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What Do Hormone Pellets Look Like

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If You Are Considering Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

What is the First Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Insertion Like?

Hormone Replacement with bioidentical estrogen and/or testosterone pellets may enhance a womens well being when suboptimal levels of these hormones are present. These hormones which are made from plants are biologically identical to the estrogen and testosterone molecules already in ones body.

Therefore they are not synthetic hormones. The hormone molecules are made in the shape of a pellet and look like a grain of rice.

The pellets are FDA monitored but not FDA approved for female hormone replacement The pellets are easily placed in the fat under the skin in the hip/buttock location. The advantage of the pellet form is that the hormones may be more evenly absorbed over several months versus pill,sublingual,patch,injection or cream form. Hormone pellet therapy is usually suggested after those traditional methods for replacement have failed.

Some patients choose bioidentical hormone pellets because they resemble womens pre-menopausal hormones and therefore have a more natural effect. This is a completely elective therapy. This means that you may decide at any time to discontinue having future hormone pellets.

The best candidates for bioidentical hormone pellets are patients with symptoms of suboptimal levels of hormones. These patients may be the following :

Menopausal women

Perimenopausal women who are finished having children and are on birth control

Women who have had a hysterectomy and / or both ovaries removed

Possible benefits of bioidentical pellets may be :

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Who Requires The Insertion Of Hrt Pellets

HRT pellets are recommended for those who suffer from menopause symptoms and hormone imbalance. Many men are now receiving testosterone pellets to help boost testosterone. Several small pellets, that look like pills, with your individual requirements of BI hormones are buried under your skin through the use of specialized instruments.

Prior to the insertion of pellet hormones, the area where the pellet is going to be inserted is numbed using topical anesthetics. It does not take over five minutes to place the pellet in your upper buttock the region where BI hormones are usually inserted.

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Why Do I Need Estrogen

In spite of the negative publicity regarding hormone therapy, I still feel long-term estrogen therapy provides numerous benefits for patients in menopause. More recent studies have also confirmed the positive benefits of hormone therapy. Estrogen protects a woman against bone loss, heart disease, memory loss, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and more. Estrogen keeps you looking young and healthy.

What Is Hormone Pellet Therapy

Microcrystalline aqueous suspensions of estradiol benzoate ...

Hormone pellet therapy utilizes hormone pellets which are bio-identical forms of estrogen and testosterone to bring hormones back into a healthy balance. Compounded into tiny pellets by a compounding pharmacist under sterile conditions, hormone pellets are the size of a grain of rice, and are placed under the skin during an office visit. The hormones that are contained in the pellets are released into the blood over the next several months, and this method of release maintains a more constant physiologic level of hormones in your body.

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What Is The Goal Of Bio

The goal of Bio-identical Hormone replacement therapy is to provide an adequate supply of a deficient hormone in a form that is molecularly identical to that which your body produces. Logically, this should result in the hormones normal healthy physiologic effects being restored. Every person is unique. Therefore, it is sensible for you and I to work together to customize a BHT program based upon your individual symptoms and hormone levels. The precise dosing of each persons therapy will be determined after consultation and evaluation of laboratory blood tests, and may be adjusted if needed.

Is Hormone Pellet Therapy Expensive

Office visits and testing are usually covered by insurance. We are in network with most insurance companies. The cost of the pellets and the insertion is not a covered benefit. The price of insertion, including the testosterone pellets is $300.00. If an estrogen pellet is also needed, there is an additional $50.00 charge. For some patients, hormone pellet therapy can cost less than traditional hormones due to the ever increasing cost of medications and co-pays.

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Taking The First Step

You dont have to live a life that isnt balanced. Seeking out treatment for a hormone imbalance can benefit you physically, emotionally, and mentally. You will notice improvements in your relationships, your work life, and your energy levels. To learn more about hormone pellets, contact the experts at Proage Institute of Regenerative Medicine at our Houston or Brownsville, TX location and schedule your initial consultation to see how this treatment can transform your life.

Are Hormone Pellets Safe And Other Faqs

Testosterone Pellet Procedure 1 Week Update

If youre considering hormone pellets, you probably have many questions.

Hormone pellets are small discs or cylinders containing compressed hormones. They are designed to mimic the bodys natural processes by releasing hormones at a steady rate that maintains predictable hormone levels.

Whether you are considering hormone replacement therapy for the first time or thinking about switching from a different administration method, one of your most pressing questions may be are hormone pellets safe? Taking a closer look at the benefits and the risks of this innovative treatment can give you the answers you need.

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What Are The Benefits

Medical professionals remain divided regarding the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy and whether or not it can help alleviate the symptoms of hypogonadism.

