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What Is The Difference Between Hrt And Bioidentical Hormones

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What Are Synthetic Hormones

Body identical versus bio identical hormones – whats the difference? Which is best?

Synthetic hormones are another type of hormones used in the hormone replacement therapy. They are mainly used for individuals who experience adverse side effects of the aging process. Most synthetic female hormones are a mixture of pregnant mare urine and progestin. Therefore, the structure of the synthetic hormones is not similar to the endogenous hormones.

Figure 2: Testosterone

Due to the dissimilarity of the structure, synthetic hormones may develop different health problems in the body including blood clot, breast cancer, heart attack, stroke, and the problems in the gall bladder.

Custom Compounding Is Misleading

To buy bioidentical hormones, you can’t just go to any chemist. First, you see a health practitioner. They will often conduct a saliva test, or order a blood test to check your hormone levels. You then take their prescription for biodentical hormones to a compounding pharmacist, who makes up the hormones especially for you.

This customised compounding makes women think that bioidentical hormones are better suited to their specific hormonal imbalances, but this is untrue. In fact, saliva tests are not considered a reliable method for establishing hormone levels. Blood tests are also not necessarily reliable, as women’s hormones during perimenopause and menopause can change from day to day, or even hour to hour, says Dr Newman.

“Women respond in different ways to this hormonal chaos,” she says. “For some women it makes no difference to how they feel, whereas other women may suffer severe symptoms, despite having similar blood results.”

The cost of bioidentical hormones is also considerably higher than conventional HRT.

How And When Are Bio

Men and women often start experiencing systems of hormone imbalance between the ages of 35-40. If you decide to begin BHRT, your physician will run a series of tests and will work in conjunction with a compounding pharmacy to create your personalized treatment approach. Bio-identical hormones are typically compounded in the following forms: capsules, injections, suppositories, gels or creams.

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Why People Use Bioidentical Hormones

As people age, their bodies experience a decline in the levels of various hormones. These hormones are estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. The drop in the level of these hormones can cause certain symptoms.

Some are common among women who are in their post-menopause phase. Common effects of reduced hormones are:

  • Night sweats
  • Floggy thinking
  • Loss of muscle mass

Hormone therapy is the treatment for these conditions as it replaces the hormones. After using hormone therapy, hormone levels rise, and symptoms improve as well.

Recommendations from national societies and medical experts state that people should consider the benefits and risks of both bioidentical and conventional hormones. Your physician can share with you the available options and guide you on what to use depending on what you prefer.

Does Hrt Come From Horses Urine What Hrt Is Suitable For Vegans

What is the Difference Between Estriol vs Estradiol ...

Certain forms of old-fashioned/traditional HRT are derived from horses urine . These types of HRT are known as conjugated equine oestrogens .

However, plant-based HRT is widely available and in many places, such as the UK, is prescribed first line. This plant-based form of oestrogen is termed oestradiol and is body-identical , meaning that it has the same molecular structure as the oestradiol we produce in our bodies pre-menopause.

Transdermal oestradiol is suitable for vegans. Oestradiol implants/pellets are also vegan-friendly. The vast majority of HRT tablets are not suitable for vegans as they tend to contain lactose and/or gelatine .

In vegan patients who require progesterone-cover , the levonorgestrel intrauterine system would be a suitable choice. For vaginal/vulval symptoms Intrarosa pessaries are vegan friendly.

Premarin is not suitable for vegans as it is extracted from the urine of pregnant mares.

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A New Climate And Finally A Receptive Ear

In related news, Dr. Manson, a Women’s Health Initiative principal investigator who co-authored the recent JAMA analysis following a long-term follow-up of over 18 years, reported that the use of HRT for five to seven years was not linked with risk of all-cause, cardiovascular, or cancer mortality.6

Drs. Stuenkel and Manson efforts to publish this ”call to action” began more than five years ago.

The authors told EndocrineWeb, even some of the leading journals were not familiar with the field they would say, ‘Where is the research?'” Until now.

To bolster what they knew already, and to gain further evidence for their concerns, Dr. Stuenkel said, she and Dr. Manson collected several surveys. Among their findings:1

  • Among 9% of 3,725 women surveyed used hormone therapy, with one-third using a compounded bioidentical hormone formulation.
  • In other words, about 1 to 2.5 million women in the US who are 40 years or older have used cBHT.
  • Half of the women taking cBHT mistakenly thought the formulation was FDA approved.

While the surveys did not include other valuable information, Dr. Stuenkel said, such as how long women were using the bioidentical therapies, this information may help inform clinicians.

Natural Does Not Mean Safe

Although bioidentical hormones are made from plant extracts, they are still processed in a laboratory and designed to change the bodys mechanisms in some way to relieve menopausal symptoms just like standard HRT. Regardless of which type of HRT you choose to take, women should be made aware of the slightly increased risk of breast cancer one extra case per 1,000 women per year with long-term HRT use.

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Which Bioidentical Hormones Should You Take

The molecules naturally produced in the human female body for which we most often seek replacement include:

  • Estrone , estradiol , and estriol
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • DHEA, an adrenal precursor to testosterone.

