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How Much Is Hormone Therapy For Transgender

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Pills Gels Patches Or Shots

Hormones and Gender Transition

You have options with how to take your hormones. Typically, gender hormones include:

  • Testosterone comes as a gel, patch, or injection.
  • Estrogen, and sometimes progesterone, come as a pill, patch, or injection.
  • Spironolactone, which blocks testosterone, is taken as a pill.

Your insurer may cover certain types of hormones and not others.

Hormones at home? Yes, we can teach you how to give yourself a hormone injection at home.

How To Fund A Transition

The cost of gender affirming medical treatments can amount to more than $100,000 and a lot of these treatments are not covered by health insurance, based on short sighted âmedically necessaryâ clauses.

The hidden costs to self-actualize, for a community already in an up-hill struggle legally and socially, are then doubled by a more complicated process for raising such money for these costs. For example, public funding platforms like GoFundMe require an individual to share their personal struggle to people which many individuals wishing to transition wonât be comfortable doing. Thereâs also evidence that being white, binary-presenting and a man makes it easier to crowdfund for surgeries.

How Much Do Monthly Testosterone Injections Cost

The average cost of monthly testosterone injections is around $100. However, the cost can vary depending on the brand of testosterone used, the dosage, and the number of injections needed.

True cost varies by illness severity, as it varies from case to case. Hormone specialists specialize in treating the specific needs of each patient, so blood tests are required to ensure that you receive the proper treatment. Price should be considered but not a deciding factor when deciding whether or not to get treatment from Genesys Mens Health. Many hormone clinics also charge a monthly fee of $150 to $250 . These other hormone clinics will charge the same fee for the same services year after year after year, regardless of the number of patients. On top of that, prescription hormones can cost anywhere from $25 to $70 per month. In most cases, insurance companies will cover the majority, if not all, of the cost of ongoing prescriptions. If lab fees and prescription hormones are not covered by insurance, we can provide enormous cash discounts. Can you put a price on happiness?

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Information Accuracy And Risks Of Hrt

Its a fact that some transsexuals chooseusually because its the only option available to themto self-prescribe hormones and/or androgen-blocking drugs. This article compares recommendations from medical and non-medical sources, and explains conditions that could result from HRT, whether therapy is medically monitored or not. This information is not provided or intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or care.

I am not a medical professional. Please also note that the glossary at the end of this article is just that: a glossary, and not a dictionary. The descriptions of the terms in the glossary are meant to help you interpret their use in this article only, and are not comprehensive definitions.


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Criteria To Begin Care

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Planned Parenthood of Western PA operates on an informed consent basis for providing hormone therapy. Patients will be provided at the time of their appointment with all information about their medication, including benefits, risks, and expected side effects and changes.

Planned Parenthood’s criteria for hormone therapy reflect guidelines set by several centers of excellence for transgender and nonbinary care provision, including WPATH’s Standards of Care and guidelines set forth from UCSF’s Center of Excellence for Transgender Health. Criteria to start hormone therapy includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ability to give informed consent
  • Age of majority

A therapist’s letter is not required to begin hormone therapy at our health centers. However, many patients express an interest in therapy and report that they find it beneficial, particularly during what can often be an exciting and stressful time. Our health centers are happy to recommend trans- and nonbinary-friendly therapists in the area.

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Hormone Therapy For Adults

The aim of hormone therapy is to make you more comfortable with yourself, both in terms of physical appearance and how you feel. The hormones usually need to be taken for the rest of your life, even if you have gender surgery.

It’s important to remember that hormone therapy is only one of the treatments for gender dysphoria. Others include voice therapy and psychological support. The decision to have hormone therapy will be taken after a discussion between you and your clinic team.

In general, people wanting masculinisation usually take testosterone and people after feminisation usually take oestrogen.

Both usually have the additional effect of suppressing the release of “unwanted” hormones from the testes or ovaries.

Whatever hormone therapy is used, it can take several months for hormone therapy to be effective, which can be frustrating.

It’s also important to remember what it cannot change, such as your height or how wide or narrow your shoulders are.

The effectiveness of hormone therapy is also limited by factors unique to the individual that cannot be overcome simply by adjusting the dose.

Sharing Hormones And Needles Is A Legal Grey Area

Most testosterone medications are classified as steroids under the Controlled Substances Act and the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990, so they are illegal to sell over the counter. But handing out hormones for free, though not recommended by doctors, doesnt break any laws.

It is not illegal to share needles if there is no reason to believe that they would be used to inject illicit drugs.

According to Harper Jean Tobin, Director of Policy for the National Center for Transgender Equality, while people should not take medications that arent prescribed to them, hormone exchanges and grey-market pharmacies arent new.

We strongly recommend that people should only take medications prescribed by their doctor, at the dosages prescribed, Tobin told Insider. But like anyone else with regular prescriptions, its not unheard of for roommates, friends, or partners on the same medication to trade a few doses until they can get to the pharmacy again.

