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Natural Hormone Balance For Women

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Foods That Balance Hormones In Females

How to Balance Hormones Naturally for Women Over 50

When most of us shop at the grocery store, we end up looking at the ingredient lists of foods, their calorie contents, and even the freshest fruits or leafiest veggies that we can find on shelves. However, what almost all of us neglect to look at are hormone-balancing properties in those food items.

Surprised? We bet you are.

A majority of us are unaware that the correct type of food consumptions can have a fantastic effect on our hormonal levels. And for those of you who dont know what to eat, dont worry! We have your back!

A Healthy Diet Is Key

When it comes to getting all the essential macronutrients and micronutrients necessary to balance hormones, we should always turn to food first. Supplements are great, but theres no substitute for good, whole foods the ones that come directly from the Earth, just as nature intended. Your endocrine system needs certain foods, which contain specific nutrients, to do its job. Lets see which ones those are!

Phytonutrients For Hormone Balance

Normalization of estrogen in the body can be achieved by balancing hormones naturally with phytonutrients, plant hormones found in whole foods and grains such as soy and flax seed. Using supplements such as DIM, an extract of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, can encourage proper metabolism of estrogens in the body and help to clear excesses and xenoestrogens from the system.

Phytoestrogens, a form of phytonutrients, have been used for centuries for relief of menopausal and/or hormone imbalance symptoms in women. According to the National Cancer Institute , a phytoestrogen is an estrogen-like substance found in some plants. But it is not estrogen. This is an important distinction, since many women worry that using phytoestrogens like soy or red clover for relief will raise estrogen levels and risks for breast cancer. But plant estrogens are very benign and do not act the same way, nor do they have the same negative effects as the synthetic estrogens used in hormone replacement therapy . They do however, have a strong resemblance to the structure of a human estrogen molecule, which gives them the ability to loosely attach to estrogen receptor sites. That gives phytoestrogens a built-in balancing advantage, since they can stand in for estrogen when levels are low, or block it when levels are too high, thus keeping estrogen dominance and breast cancer risks at bay.

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Restore Balance To Your Hormones With Natural Ingredients

Our Happy Hormones tonic is a unique formula that contains several nutrients renowned for their ability to facilitate hormonal balance and womens hormonal health. Together, these nutrients work synergistically to create a one-of-a-kind womens health remedy that may help to balance hormones, regulate the menstrual cycle, provide PMS relief, and regulate and support the health of the endocrine system.

Signs Of A Hormonal Imbalance

Flow &  Glow : Natural Hormone Balance for Women: PMS, Period Cramp ...

A hormonal imbalance results from having too much or too little of a hormone in our bloodstream. Our hormones are produced by various glands in the body, which is why the symptoms of hormonal imbalance can vary so widely. Below are some of the typical symptoms experienced by women:

  • Unexplained weight gain or weight loss

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Ive Noticed Continuous Growth Its Been Easy For Me To Integrate This Into My Daily Ritual

â Teresa, taking Nutrafol Women

Our Womenâs formula is generally best for ages 18-44. Womenâs Balance is boosted with additional hormone-supportive ingredients like Maca, Astaxanthin, and extra Saw Palmetto that are helpful through menopause or for ages 45+. Postpartum uses breastfeeding-friendly botanicals to address postnatal nutritional gaps and stress for hair growth and wellness through whole-body recovery post childbirth.

Results may vary across Women, Womenâs Balance and Postpartum users.

For Women and Womenâs Balance:

In our clinical study, women showed results in 3-6 months. Results may vary.

1-3 MonthsStrengthen hair from within. Look for shinier hair with less shedding and breakage.

3-6 MonthsYou may notice improvement in fullness and volume.

6+ MonthsExperience visible changes like faster-growing hair thatâs thicker and stronger.

For Postpartum, every woman’s hair journey is different after giving birth. At this time, estrogen and progesterone decline abruptly, while cortisol starts to increase drastically, igniting a shift in the hair growth cycle. Normally, the hair growth cycle resets after 6-15 months, but Nutrafol Postpartum was formulated to support recovery through this transition for better hair growth with natural ingredients during the first year after birth. These natural ingredients address and manage underlying imbalances in the body during the first three months of taking the product and beyond.*

*Results may vary.

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Best Supplements And Vitamins To Balance Hormones

By WHN Editorial Team

Hormones are chemicals produced by the endocrine system to control major processes in your body from metabolism and reproduction to regulating your ability to cope with stress.

Your hormones are mission critical to your health and well-being. So when you develop a hormonal imbalance meaning that your body is making too much or too little of some hormones or is unable to properly utilize hormones even tiny shifts in hormone levels can lead to big problems.

Common symptoms of hormonal imbalances in women include:

  • Mood swings and irritability,
  • Fatigue and low energy levels,
  • Trouble sleeping,
  • Dull and dry skin.

