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Hormone Pellets And Weight Loss Reviews

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How Fast Can You Expect Results

5 Month Testosterone Pellet Update | Why Am I So Tired?!

Several medical tests will be necessary to determine whether pellets are a good fit for a patient. Once the hormonal imbalance has been confirmed, an appointment can be booked for the initial insertion of the pellet. This session should take around 15 minutes, and you can use numbing agents so the patient wont feel any pain. Since the treatment is minimally invasive, theyll be able to resume many of their daily activities immediately.

After 1-3 days, patients will start feeling the first effects of your pellet. Over the next 2-4 weeks, these will increase, and the patients may start to notice that they lose weight faster, develop a stronger immune system and better memory recall, and that their overall mood increases. The exact results will depend on what types of hormones have been inserted. While the patient will see improvement after a few weeks, it may take 6 months to feel the full effects.

Learn More About Hormone Pellets And Weight Loss Today

Now that you understand the connection between hormone pellets and weight loss, you may want to know whether this treatment is right for you. We can help. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation at ReVital.

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Renee: I Finally Feel Like My Young Self Again*

At 48 I started to notice brain fog, hot flashes, trouble resting at night, night sweats, restlessness and increased aches and pains. People kept telling me this was part of getting old. I began thinking to myself that people just give up when experiencing these life-changing symptoms. I was not accepting that and was turning the negative into positive 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40. I did my due diligence and researched all the pros and cons regarding BHRT. I talked to a couple people who were already on BHRT to get their experiences. I decided to try it! Best thing I have ever done, immediately the hot flashes subsided, my sleep pattern was more consistent, and moodiness improved. After about a month, I saw an amazing improvement in my energy level and relief from the aches and pains. My workouts improved, my workdays didnt feel so long and overall I felt more like I did when I was in my 30s. I have now been on BHRT for over a year and I cant imagine life without it.

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How Long Will Results Last

Over time, the pellet will release the hormone and dissolve. Because it only contains the bio-identical hormone, there will be no residue. However, this means that a new pellet will need to be inserted every few months. You can speak to your patients about an appropriate replacement schedule, but its likely that most people will need to come to your clinic every 3-4 months.

As mentioned, the appointments will be very short after the initial consultation. You can expect to spend around 15 minutes per patient, and this time includes numbing the local area and inserting the new pellet.

Signs That You Need Bioidentical Hormone Therapy For Weight Loss

Advanced Hcg Homeopathic Weight Loss Pellets

Unexpected weight gain is the most typical sign that you need hormone therapy for weight loss. Suppose youre eating well, managing your stress, and exercising frequently, but your weight continues to go up. In that case, your hormones might be out of balance and hurting your weight management. Other signs that you need hormone therapy for weight loss include:

Many people might overlook these symptoms and assume that they are part of a stressful modern lifestyle. However, there might be an underlying problem that has to do with your hormones. So, consider solving the root of the problem by radical treatment such as bioidentical hormone therapy, and youll see a positive change in your body in a few weeks.

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Youre Tired Of Dealing With Messy Creams Or Gels Or Cant Remember To Take Pills

Since this hormone therapy system uses pellets that are implanted under the skin, hormone delivery automatically occurs without any intervention on the patients part. All they have to do is remember to have the pellets replaced every three-seven months, based on the schedule the Altaire provider will establish for them, and based on their medical history, symptoms, and specific needs.

Reviewssee What All Of The Fans Are Saying

In the early part of 2019, my son was on me about my diet and exercise. He asked me several times to make some changes before it was too late. He challenged me to get started! In May of 2019, I was 295 pounds and tired of being BIG. I had no energy and felt bad every single day. I knew I had to get started on a new me so I found the weight loss center in Camilla. I called to make and appointment and Jessica called back within a few minutes. She said “You just come on in today and let’s get you started.” I had tried different weight loss programs years ago and did ok but, with Dr. Trebony, it just feels different. He sits down and actually talks to you. He really made me realize the importance of both diet and exercise. The entire staff is very professional and make you feel like family from day 1! They care about your progress and journey. As of today, I have lost 55 pounds! I feel so much better about who I am today and the weight loss helps me out everyday with my job. I owe the Juvenescence Team SO much for helping me find the new me… Thank You!!! Scott Raley

I have had the best care at Camilla Medical Weight Loss and now at their new businessJuvenescence Medical Spa! I started seeing Dr. Trebony in September of 2018 to get ready for my wedding. I was able to lose 50 pounds before the big day with the help of this awesome staff! Allie Thomas

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What Are The Side Effects Of Bioidentical Hormones

When the FDA approves a drug, the drug company must report any side effects they are told about. These side effects are included in the paperwork you get when you pick your medication up at the pharmacy. Pharmacies that compound hormones do not have to report drug side effects to the FDA or provide paperwork. This contributes to the myth that compounded hormones are safer when healthcare providers don’t know all of the possible side effects of these hormones.

