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What Is Hormonal Imbalance In Male

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Other Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalances In Men

Signs of Hormonal Imbalance in Men and How to Fix It | Sara Peternell

Hormone imbalances in men and weight gain are linked, as high estrogen and low testosterone contributes to a loss of muscle mass and increased abdominal fat. Other symptoms include:

  • Sexual problems such as low semen volume, low libido, and erectile dysfunction.
  • Bloating, headaches, cold feet or hands, and sleeping or memory problems are also linked with high estrogen levels.

Avoid Sugar And Refined Carbs

Sugar and refined carbs have been linked to a number of health problems.

Indeed, avoiding or minimizing these foods may be instrumental in optimizing hormone function and avoiding obesity, diabetes and other diseases.

Studies have consistently shown that fructose can increase insulin levels and promote insulin resistance, especially in overweight and obese people with prediabetes or diabetes (


Diets high in sugar and refined carbs have been shown to drive insulin resistance. Avoiding these foods and reducing overall carb intake may decrease insulin levels and increase insulin sensitivity.

Your Hormones Your Health

Feeling bloated, irritable, or just not your best? Shifts in your hormones could be to blame. Hormones are chemical âmessengersâ that impact the way your cells and organs function. Itâs normal for your levels of them to shift at different times of your life, such as before and during your period or a pregnancy, or during menopause. But some medications and health issues can cause your levels to go up or down, too.

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Make An Appointment With Your Doctor

If youre experiencing symptoms of a hormone imbalance, its a good idea to make a trip to your physician to ensure that a hormone imbalance is indeed the cause of your symptoms. If youre diagnosed with hormonal imbalance such as low testosterone or high estrogen, your physician will likely evaluate you to determine the cause of abnormal hormone levels.

Common causes of hormone imbalances in men include:

  • Hypogonadism, which describes the inactivity of reproductive organs that secrete sex hormones
  • Other conditions that affect the thyroid, pituitary glands, or adrenal glands

Your doctor will go over treatment options with you, including medications for any underlying conditions and hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy.

Using Bhrt To Conquer Hormonal Imbalances

10 Signs You May Have a Hormonal Imbalance

If you are experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalances in men, you arent alone, and you arent powerless. With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy , you can restore your bodys hormonal environment to the way it was when you felt good. When you undergo BHRT, you will work with a practitioner who will test your hormone levels and other critical biomarkers, determine if you are experiencing an imbalance, and design a customized treatment to alleviate your symptoms. This plan will typically include not only hormone therapy, but lifestyle changes to support greater wellness. While lifestyle changes alone will not correct a hormonal imbalance, they can be a critical part of helping you feel your best physically and psychologically.

By listening to your body and taking action, you can take control of your hormone imbalance and get back to feeling the way you wantbut the first step is to seek help. Remember: even if you think your symptoms are embarrassing, men everywhere experience the same thing. More importantly, men are increasingly recognizing that they dont have to suffer with the right treatment, you can start the path to recovery.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All content on this website is for informational purposes only. The content is not intended diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases.

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Treatment Of Womens Hormonal Imbalance

In most cases, female hormones balance can be improved or corrected with treatment. Often, changes in diet and lifestyle are sufficient to improve female hormonal imbalance and offer some protection against its potential health complications. Among the common changes recommended are:

  • Weight control
  • 30 minutes of exercise daily, including resistance and aerobic exercise.
  • Dietary changes that include replacing processed, fatty and sugary foods with lean proteins, low-fat dairy and a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Eliminate tobacco consumption

Female hormonal imbalance that cannot be resolved with lifestyle changes is most commonly treated with hormone replacement therapy. Conventional HRT uses hormone drugs to normalize levels of estrogens or progesterone in the system, while bioidentical hormone replacement therapy enhances hormone levels as needed with plant-derived supplements. HRT has been associated with health risks with long-term use, so women considering this treatment should discuss risks and benefits carefully with their doctors.