These truly natural hormones are available by prescription. Estradiol is available as Estrace pills, Estrace vaginal cream, or transdermals as the Vivelle Dot, and Climera. (Pharmaceutical companies have been able to patent the delivery system on these hormones, though the hormone itself is still bioidentical. Estriol is available only through formulary pharmacies. Most women do fine with just estradiol plus or minus some progesterone. And sometimes a bit of testosterone, which is available by prescription as AndroGel.

What Is The Difference Between Bio

Bioidentical Hormones vs. Synthetic Hormones: What’s The Difference?

From a physiological perspective, bio-identical hormones derived from natural plant sources are identical to those that the body produces for itself, in physiological proportions. When we are replacing the bodys hormones, we feel it makes more sense to use entities which the body recognizes as its own, rather than hormones from horses, imbalanced versions or overly potent synthetic versions. Synthetic hormones are chemically altered to be many more times potent than natural, bio-identical hormones.

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The Difference Between Hrt Prescribed By Hormone Health And Hrt Prescribed By Compounding Pharmacies

At Hormone Health, we only use regulated bioidentical HRT. The HRT prescribed by compounding pharmacies is unregulated and not recommended by NICE or the British Menopause Society.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch for further information and an appointment with one of our healthcare professionals.

Bioidentical Hormones And What They Are Made Of

All bioidentical hormones are precise duplicates of certain hormones as they are produced in the human body. They are plant-based, derived from soy and yam, and have the same chemical and molecular structure as hormones in the body. They are not derived from mares urine, unlike some older forms of HRT.

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How Long Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Necessary In Surgical Menopause What Age Should I Stop

In surgical menopause, estrogen therapy should begin right after oophorectomy and should be continued until the average age at natural menopause . At that time, you should re-evaluate the risks and benefits with your physician.

  • There is some evidence that the benefits of estrogen on thinking and mood are time-sensitive in surgical menopause– they are more beneficial the earlier they start following oophorectomy.

  • This advice holds regardless of what age you enter surgical menopause.

  • If you have a uterus, you will need combined HRT

  • If you do NOT have a uterus, you will need estrogen only.

It is important to note that the typical guidance around length of estrogen use is generally addressed to those in natural menopause, and does not necessarily apply to those in surgical menopause, who have greater estrogen needs. The length of time you take estrogen should depend on your individual risks and benefits.


Why Are There So Many Different Types Of Hrt

Pin on Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Florida

There are many different types of HRT available. This means that the dose and type of HRT can be altered to suit your individual needs and will also depend on your health and risk factors for other conditions, for example if you have had a clot in the past or have high blood pressure.

Many women want to take natural products for their menopause but you have to be very careful how you define natural. There are many medicines available which are derived from plants, so therefore they are natural, but many are unsafe and have been shown to be harmful to your body. For example, although black cohosh has been shown to be of some benefit in the treatment of hot flushes, some types of black cohosh have been shown to be associated with liver toxicity.

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Are There Different Types Of Progesterone

There are many different types of progestogens available for women. If you still have a womb it is important that a progestogen is combined with the oestrogen for your HRT. When you take oestrogen the lining of your womb can build up which can increase your risk of cancer. However, taking progestogen completely reverses this risk which means there is no increased risk of cancer when you take HRT.

The type of progestogen I commonly prescribe for my patients is called micronised progesterone . This is a body identical progestogen as it has the same molecular structure as the progesterone in our bodies. This means that is usually is associated with fewer side effects than other types of progestogens. Side effects of progestogens can include bloating, spots and mood swings. Micronised progesterone is also made from yams.

The additional advantage of micronised progesterone is that studies have shown that it is not associated with an increased risk of breast cancer for the first five years of taking it. After this time the risks of breast cancer are very low and seem to be lower than the risk for a woman taking the older types of progestogen.

In summary, the risks of the hormones you are taking depend on your type of HRT and also your individual risk factors and health. It is very important that you are given the right type and strength of HRT for your individual needs and that the benefits and risks of your HRT are discussed with you by your GP or menopause doctor.

Barriers To Body Identical Hrt

While it is true that NHS body identical HRT can also be personalised, with hormone doses adjusted depending on how a patient reacts to them, Short points out that this really requires a doctor who’s “confident and knows what they’re doing”.

Sadly, she adds: “You’re not going to get that from some GPs, but you can still ask to see a menopause specialist on the NHS, and they should be able to adjust your hormone doses depending on the side effects you’re experiencing.”

For menopause counsellor and #MakeMenopauseMatter campaigner Diane Danzebrink, a lack of menopause knowledge and understanding among many GPs is part of what’s driving the trend for pricey ‘bioidentical’ treatments. “I think many women have been left frustrated and desperate by the lack of knowledge of their own GP, so they’re driven to look for alternatives,” she says.

