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Pills For Hormonal Imbalance Acne

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Hormonal Imbalance: Excessive Acne

ACNE TREATMENTS | Hormonal Control & The Pill

Acne is mainly caused by excess oil that clogs pores on your skin. Acne is more common in areas of your body with the most oil glands. Many people assume that acne is only related to hormonal changes during puberty, but there is a life-long link between acne and hormone levels.

You may have noticed more breakouts leading up to your period. The menstrual cycle is a common trigger for acne. Acne develops about a week before your period, then dies down when your next cycle begins. Medical professionals often test hormone levels for women that get acne alongside other hormone imbalance symptoms, like missed periods, and hair loss.

Testosterone, also known as androgen is a male hormone that causes acne in men and women. This hormone triggers glands to produce excess oil. Acne is so common during puberty because males and females experience higher testosterone levels during this time. Androgen levels usually decrease into your early 20s.

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How Does Spironolactone Help Hormonal Acne

Androgens are male hormones but they are also present in women. The main androgens in the body are Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone.

Hormonal acne can occur if hair follicles are very sensitive to androgens, even when androgen levels are normal. Hormonal acne also occurs if androgen levels are raised or in conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome.

In some women, hormonal acne is caused by a sensitivity to Progesterone.

Spironolactone can help control hormonal acne because it blocks the effects of androgens and progesterone on the skin.

Learn More About Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, affecting around 50 million Americans every year. While all acne is hormonal, it can be triggered by a variety of factors, from androgens to stress, medication and more.

Interested in learning more about acne? Our guide to androgen hormones that cause acne goes into more detail about how testosterone and other androgens can trigger an acne outbreak. You can also learn more about common acne triggers in our guide to what causes acne breakouts.

Want to solve your acne breakouts as quickly as possible? Our guide to getting rid of acne fast covers the most effective acne treatments available, as well as the amount of time required for you to see results.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your healthcare provider about the risks and benefits of any treatment.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.

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What Is The Effect Of Excess Androgens

Androgens represent the skin’s most important sebum-producing hormones in both males and females. As more androgens bind to the sebaceous glands’ receptors, more sebum is produced. This androgen-dependent secretion of sebum is regulated by testosterone and the more potent dihydrotestosterone . This leads to acne breakouts and a dull complexion.

Reishi Mushroom For Acne

Get rid of hormonal acne with these five superstar supplements. # ...

Reishi mushroom has been shown to inhibit an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme converts testosterone to a much more potent form called DHT. DHT causes significantly increased symptoms of androgen excess like hormonal acne and hair thinning. Reishi mushroom has the added bonus of also supporting your immune system and stabilises your hypo-pituitary-adrenal axis, which is involved in your stress response. Consider adding reishi mushroom to your supplement regime if you are experiencing signs of androgen excess and could also benefit from some immune and stress support.

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Fenugreek Seed To Balance Female Hormones

Fenugreek seed contains phytoestrogens, which help balance estrogen, making it an excellent herb to balance female hormones. Studies show that fenugreek may help painful periods . This herb may also help to increase low testosterone and improve low libido in women . Fenugreek can be found in tea, supplements, or spices.

Dont Underestimate Natures Healing Power

As you can see, I am very passionate about the topic of hormonal acne because it is often not discussed by mainstream skincare professionals when treating blemished skin.

Although there are wonderful topical products on the market , addressing hormones is a huge component for achieving lifelong clear skin. Not only have I successfully done this for myself, thousands of NAC clients have as well, and so can you. Let us show you how!

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Learn More With Overcoming Estrogen Dominance

The body has an amazing ability to heal. We just need to give it the right resources.

In Overcoming Estrogen Dominance, my goal is to empower and give you the tools to take control of your hormones and health.

More than 70% of women experience estrogen dominance. The symptoms range from lumpy and fibrocystic breasts to thyroid nodules, hot flashes, fibroids, uterine polyps, painful, heavy or irregular periods to infertility and miscarriages, from mood swings to insomnia, weight gain to fatigue.

So many women have experienced the pain and frustration that comes when they feel their symptoms and complaints are dismissed or minimized. This is particularly true for women who are experiencing the symptoms of hormone imbalance. Even when doctors do offer treatment, its typically in the form of prescription medication or invasive surgical procedures.

In Overcoming Estrogen Dominance, I hope to show that those extreme interventions are often unnecessary, and to give women a roadmap to reverse estrogen dominance using food, herbs, supplements and natural protocols to rebalance hormones.

To get your copy of Overcoming Estrogen Dominance, go here.

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Discover How You Can Get Clear Of Your Acne Schedule A Free 15 Minute Clear Skin Discovery Session


This is all important because research has shown there are androgen receptors in the base of the oil gland and also in the cells that line the pores! If there are high levels of testosterone floating in the body, they are highly capable of binding to these receptors.