Surprising Signs And Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalance

Did you know the human body contains almost 50 different hormones? Some hormones that may be familiar include estrogen, insulin and cortisol. However, there are lesser-known hormones such as prostaglandins, which aids tissue repair. All these hormones together regulate many parts of the body, including reproduction, growth and mood. While some symptoms of a hormone imbalance are well-known, there are some signs that may surprise you. Keep reading to learn more about some surprising hormonal symptoms.

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Role Of Estrogen And Testosterone Imbalance In Fatty Liver Disease

The endocrine system is closely related to fatty liver disease.

Interestingly, male hormone imbalance is associated with a higher incidence of fatty liver disease, though the mechanism of risk is different than that for women. Research demonstrates that while high testosterone in women is a risk factor for developing fatty liver disease, high testosterone in men is a protective factor against developing fatty liver disease.

A study conducted by researchers at the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Hawaii and the Department of Internal Medicine at the Bassett Medical Center and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons evaluated the connection between sex hormones and nonalcoholic liver disease. Results showed that men with fatty liver disease had lower levels of testosterone. Moreover, having higher levels of testosterone decreased the risk of fatty liver disease in men and increased the risk of fatty liver disease in women.

Studies also show that hypogonadism is correlated with fatty liver disease. Hypogonadism refers to the inactivity of the gonads, which are the organs that produce sex hormones. This, in turn, leads to lower levels of testosterone and estrogen. A study conducted by researchers at the First Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Aristotle University in Greece found that men with hypogonadism were at a higher risk of having fatty liver disease.

How Does Evexipel Treat Hormone Imbalance In Men

Signs of Hormonal Imbalances In Men

EvexiPEL providers focus on treating the root cause of a patients hormone imbalance first. By uncovering WHY the patients hormones are imbalanced, providers are better equipped to prescribe a treatment plan that delivers optimum results with Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy . In just a few minutes your provider will place a precise dose of Hormone Pellets just under the skin in a simple painless procedure. Along with pellets, you will have recommended EvexiPEL Nutraceuticals that will help your system detox and function optimally. Over the next few weeks, you will begin to experience the benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

If you want to Get Well & Live Well, dont hesitate to reach out to one of our Certified EvexiPEL Providers today.

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What Are The Different Types Of Hormones

Endocrine glands are located throughout the body. These glands include the:

  • Hypothalamus: controls thirst, hunger, sleep, sex drive, moods, body temperature, and the release of other hormones
  • Parathyroid: controls calcium
  • Ovaries, in women: controls female sex hormones
  • Testes, in men: controls male sex hormones

There are several different types of hormones in the body. When you have a hormonal imbalance, you may have a problem in one of more of these glands. The specific hormone that’s imbalanced will determine the signs and symptoms that you experience as a result. Some of the major hormones found in the body include:

  • Estrogen: controls sex drive in both men and women, and regulates the menstrual cycle in women
  • Progesterone: influences the body’s changes through pregnancy
  • Testosterone: controls sex drive in both men and women
  • Cortisol: controls stress
  • Melatonin: control’s the body’s circadian rhythm and sleep cycles
  • Serotonin: controls sleep cycles, appetite, and mood
  • Growth hormone: controls the reproduction of cells and their subsequent growth
  • Leptin: controls appetite, signaling when you’re full
  • Ghrelin: controls appetite, signaling when you’re hungry
  • Insulin: responds to sugar in the bloodstream

If your hormones are well-balanced, you will thrive. An imbalance, however, is something you cannot afford to ignore.

How To Balance Hormones Causing Irregular Periods

While there are lifestyle changes you can make that can help regulate your hormones, its best to see a doctor if youre having symptoms of hormone imbalance or if your periods are irregular.

They will be able to monitor hormone levels and make sure theyre where they need to be. They can also determine whether or not treatments are working.

Depending on the underlying cause of the hormone imbalance or which hormones are irregular, other treatments might also be used.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Female Hormones

What is the lifelong role of estrogen in female health?

