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How Do You Measure Testosterone

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Benefits Of Testosterone For Women

How to Determine Testosterone Levels by Looking at Your Ring Finger

Testosterone can thin the fat under the skin, making muscles more visible and cheekbones more prominent. Fat will rearrange itself however and may go to the abdomen.

Studies do show possible improvement in bones, mood and libido.

A side note on Libido: If a post-menopausal woman has less desire than she remembers;having when younger there are several factors to consider. 1). Women in their 50s are OUT of the gene pool and evolution does not drive them to procreate. 2). Some may just not be attracted to their mate any more for a huge variety of reasons. 3). Sex can be painful as vaginal tissues dry up. Make coconut oil suppositories to help alleviate discomfort;during sex, or weekly as a general;comfort support. These have Vitamin E if you dont want to make your own. 4). Exhausted women might just prefer to try to sleep!

Repair the adrenals to function and feel better. Consider having some Consults in my San Antonio Clinic or by phone to review your diet, lifestyle, symptoms, and run some Salivary or Blood lab tests.;

What To Do With Elevated Testosterone Levels

If your blood or saliva test show high T, get evaluated for PCOS right away. Polycystic ovaries produce excess testosterone and insulin resistance. These are common causes of infertility, PMS and other menstrual irregularities. ;The supplement DIM may be useful to break down high Testosterone and Estrogen while working on the underlying cause.

I offer Virtual Consults to test and discuss these and other hormonal issues. Lets talk.;;

Androgen Deficiency: A Common Problem Among Older Men

Two-thirds of these men present with symptoms. While some symptoms, like ED, indicate deficiency, additional symptoms can be similar to those of other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease.2 Tests for free, bioavailable, and total testosterone are essential to help diagnose hypogonadism and rule out other conditions. For those who may be candidates for testosterone therapy, as well as for those already on therapy, testing can also help assess and monitor testosterone levels.

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Ways To Measure Testosterone Levels In Men

The body and its functions depend to a great extent on the play of hormones, which can greatly affect how we function and the quality of life that we enjoy. Men and women have many different kinds of hormones.;Testosterone;is a male hormone that is found mainly in the testicles of males, and is responsible for the development of their sexual behaviour and other typical male characteristics.;

Why Measure Testosterone?

This hormone affects the physical, mental and emotional side of men to a great extent and an alteration can also cause health problems. For example, symptoms like sudden weight gain and mood swings are just a few that can point towards a low T score, which is a measure of testosterone. This is why it is important to measure the levels of this hormone.;

There are many;ways to measure testosterone levels in men, which are as follows.;

  • Sweat: One of the foremost ways to measure testosterone levels is to get acquainted with the sweat and its smell, which is basically a function of the apocrine glands. The more you sweat, the more testosterone you have in your body.;
  • Testicles: The size of the testicles also determines how much testosterone your body is producing. The smaller the size, the lower the level; while larger and firmer testicles will mean that your body is producing high levels of testosterone.
  • ;In case you have a concern or query you can always;consult an expert;& get answers to your questions!

    Is Your Ring Finger Longer Than You Index Finger

    What do your fingers say about you?

    According to research from Biological Psychology;, the average;2D:4D for men is 0.947 and for women it is 0.965. That means that most men have longer ring fingers than index.

    The second to fourth digit ratio is a sexually dimorphic trait with lower finger ratios considered more masculine .

    Those with a low 2D:4D ;have been found to have:

    • Higher sperm numbers

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    How To Test Testosterone Levels At Home

    Hereâs how to check testosterone levels at home with the Everlywell Testosterone Test:

    Once the testosterone test kit arrives, youâll wait until morning to collect your saliva sample. This is because salivary testosterone levels fall throughout the day , so the saliva sample needs to be collected within 30 minutes of waking.

    To collect your sample, youâll simply spit into a tube that comes with the kit. Then youâll use a prepaid shipping label â also included with the kit â to send the sample to a lab for analysis.

    Once the lab has analyzed your sample, you can view your test results on our secure, online portal.

    Why The Test Is Performed

    This test may be done if you have symptoms of abnormal male hormone production.

    In males, the testicles produce most of the testosterone in the body. Levels are most often checked to evaluate signs of abnormal testosterone such as:

    • Early or late puberty
    • Infertility, , low level of sexual interest, thinning of the bones

    In females, the ovaries produce most of the testosterone. The adrenal glands can also produce too much of other androgens that are converted to testosterone. Levels are most often checked to evaluate signs of higher testosterone levels, such as:

    • Acne, oily skin
    • Change in voice
    • Excess hair growth
    • Increased size of the clitoris
    • Irregular or absent menstrual periods
    • Male-pattern baldness or hair thinning

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    Testosterone Level Test Kits

    Now to the final part- Are there actual testosterone level tests that you can do at home?