Side effects can occur, especially after the first dose. Your body is not used to the new level of hormones. Many side effects get better as the body adjusts to the new level of hormones. In some cases, the dose may need to be changed.

Some common side effects of bioidentical hormones include:

You may itch or get red around the area where you apply your hormones if you use a patch, cream or gel.

Do Hormone Pellets Help With Weight Loss

Testosterone Pellet Results – 2 Month Update

brandon llewellyn| 29 September, 2022

Women struggling to lose weight often have questions about hormone replacement therapy and weight loss.

They make healthy choices in their diets. They get exercise. And their weight doesn’t budge.

Or women continue the healthful choices they have been making all their lives and find their weight creeping up slowly, or not so slowly, nonetheless.

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No Danger To Other Household Members

The risk of other household members accidentally taking the hormones is especially big if patients have children, who may not realize what the product is and use it on themselves. This can cause them health problems. Fortunately, pellets eliminate this risk because they are fitted under the target patients skin, so nobody else will have access to them. As a result, this is a safer method that can be used no matter what the persons current living situation is.

Understanding The Relationship Between Hormone Pellet Therapy And Weight Loss

Weight often seems to creep up as you age. Atfirst, the extra pounds may seem to be the result of simple lifestyle changes.You may be exercising less, working more, and eating worse. And those may allindeed be involved in your physical changes. But unwanted weight gain may alsobe relatedif not tied directlyto hormone deficiency.

For both women and men, there is increasing evidence that a deficiency in estrogen or testosterone may cause or contribute to weight gain and decreased muscle mass. One of the ways to combat this is hormone replacement therapy , including hormone pellet therapy. While it is not recommended to take hormone replacement treatment specifically for weight loss, balancing the level of hormones in your body can potentially help you support healthier physiological function and make weight loss easier when paired with a healthy, holistic weight loss plan. As such, understanding the connection between hormone pellet therapy and weight loss could set you on a path for a healthier future.

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What Are The Signs Of Hormone Imbalance

Hormone levels naturally change at various points during every persons life, including puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and more. Additionally, underlying conditions, certain medications, and other factors can impact hormone levels. Because the hormones play such a major role in the regulation of so many important physiologic processes, hormone imbalance can cause a number of frustrating and disruptive symptoms, including:

  • Loss of bone and/or muscle mass

Risk Factors Of Menopausal Obesity

Pin on RA

Obesity in menopausal women is a result of several modifiable and nonmodifiable factors. Nonmodifiable factors comprise of physiological factors, whereas psychosocial and lifestyle-related behaviors are categorized as modifiable risk factors, as depicted in Table 1. Physiological risk factors such as chronological aging, slower basal metabolic rate , hormonal fluctuations, and the presence of metabolic disorders affect the pace of weight gain. Hormonal fluctuations experienced during the transition are strongly associated with psychological distress. Women generally deal with distress by indulging in unhealthy eating behavior. Excessive caloric intake coupled with an overall sedentary lifestyle is conventionally associated with weight gain in menopausal women. The key factors driving the prevalence of obesity in menopausal women are briefly discussed below:

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Ignite Drops Vs Other Liquid Weight Loss Supplements

The latest buzz revealed in this Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops review showcases why so many consumers from around the world are relying on this liquid weight loss supplement to burn fat and optimize hormonal health naturally. But in order to truly review the Ignite weight loss drops in full, it is best if customers understand what other high-profile products are on the market that might rival up against the are getting today. Lets dive into how the Ignite Drops work for weight loss in comparison to two other prominent formulas available:

Cynthia: It Took Addressing My Hormone Imbalance With Dr Scinta To Realize How Significant A Role They Play In Everything From Sleeplessness Pain And Foggy Thinking To Desire And Joy

I took a long time coming to theidea of medical weight loss. It was my well educated and informed son whoinsisted I consult a doctor who understood the role of estrogen andtestosterone in weight loss.

I have yet to join theprogram because I genuinely wanted to concentrate on getting myhormones straightened out.

I had my ovaries out over 2 decades ago. I never had hormone replacement due to the problems and risks associated with them at that time. I had few issues but did not notice the slow decline in my overall wellbeing, other than a steady weight gain which I attributed to my own lack of resolve, consistency, hunger, busy-ness, responsibilities and aging.

It took addressing my hormone imbalance with Dr Scinta, to realize how significant a role they play in everything from sleeplessness, pain, and foggy thinking, to desire and joy.