Most people think estrogen is primarily responsible for reproduction, but it also helps with bone, skin and cardiovascular health. In addition, it affects thyroid hormone production. During menopause, estrogen levels decline along with the production of progesterone and testosterone. Hormone replacement therapy , which means replacing lost hormones by re-introducing them into the body, is often suggested to offset the positive benefits of estrogen and can be helpful in reducing common symptoms of menopause. But some studies show that artificial doses of estrogen carry risks and have been linked to cancer, dementia, strokes and arthritis. Never assume that hormone replacement therapy is the right thing to do without consulting your healthcare provider.

What is Puberty? Hormones that control puberty

Puberty is the time in life when children begin to show changes through hormone secretions that indicate they are about to become adults physically. In girls, the most obvious sign of puberty is the onset of menstruation. It can happen anywhere between the ages of 9 17, with a median age of 12. The menses, or monthly cycle, is interrupted during pregnancy and typically ends when the ovaries stop secreting steroid hormones a stage known as menopause.

What are the hormonal milestones in a females life?

What Causes Hot Flashes?

Why do I feel so different during my monthly cycle?

Why dont men have monthly cycles?

Hormone Imbalance And Hormone Level Testing

How to treat hormonal imbalance

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Chapter 1: Hormone Imbalance Introduction Chapter 2: Causes and Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance Chapter 3: Hormonal Imbalance and Men Chapter 4: Hormonal Imbalance and Women Chapter 5: More about Cortisol

Your entire endocrine system is composed of glands and hormones. It is one of two systems that help coordinate all the functions of your body.

This managerial role, of maintaining hormone levels over time and in various situations, is important for both your survival and well being. Hormone testing has shown that hormone levels decrease with age and that hormone replacement therapies may be helpful in maintaining youthful vigor.

The other critical system that regulates the functions of your body is the nervous system. Both the endocrine and nervous system work closely together to control a number of important functions:

  • Your bodys growth and development
  • Your metabolism
  • Your mood and sleeping patterns

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Learn To Manage Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on your hormones. Two major hormones affected by stress are cortisol and adrenaline, which is also called epinephrine.

Cortisol is known as the stress hormone because it helps your body cope with stress over the long term.

Adrenaline is the fight-or-flight hormone that provides your body with a surge of energy to respond to immediate danger.

However, unlike hundreds of years ago when these hormones were mainly triggered by threats from predators, today theyre usually triggered by peoples busy, often overwhelming lifestyles.

Unfortunately, chronic stress causes cortisol levels to remain elevated, which can lead to excessive calorie intake and obesity, including increased belly fat (

37 ).

A 2005 review of studies found that massage therapy not only reduced cortisol levels by an average of 31%, but also increased levels of the mood-boosting hormone serotonin by 28% and dopamine by 31%, on average .

Try to devote at least 1015 minutes per day to stress-reducing activities, even if you dont feel you have the time.


Engaging in stress-reduction behaviors like meditation, yoga, massage and listening to soothing music can help normalize your levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Weight Gain Or Difficulty Losing Weight

Why do so many people struggle with weight loss and maintenance? Usually, its because they are eating nutrient-poor foods and working too hard. The body processes this hard work as stress and when the body is stressed, it goes into survival or fight or flight mode, . When youre chronically stressed, your cortisol is always high and in an effort to protect itself from whatever danger it senses, your body holds onto fat as a form of energy.

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Emotional Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalance In Men

Hyperthyroidism, a condition where the thyroid becomes overactive, and hypothyroidism, in which the thyroid is underactive, can both cause anxiousness, moodiness, and panic attacks. Imbalances in the bodys stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol can cause a variety of emotional symptoms, including low mood, anxiousness, moodiness, jitteriness, irritability, and difficulty concentrating.