To put it simply, when these hormones attach to the oil glands in the skin, they trigger the gland to produce more oil as well as feed the bacteria. Then, an inflamed acne lesion is well on its way to the surface of your skin.

The key takeaway is that by lowering androgen and testosterone levels in the body, the skin will not produce as much acne or not produce ANY at all.

So how does Estrogen play into all this?

Estrogen and testosterone frequently act like a teeter totter. As one goes up the other goes down.

Hormonal acne is an elevated androgen/testosterone and low estrogen issue. It is not an elevated estrogen problem. Therefore, taking herbal supplements that block estrogen, such as DIM, will make your acne worse and increase testosterone causing cystic breakouts. I do not recommend DIM for hormonal acne for these reasons.

So it makes sense that if you lower androgen levels, the skin will not produce as much oiland your acne will improve!

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What Role Does Hormone Imbalance Play In Acne

Your teenage acne years may be long behind you. But for many adults, hormonal acne is still an everyday struggle. In fact, some adults develop acne without first experiencing it during puberty.

A common root of these later-life breakouts? Hormonal imbalances.

Even well past puberty, hormones can majorly affect your skin health. To clear up the issue, were going to break down the signs, causes, and treatments of hormonal acne.

Menopause And Hormonal Acne

Entering menopause causes a normal, natural reduction in your bodys production of female reproductive hormones such as estrogen. For some women, this can lead to an increase in hormonal acne outbreaks.

Like hormonal acne for non-menopausal women, menopause-related hormonal acne is the result of fluctuations in your bodys hormone levels.

As your estrogen levels decrease, your balance of androgens to estrogenic hormones can cause your body to create more sebum.

If youre acne prone, this can lead to everything from a few occasional pimples to severe and regular acne outbreaks.

Menopausal hormonal acne can even occur if you use HRT to deal with the symptoms of aging.

HRTs use an artificial hormone, progestin, to replace estrogen and progesterone, which can cause your skin to go awry.

As always, if youre experiencing menopause-related hormonal acne, the best approach is to talk to your healthcare provider about retinoids, antibiotics and hormonal medications to limit outbreaks and control your bodys sebum production.

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How Can I Reduce My Risk Of Hormonal Acne

Though hormonal acne can be unavoidable, there are several things you can do to reduce your risk of getting breakouts:

  • Make lifestyle changes to reduce stress, get better sleep and eat a healthy diet.
  • Use skincare products that wont clog pores.
  • Discuss treatment options with your healthcare provider for persistent acne.

Finding A Solution For Your Hormonal Acne

Vitamins For Hormonal Acne: What Actually Helped Me

All acne is annoying at best, and debilitating at worstespecially long-term hormonal acne. But if you suspect hormonal imbalances are behind those chin cysts, dont lose hope. With the right care, even the toughest hormonal acne can improve! Start an online dermatology visit with Apostrophe, and a board-certified derm will create a personalized skin care treatment plan for the clearer skin that you deserve.

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Can Vitamins Help Hormonal Acne

Yes, vitamins can help hormonal acne by acting as antioxidants, reducing inflammation, and supporting healthy hormone balance. The best vitamins for acne are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and a B complex. You can find many of these nutrients in food, but taking supplements can ensure you’re getting enough.

What Causes High Androgens

There are many causes for excess androgens, however one of the most common reasons is poor blood sugar regulation and excess insulin production. Insulin is the hormone responsible for directing glucose to move from the blood into cells where it can be converted to energy or stored. When we have chronically high blood glucose levels , the body produces excess insulin to help move the glucose out of our blood. Insulin has an unfortunate effect of stimulating the ovaries to produce extra testosterone which can lead to hormonal acne as well as irregular periods, unwanted body hair growth and thinning of hair on your head.

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How To Treat Hormonal Acne

“Preventing hormonal acne might seem like a tall orderit is caused by your hormones, after all but there are a few things you can do, says Love. It requires some lifestyle changes. These breakouts are coming from an imbalance of hormones in the body, so you need to get to the root of the cause to determine the right hormonal acne treatment. Ahead, dermatologists share their best tips for how to help treat hormonal acne.

Your Diet May Be The Culprit


Food is one of the primary contributors to fluctuating or increased hormone levels in our bodies.

The typical American diet is acidic and high in saturated fats, processed grains, meat fats, and refined sugar. It is also low in fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, fiber, and antioxidants. Research has shown that this can cause an imbalance in testosterone and androgen levels, respectively. Therefore, a healthy diet is one form of natural treatment for hormonal acne. Another way to balance hormone levels is by taking certain herbs and vitamins. Both these items are discussed in more detail below.