Harvard Mens Health advise people considering testosterone therapy to consult a doctor and learn about all of the side effects and risks before making a decision. They also recommend that people interested in this therapy try to boost their energy by making lifestyle changes first.

However, for people using testosterone replacement therapy, testosterone pellets may offer benefits over other forms of this treatment. Potential advantages include:

  • being more convenient than testosterone injections
  • causing less skin irritation than gels or creams
  • lasting for longer with no daily medication to take

Diagnosis & Tests For Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you are age 45 and above, your doctor may not test you for signs and symptoms of menopause. Once symptoms occur, your doctor may examine you, take a personal and medical history, and work out lifestyle factors that improve your symptoms.

If you are under age 45, your doctor may perform blood tests to determine your hormone levels. They may also perform ultrasounds and physical exams to find the cause of your hormone deficiency.

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Incorrect Hormone Doses Can Cause Unpleasant Symptoms Including:

  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings
  • Scar tissue at the insertion site

Men and women have reported increased aggressiveness, acne, or irritability during pellet hormone therapy. Some women have reported severe headaches, breast tenderness, spotting, cramping, and bloating. There are also reports of scar tissue at the insertion site that leave a bump or mark on the skin permanently.

Medical Community Pushes Back

Watch a Hormone Pellet Insertion Procedure ~ Pellet ...

Wierman, Santoro, and Buckley are all pushing back against the use of BRHT by encouraging the Endocrine Society to become more active and approaching their state medical board.

The medical community is engaging directly with the FDA, according to Stephanie Kutler, director of policy and advocacy programs at the Endocrine Society. At the behest of the Endocrine Society leadership, Society experts joined several other professional associations on a recent conference call with the FDA organized by the North American Menopause Society to present evidence to support our position that bioidentical hormones should be more closely regulated by the FDA and only prescribed when clinically necessary, Kutler says.

The Society welcomes a recent announcement that the FDA has commissioned a study by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine to examine the scientific evidence relating to the clinical utility, safety, and effectiveness of BHRT products and plans to have some member experts engage with the study task force.


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Why Are Humans Taking Non

In brief corporate greed and profit. Since bio-identical hormones are naturally produced in humans, they cannot be patented regardless of their source. Therefore, large drug companies cannot significantly profit off the use and sale of bio-identical hormones. The pharmaceutical industrys main hormone drugs are produced by using animal hormones to create products that are structurally different than human hormones and yet bind to human receptors often much too strongly. The drug Premarin binds to human estrogen receptors almost 20 times stronger than natural estrogen. Mass production of non-human type hormones by drug companies is very profitable despite the serious health issues and side effects caused by them. Conversely, bio-identical hormones have not been shown to have any serious side effects. BHT had few powerful advocates until recently when Oprah aired two shows in January of 2009. The quality of life and health benefits of bio-identical hormones are huge for those with deficient levels which will include most of us eventually!

What Are Hormone Pellet Implants

This unique method of Hormone Replacement Therapy uses an exact copy of hormones as produced by the ovaries. Pellets are placed under the skin, which assures absorption and adequate blood levels more consistently than creams, gels or patches. The pellets are compounded by a licensed pharmacy from FDA-approved hormones. However, subdermal placement of hormones for the uses described here does not have separate approval from the FDA.

Once implanted, the highly compressed pellet releases the hormone over many weeks, maintaining steady blood levels. This feature makes it desirable, as it minimizes fluctuation in hormone levels.

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Potential Drawbacks Of Pellets

Pellets do provide a long-term dosing solution for those with low testosterone, but there are drawbacks.

Occasional infections can occur, or the pellets can be extruded and come out of the skin. This is rare: Research reports 1.1% of cases result in extrusion.

Its also difficult to change the dose easily, because another surgical procedure is required to add pellets.

If you choose to use testosterone pellets, it may be a good idea to first use other forms of daily testosterone application, such as creams or patches, to establish the correct dose of testosterone for your body. Your doctor can help you with this.

Once you have an established dose where you can see the benefits without a rise in RBC or other negative effects, youre a candidate for testosterone pellets.

Although its controversial, women are also receiving testosterone therapy. Postmenopausal women have been receiving TRT, with or without additional estrogen, for the treatment of hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Results have included improvements in sexual desire, orgasm frequency, and satisfaction.

There may also be evidence for improvement in:

  • muscle mass
  • cognitive performance
  • heart health

However, its currently difficult to provide the low-dose therapy that women need. While testosterone pellets have been used in women, there have yet to be consistent studies done to evaluate the risks, especially for the development of certain cancers.

How Often Will I Need To Undergo Treatment

Do hormone pellet implants work?

