, is the recipe for low T levels, and most people are stuck on the gerbil wheel desperate for a ticket to get off of the ride.

Research shows that low testosterone has become such an issue that up to 40 percent of men over 45 are affected. No one knows the prevalence of women with low T levels yet, but a Wall Street Journal article suggests that the pain epidemic many women struggle with may be linked to imbalance hormones, including testosterone.

No wonder men and women are racing to supplement stores to get their hands on makeshift testosterone therapy, but there are natural testosterone boosters that work as well, including the following foods that boost testosterone.

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Eat A Reasonable Diet

Your diet plays a significant role in testosterone levels. Having a good balance of all three macro nutrients is important for healthy hormone function.

Also having enough energy is important as hard weight loss diets can put your body in a sort of survival state, where reproduction and muscle mass are not priorities so your body shuts down sex hormones.

Testosterone and many other hormones are made out of fat and eating a low fat diet has been shown to negatively affect testosterone levels. So include plenty of fats in your diet from healthy sources like fish, avocados, nuts etc. There is also evidence that diets high in saturated fat can increase testosterone, but since the science surrounding the safety of saturated fats is currently unclear, its wiser to stick to safer options.

There is also evidence that simple starches like potatoes and white rice can actually increase testosterone levels when consumed in reasonable amounts. This is likely signaling your body that there is plenty of energy and no need to save resources for survival, allowing hormone function to take priority.

Protein is important for building muscle and hormone function but unlike many fitness magazines suggest, high dietary protein can actually hurt your testosterone production. So just like with other macro nutrients, its important to eat reasonable amounts.

Get To Know Fenugreek

The Best Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Unless you are a fan of herbs, it is likely youve never heard of fenugreek, or if you have, it was simply mentioned in passing in a conversation with someone at the gym. Turns out this little known herb is actually quite the testosterone booster, a fact that has been confirmed clinically on numerous occasions.

Despite the fact that studies have shown that fenugreek can increase serum testosterone , most people still dont know how to use it. In most cases, the long, brownish seeds of the fenugreek plant are dried and then ground up and used in a variety of dishes. If youve ever had Indian food, there is a decent chance youve had fenugreek. You can also use it in wraps and stews, or you can eat the seeds raw in their whole state.

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Try Some Hiit Training

If youve never heard of HIIT training, we can assure you it has nothing to do with hitting anyone. HIIT, if you dont know, stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It involves alternating periods of very high intensity followed by low-intensity exercise. For example, one type of HIIT workout may involve sprinting all out for a minute, then transitioning directly to a minute of jogging, followed by a return to all-out sprinting, and so on.

The effect of subjecting your body to this kind of alternating intensity workout is that it tends to burn through the sugar in your blood, putting you into an anaerobic state. HIIT training is very popular these days in health clubs and gyms nationwide. So if you are someone who likes to work out in a group, you should have no problem finding HIIT classes in your area.

Reduce The Use Of Plastics With Food

Throughout the world, people are becoming more aware of the dangers of plastic, and how its negatively affecting the earth. But did you know that using plastic materials can even hurt your testosterone levels?

Chemicals known as Phthalates are added to plastics to make materials softer and more flexible. These chemicals can also be found in shampoos, laundry detergent, and even in plastic food containers.;

Phthalates do not accumulate in the body. However,; experts still believe that they could hurt our overall health, including lowering serum testosterone levels in men.;

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How To Increase Testosterone Naturally In Females

As a natural testosterone boosting product used by both males and females, we often get asked about other ways ladies can get the full benefits of optimized testosterone.

There has always been the fear that as a woman, too much weight training or too many supplements will add huge amounts of muscle. This might make you look manly and unattractive. Mention the word testosterone and youll conjure ideas of masculine bodybuilders with massive arms, shoulders and jaw lines.

Well youd be wrong. And more to the point youd be missing out on a hell of a lot of female-specific benefits that healthy levels of testosterone is crucial for.

So why should a woman increase;her testosterone levels and what are the benefits? In this article well give you everything you need to know:

  • Why females need testosterone
  • How to optimize;testosterone our top 5 tips
  • Final word

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