“Until relatively recently , bioidentical doctors were advertising in glossy magazines, claiming the products were safer, better, and so on than standard HRT that you can get from your doctor. If you’re a woman whose symptoms are severe and debilitating, you’re really struggling, but your GP says you’re too young for HRT, or prescribes antidepressants instead, these women feel desperate, and they will take things into their own hands,” Danzebrink explains.

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Examples Of Bioidentical Hormones

Now that you understand what bioidentical hormones are, let’s talk about some examples.

Once you understand what to look for you will then also understand which hormones you should avoid.

It turns out that there are bio-identical hormones available to use as treatment for most medical conditions that are associated with corresponding low hormone levels.

Unfortunately, these bioidentical hormones are rarely ever used, and instead, the pharmaceutical medications are often prescribed in their place.

Here are some examples of bioidentical hormones:

If you are using a prescription medication to treat any type of hormone imbalance make sure you check to see what you are actually taking!

You will most likely be surprised to know that the version you are taking is probably NOT bioidentical.

The good news is that there are plenty of options to use in place of the man-made Frankenstein hormone that you may be taking.

Whats The Difference Between Natural And Bioidentical Hormones

Difference between bioidentical and synthetic hormones

All hormones are natural. But what most women mean when they say they want natural hormones is that they are interested in using bioidentical hormones. The distinction is that bioidentical hormones are identical in their molecular shape, makeup, and structure to hormones made in the human body. This is what makes bioidentical hormones the perfect keys to unlock the bodys receptor sites. In other words, its the shape of the molecule not the source.

Today, most women know that, while natural, the hormone Premarin, which is marketed as Prempro when combined with the synthetic progestin Provera, is not bioidentical. My colleague, the late Dr. Joel Hargrove, used to say, Premarin is a natural hormone if your native food is hay! Thats because its made from conjugated mare urine. Provera does not occur naturally in nature. It is used as a substitute for bioidentical progesterone. Pharmaceutical companies do this because they cannot patent a naturally occurring hormone!

If you are in doubt as to whether a particular product offered to you by prescription is bioidentical, check the label. If it lists esterified estrogens, progestins, or progestogens, the product is not bioidentical. You can also research the products you may be considering, as many have their own websites.

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What Is The Difference Between Swyer Syndrome And Androgen Insensitivity

October 21, 2021 Posted by Samanthi

The key difference between Swyer syndrome and androgen insensitivity is that Swyer syndrome is a disorder that affects females and is characterized by the failure of sex glands to develop, while androgen insensitivity syndrome is a disorder where a person who is genetically male shows resistance to male hormones called androgens.

Swyer syndrome and androgen insensitivity are two disorders of sex development. Disorders of sex development are a group of conditions involving genes, hormones, and reproductive organs, and genitals. In these disorders, a persons sex development is different to most other peoples sex development. There is a mismatch between a persons chromosomes and the appearance of a persons genitals. It may cause disorders of sex development in infancy, childhood, or adolescence.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Health Freedom

Frankly, I trust Mother Natures millions of years of wisdom much more than I trust 50 years of biochemical wizardry from Big Pharma. If you feel the same way and want to be able to preserve your freedom of choice when it comes to your body and your health and stop the FDA from banning bioidentical hormones and other safe, natural therapies , one of the best things you can do is write to your senator, representative, and the FDA. Here is a letter created by the Alliance for Natural Health USA that you can use. Another thing you can do is join Millions Against Medical Mandates, an organization fighting for your rights to medical freedom and bodily autonomy. The Childrens Health Defense is another wonderful organization founded and run by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Have you tried bioidentical hormones? What was your experience? Do you think the FDA is wrong in banning bioidentical hormones? Leave your comments below.

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Why Are Bioidentical Hormones Better Than Synthetic

Bioidentical hormones, unlike synthetic, have been crafted to be exact duplicates of natural human hormones. Bioidentical hormones offer greater effectiveness than synthetic on more biological channels at all levels of human anatomy. Doses of bioidentical hormones can be finely adjusted to meet the needs of everyone.

What Is The Best Natural Progesterone Cream

What is the difference between synthetic and bio

Many women are confused about the use of progesterone creams, particularly regarding the efficacy of yam-based or other plant-based creams. Unlike soy and flax, which contain plant-based adaptogenic estrogens that convert into usable forms in the body, wild yam cannot be converted into progesterone in the body.

The conversion can occur in a laboratory setting, however therefore, wild yam is sometimes used to synthesize the progesterone found in progesterone creams. Some progesterone creams are yam-based, but the active ingredient is not the wild yam itself but the USP progesterone that has been added.

For this reason, while the body may absorb wild yam extract through the skin, which may then confer mild effects on menopausal symptoms, results of research on oral and topical applications of wild yam extract have not detected a significant change in progesterone levels in the blood.

If you want the beneficial effects of bioidentical progesterone, make sure the ingredients on the label include United States Pharmacopoeia progesterone. USP progesterone is available in over-the-counter 2% creams as well as by prescription. Choices for prescription-based bioidentical progesterone include Crinone Vaginal Gel in 4% or 8% concentration or in an oral micronized form such as Prometrium capsules.

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