Syd felt compelled to share their hormones because of the deep impact dysphoria can have on the mental health of transgender and nonbinary people. Studies have linked dysphoria to depression and anxiety and significantly increased risks of substance abuse and suicide.

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Gender Reassignment Surgery Cost

The term bottom surgery is used to refer to genital surgery, or gender confirming surgery, for transgender people. Although it is popularized in the media as the most important surgery that a transgender person can get, there are many people who consider their transitions complete without bottom surgery.

Male to Female Surgery

According to individuals that we spoke to who had sought out these procedures, MtF bottom surgery can cost between $10,000 or $30,000. Once again, this depends heavily on the surgeon that you choose and the exact procedures that they perform.

Female to Male Surgery

Bottom surgery for FtM people is often more expensive, as the surgical procedure is more involved. It may cost between $20,000 and $50,000 depending on the surgeon you see and the techniques used.

Fortunately, although many medically necessary surgical procedures as a part of transition are not covered by insurance, bottom surgery is receiving more and more coverage as insurance companies partner with specific surgeons.

Risks Of Testosterone Use

Gender Health: Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy | UCLA Health

Testosterone treatment is not without side effects. Some are mild to acceptable. Others may become intolerable and require the adjustment of treatment.

Possible side effects of testosterone replacement therapy in transgender men include:

  • Acne and skin reactions
  • Blood lipid abnormalities, including reduced HDL cholesterol and increased triglycerides)
  • High blood pressure , including an increased risk of heart attack or stroke
  • A high hematocrit count, which can cause a stroke, heart attack, or blood clots, including pulmonary embolism
  • Mood swings or worsening of anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions

It is unclear whether these risks in transgender men are any higher than in cisgender men. However, they are known to be higher than in cisgender women and appear to be higher in transgender women as well.

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Treatment For Children And Young People

If your child is under 18 and may have gender dysphoria, they’ll usually be referred to the Gender Identity Development Service at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

GIDS has 2 main clinics in London and Leeds.

Your child or teenager will be seen by a multidisciplinary team at GIDS including a:

  • clinical psychologist
  • family therapist

The team will carry out a detailed assessment, usually over 3 to 6 appointments over a period of several months.

Depending on the results of the assessment, options for children and teenagers include:

  • group work for young people and their parents
  • regular reviews to monitor gender identity development
  • referral to a local Children and Young People’s Mental Health Service for more serious emotional issues
  • a referral to a specialist hormone clinic for hormone blockers for children who meet strict criteria

Most treatments offered at this stage are psychological rather than medical. This is because in many cases gender variant behaviour or feelings disappear as children reach puberty.

Using A Credit Card To Pay For Transition

It is possible to use a credit card to pay for gender transition. However, you will need an acceptable credit history to get approved for a credit card in the first place. If you arent sure of your credit history, Experian offers free credit score and credit report checks. Its also unwise to use a credit card to make payments if you wont be able to afford your credit card bill at the end of the month. Credit cards tend to have very high interest rates compared to other forms of debt and companies tend to slap on wherever they can. If you do decide to use a credit card to pay for your gender transition, use is sparingly and pay off your entire balance as quickly as possible.

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How Much Does Transgender Surgery Cost

For many transgender people, surgeries are an important part of gender transition that are used in addition to or in lieu of hormone therapy. Although certain surgical procedures are often highlighted in media coverage of transgender people, the reality is that there are many transgender surgeries available, and deciding which ones are right for you and your transition is a personal matter. Below, we will cover some of the more popular transgender surgeries, and how much they cost without help from your insurance provider. With any surgical procedure, make sure that you research your surgeon to find out their qualifications and the prices they charge.

What Changes Can I Expect From Feminizing Hormone Therapy

Do the hormones from male to female hormone replacement therapy change ...

People assigned male at birth produce low levels of estrogen. Feminizing hormone therapy brings about physical and emotional changes that are more consistent with feminine anatomy and behavior.

With this treatment, you will receive hormones and other substances. They include anti-androgens medication, estrogen and possibly progesterone.

Anti-androgen therapy blocks male sex hormone production.

Changes from anti-androgen therapy include:

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Therapist And Psychiatrist Appointments

Before deciding to proceed with any varying degree of gender reassignment surgery, a person is required to receive two separate notes from a psychiatrist and a therapist confirming their desire to transition. With average costs from $80 for a therapist and $200 to $375+ for a psychiatrist without insurance, bi-weekly or even monthly appointments can quickly add up.

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How Much Does Testosterone For Transgender Cost

A years prescription and regular check-up for an individual is typically around $1,500. Testosterone injections and testosterone patches for transgender men typically cost around $80 per month, and testosterone patches can cost more than $300 per month.

The cost of testosterone therapy is determined by a number of factors. A therapist can create a program that will address your unique needs, allowing you to estimate the cost of the treatment in your specific case. Testosterone therapy is an important part of a persons transition. Despite the fact that it appears to be a significant expense, it is an essential component of the process.