One of the benefits of pellet therapy is that it is a low maintenance treatment. Not only are the appointments quick, but you only need a few treatments each year to maintain optimal hormone levels. These pellets will provide you long-lasting results as they can deliver hormones up to six months at a time. We will monitor your progress along the way and help give you a better idea of what you are unique treatment plan will look like.

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Are Hormone Pellets Safe

Hormone pellets are generally regarded as safe, but they are not the most effective form of hormone replacement. One of the main problems with hormone pellets is there is no way to regulate your dosage if your needs change and they usually do throughout your therapy.

There is also a chance of infection through a surgical incision made to implant a hormone pellet.

Overall Quality Of Life

When youre not experiencing the symptoms that can occur after menopause, youre probably going to be sleeping better, feeling more comfortable in your own skin, and enjoying lower risk of other health problems. In other words, youre likely to be enjoying a much higher quality of life.

If youd like to learn more about bioidentical HRT and find out if you may be a good candidate, book an appointment online or by phone to discuss your situation with Dr. Spiegel. Begin investigating a higher quality of life today!

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What Is Pellet Therapy

This treatment method uses tiny pellets containing the deficient hormone to release the correct dose to the body. These pellets are implanted under the skin and consistently deliver the doses of the hormones needed to reduce the hormonal imbalance. Unlike methods that are flawed by human error, such as pills or injections, this treatment provides the dosage needed to restore a natural balance to the body.

How Long Does It Take For Hormone Pellets To Work

Testopel Insertion. Testosterone pellet treatment and trp ...

Although every patient experience is unique, most report symptom relief within 2-4 weeks, but full hormone optimization could take closer to 6 months.

Which is why regular follow-up and contact with your BHRT pellet provider is vital following the procedure this allows your provider the opportunity to monitor and customize hormone optimization based on your symptoms and blood work.

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What Does Hormone Replacement Address

At Comprehensive Family Medicine & Aesthetics, were dedicated to improving your health, both inside and out. Feeling great has such a big impact on the way you experience your world. Our hormone replacement treatments are geared toward addressing your inner balance and getting you back to feeling great. Some of the most common issues our patients see us for include fatigue, stress, menopause, and other hormone imbalance symptoms.

How Is The Bht Administered In My Practice

Bio-identical hormone pellets are obtained in various strengths from a highly rated commercially licensed compounding pharmacy. The hormones are derived from an ingredient found in many vegetables including Yams and Soy beans. Usually, only Testosterone is placed via time released pellets inserted in the body fat. They are extremely small, usually painless to insert, and provide a steady hormone level for months. Bio-identical Estrogen and Testosterone are not suitable for oral ingestion as they are chemically inactivated during the intestinal absorption process. Any estrogen or testosterone like drug taken by mouth should be assumed to be NOT bio-identical.

Goals of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy include:

  • Alleviation of the symptoms caused by decreased production of hormones.
  • Re-establishing the protective benefits which were originally provided by higher levels of your naturally occurring hormones.
  • Reversal of diseases associated with aging
  • Enhance the enjoyment, sense of well-being, and quality of life over the long-term.

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Requiring A Minor Surgery

In a technical sense, your pellet implantation is a surgery. Its a very minor surgery that uses local numbing instead of general anesthesia, and the incision is tiny, but its still surgery.

This is a deterrent for some patients because it requires scheduling the procedure, which can be challenging with a busy calendar. The procedure also requires that you take precautions for several days like limiting your exercise regimen.

Does The Insertion Of Hormone Pellets Hurt

Hormone Replacement Therapy – Testosterone Pellets | PART 1

Since a local anesthetic is used, the insertion of the pellet does not usually hurt. However, understand it is an invasive surgical procedure, and like any such procedure, it has risks. It is not uncommon for scar tissue to form at the insertion site leaving a permanent bump or mark on the skin. There are no such risks with topical creams or gels.

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Promoted To Treat Vague Symptoms And Conditions Like Hormone Imbalance Custom

Only when Wierman did an in-depth history did the woman finally reveal that she and her husband had gone to an anti-aging clinic and been implanted with testosterone pellets. I watched her for over 12 months, as her testosterone slowly fell, says Wierman, who is professor in medicine, OBGYN, physiology, and biophysics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and chief of endocrinology at the Rocky Mountain Regional Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The patient didnt know to mention the testosterone treatment to earlier providers, perhaps because she didnt actually know what she had gotten, Wierman says.

The patient had received a treatment known as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that is being promoted on the internet, at anti-aging clinics, and by many practitioners. BHRT pellets are subcutaneous implants generally inserted into the hip area and used to treat everything from low libido to hair loss. Hormones may include various estrogens and prohormones such as DHEA or androstenedione, but the most commonly reported problems seem to stem from women given long-term supraphysiologic doses of testosterone, a treatment for which there is no generally accepted medical indication.


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