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Harmony By Natasha Essentials For Women

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Top 5 Supplements To Balance Hormones

How to Balance Your Hormones for Women | 6 Natural Remedies for Hormone Imbalance

Regardless of your specific condition, research shows that the following supplements may help reduce symptoms associated with an endocrine imbalance. In the clinic, we see that these supplements seem to work best when combined with lifestyle changes.

A healthy diet, stress reduction, and getting enough exercise and sleep all help set the proper foundations so that your body can naturally restore your hormone levels. Well get into some of those details later, but, for now, lets dive into the best supplements to balance hormones.

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Impressive Herbs That Help Balance Your Hormones

Herbs are a group of plants whose leaves, flowers, roots, and seeds are used for various purposes.

If you love to cook, you may be most familiar with using herbs as cooking ingredients. Interestingly, humans have also used them for healthcare, spiritual rituals, and more for thousands of years .

Traditionally, some herbs have even been used to balance hormone levels. Although rigorous research on the topic is limited, some evidence suggests that certain herbs could influence hormone levels in your body, as well as other related functions of the endocrine system.

Still, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to using herbs for medical or health reasons.

Thats why weve sifted through the science and put together this list of 5 herbs, all of which have evidence to support some of their hormone-balancing claims.

How To Include Turmeric In Your Diet To Support Hormone Balance:

  • Start with 1tsp per day added into smoothies, curries, turmeric lattes, warm drinks, stir-fries

  • Try sprinkling it over eggs or toast

  • Try my Warming Golden Milk Recipe: download my 7 Day Hormone Reset Program to gain access to this recipe

So there you have it, you have taken amazing steps in 7 days that will have you on the road to achieving balanced hormones naturally. Adding these habits into our daily routine can have such positive affects on our overall hormonal health and balance our hormones. Remember, if our hormones are balanced the way they are meant to be, you can avoid asking yourself the questions such as Is this normal to be in this much pain during my period? Why am I so irritable? Why am I constantly breaking out?.

Most importantly, now you should be able to answer the question: How can I reset my hormones in just 7 days?

For more tips and information, download my 7 Day Hormone Reset Program.

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Herbs For Irregular Periods

As already mentioned above, Vitex is a great herb for irregular periods and erratic cycles. Two others herbs that are often used to regulate cycles include White Peony and Dong Quai.

White Peony is a wonderful herb for hormonal and menstrual complaints. It has shown to increase low progesterone, reduce high testosterone and regulate other hormones including oestrogen and prolactin. When all of these hormones are out of balance, menstrual irregularities can occur. White Peony not only balances hormones, it also helps to improve circulation in the pelvis area and tone the uterus which helps build healthy blood flow to regulate menstruation. White Peony is particularly helpful for those with PCOS , PMS, bleeding in between periods and painful menstrual cramps due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions.

Dong Quai is known as the female ginseng due to its many therapeutic actions on the female reproductive system. Considered a blood builder and tonic, Dong Quai is used by herbalists to enrich a womans blood supply, strengthen the uterus, promote circulation and increase blood flow to the reproductive system all of which are key for a regular, healthy menstrual cycle. Dong Quai contains a compound called coumarins which have shown to relax the muscles of the uterus and reduce inflammation which makes it a great herb for menstrual cramps. It is also helpful for PMS and menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes.

Hormonal Imbalance Can Cause Belly Fat In Females Over 40

Hormone Balance for Women by DailyNutra

Did you know that hormonal imbalance can be what causes belly fat in females over 40? This is a common problem for women who are going through menopause. As our hormones change, it becomes more difficult to maintain our weight. In this blog post, we will discuss what causes hormonal imbalance and how it leads to weight gain. We will also provide tips on how to dress the menopause belly!

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Hormone Balancing Tip #: Manage Stress

Stress wreaks havoc on our hormones, particularly our production of progesterone. Progesterone is produced from the same building blocks as our stress hormone cortisol . When we are stressed, our body ramps up its cortisol production and slows down on progesterone, contributing to a number of hormonal imbalances.

For many of us, we have little control over the stressors that are thrown on us on a day to day basis. The key then to managing stress is learning how to change your relationship with stress. Shifting your mindset around stress is the cornerstone to changing the way that it affects your body.

How Hormone Imbalances Occur

As the chemical messengers of the body, hormones can impact the way your mind thinks and your body functions. Your endocrine system is responsible for producing these chemicals.

Cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, adrenaline, insulin, glucagon, and thyroid hormones are examples of hormones. They can control your appetite, energy levels, blood sugar, emotions, fertility, as well as other body functions.

Hormones have a complex relationship with your body that even a small imbalance can significantly impact your health and wellness.

The common symptoms of hormonal imbalances are the following:

  • Skin conditions
  • Reliance on caffeine, sugar, or carbohydrate to get through the day
  • Poor memory or concentration
  • Appetite changes
  • Enlarged or tender breasts
  • Aches and pains

So, how can you balance your hormones? Start by getting the right nutrition and vitamins. Keep reading!