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How To Use Natural Supplements To Stop Hormonal Acne

Its important to remember with natural supplements that they are great if you want to speed up the process of healing and recovery because youre at a critical point with your acne. With hormonal acne, using natural supplements every day can get you to where you want to be much more quickly than food alone. However, your body holds a delicate balance of nutrients and minerals. Taking in too much of one via supplements can cause an imbalance in another. Food is a gentler, more natural, and more sensitive way of giving your body what it needs. But, if youre reading this right now with raging hormonal acne and you want it gone ASAP, supplements are here to help that happen more quickly. Once you get back your clear skin, you can lower the amount of supplements you take, and allow your diet food to support your skin health. Hormonally-supportive foods and fewer supplements can then help you maintain the skin you love.

The 5 Natural Supplements To Stop Hormonal Acne

Last updated on by Alisa Vitti

Is there anything more cruel than adult acne? Youve suffered through the skin issues of adolescence only to discover that adulthood comes with its own host of blemishes. So unfair, right?

Trust me, Ive been there. Before I created and then lived, the FLO Living protocol, it took me an hour and a half just to leave the house. My face and back were covered in cystic hormonal acne that I had to cover with heavy makeup just to feel confident enough to carry on with my life. If that painful scenario sounds even remotely familiar, then youll really want to pay attention. Your skin shouldnt rule your life and hurt your self-esteem. By learning to heal your endocrine system naturally, you can regain control of your beautiful face and body and learn to love your skin again. I certainly did!

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Even Celebs Have To Deal With It

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In This Article

This is how the hormonal acne story unfolds: Just when we think puberty’s passing took unsightly teenage acne with it, we’re introduced to a new wave of pimples in our 20s. Right around the time of our periods, acne flares up along our jawline, cheeks, forehead, and between the eyebrows , adding insult to injury. Looking on the bright side, though, you have options when it comes to helping quell hormonal acne. But let’s first dive into how to identify them.

Possible Side Effects Of Spironolactone

How To Cure Acne Due To Hormonal Imbalance

Side effects of low-dose spironolactone aren’t as common as with higher doses. When they do happen, they often include:

  • Irregular menstrual cycle

Other side effects can include:

  • Thirst or dry mouth
  • Increased blood potassium levels
  • Low blood pressure

Blood pressure should be checked periodically while taking this medication. For some females, blood potassium levels should also be checked. Females younger than 45 years old do not usually need to have potassium levels checked when taking spironolactone.

If spironolactone upsets your stomach, take it with a meal. Because spironolactone acts as a diuretic, it is also important to drink plenty of water.

You should not get pregnant while taking this drug as it may harm a fetus.

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Is There A Way To Balance Hormones Without Birth Control

There are several medications besides birth control that can help balance hormones and effectively treat acne. One of the most effective is called Spironolactone , an oral medication used to treat high blood pressure does not contain hormones or synthetic hormones. It’s actually a diuretic that works as an androgen blocker, which means it blocks the effects of male hormones in the body like testosterone, contributing to oil production and, ultimately, acne.

You Must Also Manage Your Diet

Dr. Gray also stresses the importance of diet when managing hormonal acne. Although supplements can help, theres no pill, potion, or powder that can replace diet changes, she says. If you are eating too much sugar, dairy, or other inflammatory foods, changing the diet is the most important for you!

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Hormonal Acne Treatments Can Be Highly Effective

Theyre often used to treat other conditions, but hormonal treatments for acne are prescription medications which have also been shown to help improve some types of acne.

For example, some types of contraceptive pills and even a type of blood pressure medication are hormonal treatment options that a doctor may consider to help manage your acne.

Another type of hormonal treatment oral corticosteroids may be recommended as a short-term measure if you have severe acne. This is sometimes used to calm acne flare ups when youre starting a longer term medical treatment like isotretinoin or if a rapid improvement in your skin is needed.

Looking to clear up back acne? Find out how.

Signs And Symptoms Of A Hormonal Imbalance

How I Cured My Adult Hormonal Cystic Acne Naturally (no accutane)

Your hormones play an integral role in your overall health. As a result, theres a broad range of signs and symptoms that could signal a hormonal imbalance. Your signs or symptoms will depend on which hormones or glands are not working properly.

Common hormonal conditions affecting people of all genders could cause any of the following signs or symptoms:

  • rounded face
  • purple or pink stretch marks

Keep in mind that these symptoms are nonspecific. Having one or a few of them doesnt necessarily mean that you have a hormonal imbalance.

Some of these symptoms may also reflect other chronic conditions. So, if you find yourself dealing with any notable changes in your body or energy levels, its a good idea to talk with your doctor.

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