Can You Test Hormone Levels

how to fix hormonal imbalance male

Yes, you can. Hormone testing is routinely done these days and is available for all types of hormones that commonly become unbalanced, including women hormones, men hormones, thyroid hormones, cortisol and much more. Most hormone imbalance tests are blood tests that measure the level of certain hormones circulating in the blood stream, and in some cases, whether complimentary hormones estrogen and progesterone, for instance are present in the proper ratios to work together effectively.

  • Hormone tests are commonly done for the following purposes:
  • To diagnose hormonal imbalances

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Eat Protein At Every Meal

Consuming an adequate amount of protein at each meal is extremely important, as protein influences the release of hormones that control appetite and food intake.

Eating enough protein can and stimulate the production of hormones that help you feel full.

To optimize hormonal health, aim to consume a minimum of the recommended 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal.

Natural Ways To Support Healthy Hormones

While you should always speak to your doctor if you have hormonal imbalance, he might not have to give you any kind of medication to restore the balance. This is particularly true if the imbalance is caused by something like diet or stress. In general, people who have the following criteria are at higher risks of developing hormonal imbalances:

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol
  • Being exposed to pesticides and toxins
  • Experiencing high stress levels
  • Not sleeping enough

Many of these risk factors are easily controlled when you’re mindful of your diet, exercise routine, and daily habits. If you quit smoking, moderate your drinking, or avoid exposure to pesticides, you can help reduce your risk factor for hormonal imbalances and naturally keep them moderated.

Changing the way you eat can go a long way towards improving your hormonal balance. For example, when you exchange carbohydrates for healthy fats, like coconut oil and avocado, you can lower your bodys inflammation and help maintain your hormone at the right levels. Consuming enough proteins will help control the ghrelin hormone that makes you feel hungry. This gives you the feeling of fullness and then, you will stop eating at the appropriate time and maintain a healthy weight.

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What Is The Role Of Hormones

Hormones are known as the bodys chemical messengers because they regulate quite a lot of functions in the body. Some of these functions include:

  • Rate of heartbeat
  • Growth and development
  • Body temperature

Hormones can affect men and women almost equally, however, certain hormones are produced only during certain events and in certain sex. For example, the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is produced by women and is secreted only during pregnancy.

Natural Remedies And Supplements


There are many nutritional supplements on the market that claim to treat menopause and hormone imbalance. However, few of them are backed up by scientific evidence.

Many of these supplements contain plant-derived hormones. These are sometimes called bioidentical hormones because they chemically resemble the bodys natural hormones. Theres no evidence to suggest that they work better than regular hormone therapy, though.

Some people find that yoga helps treat symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Yoga is excellent for your strength, flexibility, and balance. It may also aid in weight loss, which can help regulate your hormones.

You can also make the following lifestyle changes:

  • Lose weight. A

The primary cause of acne is excess oil production, which leads to clogged pores. Acne is most common in areas with many oil glands, including the:

Acne is often associated with pubescent hormonal changes, but theres actually a lifelong relationship between acne and hormones.

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What Are The Signs Of Hormone Imbalance In Men

Many concerns surrounding a man’s bodily changes can be answered by fluctuations in the male hormonal makeup. If changes are being identified, it may be a good idea to see whether there are any deficiencies or overabundance in the body’s chemistry.

1- Low Testosterone: This is also known as Low-T and is defined by the American Urology Association as testosterone in the blood accounting for less than 300ng/dL .

Signs of Low-T include:

  • Hot Flashes
  • Trouble Concentrating

2- Increased Estrogen: An increase in estrogen production in a mans body can cause a condition called gynecomastia. This is where you begin to develop breasts. Increased estrogen levels can also cause problems with your prostate organ that is in charge of producing one of the fluids that make up semen. Obesity can increase the production of estrogen in a mans body.

3- Low Cortisol/Adrenal Fatigue: Men suffering adrenal fatigue often have difficulty focusing mentally and are excessively tired.

4- Hyperthyroidism/Overactive Thyroid: Signs of high levels of thyroid hormone in your body include:

  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Increased Sensitivity to cold

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