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Dont Forget Vitamins B And D

Taking a high-quality vitamin B-complex supplement can help when youre in the throes of hormonal ups and downs. This is one group of vitamins that you might want to supplement with in addition to eating foods high in these vitamins. Vitamin B-complex is involved in both the production of testosterone and the regulation of energy production in the body. There are nine B vitamins in total, and certain foods contain specific B vitamins.

For example, wild-caught salmon is an excellent source of many B vitamins. Leafy greens, like spinach, kale, collard greens, and even romaine lettuce contain B9also known as folate. Other foods with notable amounts of B vitamins are eggs, sunflower seeds, milk, yogurt, and animal protein. Vitamin D is essential, too. In fact, numerous studies show its importance for mitigating symptoms of PCOS.

Image by Belathée Photography

Incorporate Healthy Fats Into Your Diet

9 Tips to Balance Your Hormones for Women | Dr. J9 Live

Adding healthy polyunsaturated fats to your diet, such as omega-3 and omega-6 may help reduce your appetite and. Fatty acids signal the production of leptin, a hormone that reduces appetite by suppressing the area of the brain that controls our appetite and signals to us its time to eat. Without adequate healthy fats in your diet, youre more likely to have low leptin levels, which can induce overeating and an inability to feel satiated. That may be one reason women have been experimenting with seed cycling for hormone balance.

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The Naturopaths Approach To Balancing Female Hormones

The endocrine system consists of glands that produce hormones. Hormones are chemical messengers that send instructions to the various organ systems in order to regulate vital bodily functions. A high stress lifestyle combined with poor eating habits can wreak havoc on a womens delicately balanced hormonal function. Even healthy women with a good diet can end up with hormones unbalanced.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance may include PMS, uterine fibroids, osteoporosis, reduced sex drive, allergies,weight gain, changes in the skin, fatigue, water retention, hair loss, facial hair growth and sometimes anxiety and depression.

A naturopath takes time to review a patients medical history in detail and tailor a herbal mix and provide dietary and lifestyle advice specific to the patient. Below are some suggested tips and a selection of herbs for treating hormonal imbalances.

Skin Issues Acne And Hair Loss

Skin and hair issues are a common symptom of hormone imbalance, specifically due to thyroid problems, PCOS and ovary disfunction.

Some people think that collagen helps with hair growth, while others do not.

You might also experience dry hair or skin, brittle nails, vaginal dryness, pain during sex and irregular menstrual cycles. Acne in particular can be caused by higher levels or testosterone. But in most cases, you can treat it by using anti-androgen medications and corticosteroids.

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Consider Supplements And Alternative Medicines

There is some evidence that alternative therapies or supplements may address some hormonal issues.

For instance, a found that a Chinese herbal therapy routine resulted in doubled pregnancy rates among female participants with infertility when compared to Western, drug-based treatment.

A reports that Nigella sativa, known as black seeds or fennel flower seeds, helped raise estrogen levels in an animal model.

If studies in humans confirm these findings, the supplement may be beneficial for people going through menopause.

The following tip may benefit males:

Important Message From Maryruth’s

Female Balance Vegavero®

Important: We genuinely care about all our customers, which is why we always suggest consulting with a physician or healthcare professional before starting any health supplement. Since all bodies are different, an individuals nutrient needs are unique to their body. As such, results may vary. Children under 14, seniors over 65, those pregnant and/or lactating, those who suspect a medical condition and those who are taking any medications should always consult with a physician or healthcare professional prior to use. Discontinue use if any negative reaction occurs.

NOTE: Herbal products may interfere with certain medications or complicate health conditions. If you are taking any medications, suffer from any health complications, are under the age of 12 or over the age of 65, or are pregnant or lactating, please consult with a physician or healthcare professional prior to use.

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Foods That Help In Balancing Hormones In Females

Hormones are created from the foods we eat, so diet is so important in balancing hormones. Eating regularly is also important for women because it will promote healthy insulin levels.

Here are the foods women should be incorporating into their diet:

3. Healthy fats make your hormones healthy as well

The body metabolizes healthy fats that produce a hormone called pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is a precursor to other critical hormones, including progesterone, estrogen, DHEA, cortisol, and testosterone.

Women should aim to get at least 20 grams of healthy fats for hormonal health and balance.

Here are some healthy fats they can choose from:

  • Fatty fish, such as salmon, sardines, and tuna
  • Coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil
  • Almonds, walnuts, and macadamia nuts

4. More protein helps you control appetite

Women should include around 30 grams of protein in each meal for hormone health. Protein is essential to skin, bone, and muscle health, considering one symptom of hormonal imbalance for women can be weak and brittle bones.

Getting enough protein each day is paramount for females, especially those going through pregnancy menopause.

Plus, protein decreases the level of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and triggers the release of hormones that control appetite and make you feel full.

So especially if you are a woman suffering from weight gain due to hormonal imbalance, the protein will be particularly beneficial.

5. Avoid toxic food habits to keep hormone disruption in control

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