Genuinely, I tell every woman I meet to never settle for depression, frustration, weight gain, insomnia, a sense of malaise, a distancing from spouse, whatever they attribute to menopause, and really dont give up on the joy of sex and how it impacts your self-esteem and the people who love you!

I am joyful again, rested, in virtually no pain and yes, I have finally after 3 rounds of treatment, begun to address my weight. I needed a great deal of emotional healing and am honoring that as I go forward.

Seek answers, research, but make anappointment and find out if treatments and balanced hormones can be your answertoo.

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Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Help Depression

Yes, HRT may help women reduce and prevent depression. Fluctuating hormone levels during menopause can often lead to irritability, mood swings, and mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. Unpleasant menopause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and loss of sexual libido can also contribute to depression in women who are going through menopause. Hormone replacement therapy can help treat depression by regulating estrogen levels and improving many unwanted symptoms related to menopause.

Heather: I Feel Sensuous Alive Energized And My Brain Is Working Normally Again

Using hormone injections to lose weight

I have been receiving the bioidentical hormone replacement pelletsthrough Dr. Scintas office for several years now, and love how it makes mefeel. My testosterone had been quite low, and I had been feelinglethargic, with some periods of feeling like I wasnt as quick on my toesmentally as I was used to. I was experiencing relatively low libidocompared to just a few years earlier and was also having trouble sleeping withterrible night sweats. Shortly after I started the bio-identical hormonereplacement pellets, I noticed a boost in my energy and mood, with nomore feelings of foggy brain. My sleep is now consistent and steadywithout waking multiple times during the night, and no more night sweats. I wake up most days feeling rested and refreshed. I feel sensuous,alive, energized and my brain is working normally again. I have energyand am back to the gym on a regular and consistent basis. It has been alife-saver for me, with no downside. I highly recommend this if youare experiencing any symptoms similar to what I was.

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What Are Testosterone Pellets

Testosterone pellets are a form of hormone replacement therapy. They are about the size of a grain of rice, and a doctor will implant them under the skin.

These pellets contain crystallized testosterone and deliver a steady, low dose of this hormone to the individual for up to 6 months at a time.

Although many people believe that testosterone replacement therapy can be beneficial, it can cause side effects and increase the risk of certain health conditions.

Abbie: I Knew The Bhrp That Dr Scintas Offer Would Help Me Get Better And That Dr Scinta Understood This And It Truly Has*

I am delighted to write this review for Dr. Wendy Scinta. I have been a patient of Dr. Scintas for over one year. My treatment includes the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy of SotoPelle pellets and take progesterone tablets.

I have read the reviews written by other patients they are invariably highly complimentary. I can say that from my experience that each one is true. Each review describes the specific symptoms that I too was experiencing and that were making me miserable, including uncontrollable weight gain, extreme loss of energy and libido, random pain, and fitful sleep. I felt I was prematurely aging and this was depressing. Blood tests confirmed that my testosterone levels were very low so was my metabolism. I was delighted! This was because I knew the BHRP that Dr. Scintas offer would help me get better and that Dr. Scinta understood this. And it truly has.

I have every intention of continuing this treatment, which includes regular blood tests to ensure I am getting exactly what I need. I am very grateful for Dr. Scinta.

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How Hormones Affect Your Weight

In the human body, estrogen and testosterone are major hormones in both men and women. Men produce high amounts of testosterone and women produce high amounts of estrogen. Men and women both need the right amount of estrogen and testosterone to stabilize their bodies. Men and women both experience natural fluctuations in hormone levels throughout life, but as they age, estrogen and testosterone levels drop significantly.

Shelly: I Feel Like My Young Self Again

Pin on Weight Loss

I began suffering from all of the classic symptoms of decreased hormone levels fatigue, trouble sleeping, unexplained weight gain, foggy brain, low libido and was miserable. I started to receive Bioidentical hormone replacement pellets and it changed my life. I cant imagine going through the rest of my life without them. I literally feel 25 again and over the first year of receiving the pellets I lost 20 pounds! The staff at Dr. Scintas office is friendly, accommodating and professional.

Im going to grow old gracefully and continued hormone replacement will forever be part of my routine. There is absolutely no reason to suffer from the symptoms of decreased hormone levels. get a consultation today!

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Exercise And Reduce Stress To Lose Weight Faster

Exercises, such as yoga, fight fat in two ways. It releases endorphins, mitigating toxic stress in the body and mind while burning calories. Another great option especially in places like Florida is water sports. Studies have proven natural scenery such as vast expanses of water reduces cortisol levels. With increased energy from bioidentical hormone therapy through pellets, its possible to tackle that 3-mile run after work.

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