    Yes, there are. In certain countries, you can find and purchase a test kit, which usually uses your saliva or blood to determine the levels of different hormones in the body.

    Of course, there is no magical chart that examines your body fluids, so you will have to send the probe to the given address, then wait a couple of days for your results.

    Important note:;

    Important note:;Testosterone levels vary a lot and are usually at their peak in the morning, so if you are taking such a test- this is the best time to do it, in order to determine optimal test levels.

    However, you should take note that tests you can do at home, will just give you an idea of your hormonal levels, and the best result will still be yielded by a blood test from your doctor.

    What Are Normal Levels Of Testosterone

    How To Check Your Testosterone Levels AT HOME!

    If youre asking one of the thousands of new Anti-Aging Doctors, youll be told you should have the same T at 50 as you did at 20. Wouldnt that be great? The Fountain of Youth?

    Testosterone declines gradually in all men and women starting in our 20s. This is normal and the body has its own reasons for doing this. I have a strong objection to this fad of anti-aging docs who charge huge amounts of money to put women on large amounts of hormones to prevent and reverse aging. I frequently see clients in my clinic who have paid thousands of dollars for doctor visits, blood tests and hormones I suggest they stop.;

    I run inexpensive saliva hormone tests and invariably find their doses are too high.

    Sometimes dangerously so

    I feel that Saliva testing is more accurate, cheaper and more extensive. And I prefer to try to FIX any low hormonal issue at the root cause. WHY are the adrenals tired and not producing Testosterone, Cortisol or Progesterone? Why use a Band-Aid to cover up a symptom?;

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    What Is The Difference Between Free Testosterone And Total Testosterone

    Most of the testosterone in your blood attaches to 2 proteins: albumin and sex hormone binding globulin . Some testosterone is not attached to proteins, or free. Free testosterone and albumin-bound testosterone are also referred to as bioavailable testosterone. This is the testosterone that is easily used by your body.

    If your healthcare provider thinks that you have low or high testosterone, he or she will first test total testosterone levels as above. This looks at all 3 types of testosterone. The free testosterone test may help give more information when total testosterone is low.

    As with the total testosterone levels described above, your levels of free testosterone will vary due to age.

    The following table illustrates the range of normal freetestosterone for men and women by age.


    Where To Get Tested For Testosterone

    Alright, so you might be asking your computer screen, Where do I get tested?

    If youre suffering symptoms of low testosterone, ask your doctor to order a blood test for you. Insurance;might;cover it.

    If youre just curious about your T levels, you actually dont need a doctors order. You can sign up for a test yourself.

    Heres how:

    Order the test. Youll need to order a blood test using a website that sells blood tests to consumers. No, you dont send the website a blood sample. These sites contract with labs across the country to draw blood. They basically act as a middleman. Here are the sites I used to buy my tests:

    You can also order albumin and SHBG tests from both Health Testing Centers and Request a Test so you can use the calculation method to figure out your free testosterone levels.

    Get your results.;Two or three days later, youll get an email from the lab with your results.

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    What Is An At

    Most at-home testosterone tests measure your testosterone levels by analyzing your saliva. Your body naturally secretes hormones like testosterone in your saliva, and laboratories can use different methods to test the amount present.

    People have used at-home testosterone tests as an alternative to a blood test for detecting the amount of testosterone present in your body. To do this, purchase a test kit, follow the directions, and send it to the laboratory via mail. The laboratory tests the saliva and provides your results.

    Other at-home test kits require blood samples for testing, which usually involve a finger stick and applying the blood to a spot or tube for collection.

    The American Urology Association recommends collecting a testosterone sample first thing in the morning. This is when testosterone levels are likely to be at their lowest.

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    Blood Testing For Testosterone Levels

    • The most accurate way to determine your testosterone levels is with a simple blood test.
    • Women may also experience Low T
    • The so-called normal testosterone levels for men and women changes as you age.
    • There is no special preparation required for either a total testosterone test, or a free testosterone test.

    Testosterone is the most important male hormone. Womens bodies also make and need testosterone. ;Which means that both men and women can and do suffer from low testosterone, a condition also known as Low-T.