There are several methods for administering TRT, such as injections, pellet insertions, and topical gels. Most people receive injections, which can cost between $150 and $1,500 per month. Pellet insertions, on the other hand, are typically more expensive, costing between $300 and $350 per insertion. Gels for topical application are typically the least expensive of the three options. TRT treatment typically costs between $150 and $1,500 per month. The treatment is available in a variety of different ways, and the cost varies depending on which method is used.

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How Much Does It Cost To Transform From A Man To A Woman

There is a chance that changing from male to female will cost between $40,000 and $50,000.

The Cost Of Top Surgery For Transgender Individuals

transgender people have a diverse range of medical expenses to contend with, such as top surgery, due to the wide range of body sizes, shapes, and desires they have. According to recent studies, the average cost of top surgery for transgender individuals ranges between $3,000 and $10,000 USD. This surgery may have a high initial cost, but it is still relatively inexpensive.

How Much Does Ftm Hormone Therapy Cost

Endocrine Aspects of Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy can cost around $30 per month and therapist visits can cost more than $100 each. Undergoing surgery is less common but typically rings up at anywhere between $5,000 and $30,000 depending on the kind of operation, estimates Masen Davis, executive director of the Transgender Law Center.

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How Much Does It Cost To Go On Hormones

A prescription for oral HRT typically costs between $130 and $240 per month, or $1560 to $2440 annually. The majority of people, however, only see the costs of prescription co-pays, which range from $30 per month to $360 per year, because most insurance companies cover HRT pills.

Hormone replacement therapy can help relieve a variety of symptoms associated with menopause and other major life changes. Restoring a patients natural hormone levels can improve their health, sex drive, and self-confidence. The most natural way to restore hormonal balance to the body is through Hormonal Replacement Therapy, which is based on plant-based synthetic hormones. Dr. Geers responsive approach ensures that HRT treatments are analyzed and updated to meet your specific needs based on your dynamic situation. The cost will be determined by the type of HRT used, your geographic location, and the level of replacement required. If you take estrogen alone, youll find that estrogen-only pills are less expensive than estrogen-plus-progesterone pills.

What Does Hormone Therapy Do To A Man

Hormone therapy lowers the amount of testosterone in the body and this affects your ability to have and maintain an erection. This may get better within 3 to 12 months after the treatment ends. For some men, erection problems are permanent. It depends on the drug you are having and how long you have been taking it.

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How Does Feminizing Hormone Therapy Work

You start by taking anti-androgens to block testosterone production. Then, after a few weeks, you take estrogen. This hormone comes in many forms, including:

People who choose feminizing hormone therapy start with a low dose of estrogen. The appropriate amount is different for each person. Your healthcare provider determines the type and dose thats right for you.

Starting with a low dose helps reduce the risk of complications and side effects. Then, as your body gets used to it, your provider will increase the dosage. After achieving the desired results, you take a lower dose for the rest of your life.

Facial Feminization Surgery Surgery Cost

Pin on Transpassing

In order to correct certain gendered features in the face, some transgender people will undergo facial cosmetic surgery, called facial feminization surgery or facial masculinization surgery . Neither FFS nor FMS is a single procedure by itself. Instead, they represent a wide variety of procedures that contribute to sexual characteristics in the face. As a result, the price that you can expect to pay for FFS or FMS will vary wildly depending on the surgeon you choose and the procedures they perform. According to individuals that we spoke to who had sought out these procedures, surgery could cost you between $5,000 or $50,000, although most surgeries are likely to fall somewhere in the middle, as few people only get a single small procedure or an extremely large number of procedures.

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How Will I Know That My Hormone Therapy Is Working

Doctors cannot predict how long hormone therapy will be effective in suppressing the growth of any individual mans prostate cancer. Therefore, men who take hormone therapy for more than a few months are regularly tested to determine the level of PSA in their blood. An increase in PSA level may indicate that a mans cancer has started growing again. A PSA level that continues to increase while hormone therapy is successfully keeping androgen levels extremely low is an indicator that a mans prostate cancer has become resistant to the hormone therapy that is currently being used.

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What Hormones Are Used To Treat The Symptoms Of Menopause

The hormones most commonly used to treat symptoms of menopause are estrogen and progesterone. . Often, these 2 hormones are used together, but some women are given estrogen alone. Its important to know which hormones you are talking about when looking at the risks.

Common estrogen preparations used to treat menopausal symptoms include conjugated equine estrogens and estradiol, but several forms or types of estrogen are available.

There are also many progestins available, but medroxyprogesterone acetate , is often used with an estrogen to treat menopausal symptoms. Some preparations contain both an estrogen and a progestin.

Androgens are also sometimes used to treat menopausal symptoms. This is not common, though, and because only a few studies have looked at this practice, it isnt clear how safe it is in the long run.

Tibolone is a synthetic hormone drug that can act like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in different tissues of the body. Because this drug isnt available in the US, its not discussed here.

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