    Both men and women produce less testosterone the older they get. In some people, age-related testosterone decline is well-tolerated. In others, it can lead to the many debilitating systems of low testosterone.

    If you are a man or woman over 40, and are feeling sluggish, worn-out, putting on weight, having cognitive difficulties, and/or are putting on weight you may be suffering from low testosterone.

    The only way to know for sure is to have you testosterone levels checked. The most accurate way to determine your testosterone levels is with a simple blood test.

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    Understand The 3 Types Of Testosterone Being Measured

    Once youve identified the symptoms, its important to understand how testosterone operates in the body. Surprisingly,;98% of the testosterone;in your body is typically inactive. This is because most of your testosterone attaches to two proteins: albumin and the sex hormone binding globulin . The remaining 2% that is not albumin-bound testosterone or SHBG-bound testosterone is referred to as;free testosterone.

    So we have albumin-bound testosterone, SHBG-bound testosterone, and free testosterone – what’s the difference? Free testosterone and albumin-bound testosterone are referred to as;bioavailable;testosterone, as this is the testosterone most easily used by your body. The bioavailable testosterone is what serves all the important functions listed above. When you get your testosterone tested, your physician will assess all three types, but the free testosterone levels will give you the best information on whether or not your total testosterone is low.

    What Is The Real Cause Of Low Hormones

    Low Testosterone measured at home with a simple Saliva Test

    I see low Cortisol on perhaps 50% of the saliva tests I run. Perhaps 75%. Adrenal Fatigue is often the real issue.

    Doing what it takes to restore the adrenals is the key to balancing your hormones

    When we are under stress, we steal from DHEA, Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone to send the raw hormone to make Cortisol. If we drag down our Cortisol, the rest can follow.;Heres one of my many articles and podcasts on the adrenals.;

    Heres a typical Cortisol pattern I see in saliva testing. Note the difference between the normal level in black and this clients results in pink. ;

    Getting your progesterone to cycle normally again will reduce ovarian cysts and the output of Testosterone. Read up on my adrenal articles, and take a peek at this tried and true PMS supplement. Ive sold this in my clinic more than 30 years.;

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    Why It Is Done

    A testosterone test may be done to:

    • See why a man is having problems in fathering a child . A low amount of testosterone can lead to low sperm counts.
    • Check a man’s sexual problems. Having a low level of testosterone may lower a man’s sex drive or not allow him to have an erection .
    • See whether a high level of testosterone is causing a boy younger than age 10 to have early signs of puberty.
    • Find out why a woman is developing male features, such as excessive facial and body hair and a deep voice.
    • Find out why a woman is having irregular menstrual periods.
    • See if testosterone-lowering medicines are working in a man with advanced .
    • Find the cause of in a man.

    Testosterone Testing In Prostate Cancer

    Total testosterone testing is indicated to confirm adequacy of androgen deprivation therapy in men with prostate carcinoma. Only tandem mass spectrometry is sufficiently sensitive to accurately measure the low total testosterone seen in men rendered chemically castrate for treatment of prostate carcinoma.15;In BC, testosterone analysis by tandem mass spectrometry is not routinely available and should be specifically requested on the requisition. Testosterone should be tested 3 months after initiating ADT, and in the event of any increase in PSA levels.

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    How Do You Measure Free Testosterone

    Free testosterone is typically between 1.5-2.5% of a mans total testosterone. This means, of course, that a mans free testosterone will be about 1/50th of his total, obviously a much smaller number. Perhaps because the number is so much smaller I dont know for sure I often see on the;The Peak Testosterone Forum;that men have clearly inaccurate results. Sometimes men will have free testosterone that is 0.1% of total testosterone, for example. These kind of results are ridiculous and simply make no sense any man with free testosterone that low would almost for sure be anemic and have osteopenia.; In my opinion, the lab should have some check to see if their results are reasonable and mark samples like these invalid.; But anyway

    Another possibility is confusion over the units.; Labs here in the U.S. often give total testosterone in ng/dl and free testosterone in pg/ml.; My guess is that often the patient, doctors or nurse dealing with the results forget are rushing and do not take the change of units into account.

    So does this mean that you should not even bother pulling free testosterone?; Of course, do whatever your doctor tells you go ahead and get it pulled.; Sometimes the test does pull reasonable results.; However,;here is from what I have seen a much more reliable way to pull free testosterone:

    1.; Pull total testosterone and SHBG on the same day.;

    2.; Use one of the online free testosterone calculators to calculate free testosterone.

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