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How To Raise Free Testosterone Naturally

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What Happens When A Mans Testosterone Is Low


Lower than optimal testosterone levels have many effects on your health. These are the most common ones:

  • Reproductive health: Men with low testosterone levels often lose their sex drive. You also experience a low sperm count and erectile dysfunction .
  • Vitality: When male hormone levels experience a dip, your energy levels sink, too.
  • Obesity: High body fat is both a symptom and a cause of low testosterone.
  • Loss of muscle and bone: Testosterone is key in the maintenance and production of muscle mass and bone, for both men and women .
  • Mood disorders: Low levels of testosterone have been linked with a raised incidence of anxiety and depression.

Testosterone levels tend to drop with age, causing some additional problems due to the loss of muscle mass and bone density. Its a natural part of the aging process in men and doesnt necessarily require any action, such as hormonal therapies .

You can give yourself a boost to get your testosterone levels as high as possible through food and lifestyle choices, though.

Check Out Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a rather trendy diet nowadays, but it can also help individuals improve their testosterone levels. This type of regimen typically involves a regular eating routine for five days a week and a significant reduction in that amount of food for the other days. Many people claim that this process pushes the body to use stored fat as energy, inherently causing testosterone increase.

If the user is fluctuating in and out of a dietary process called ketosis, it is difficult to continue this boost regularly. However, there is no indication that a keto diet will necessarily increase testosterone levels.

How You Can Fix Low Testosterone With Lifestyle Choices

Testosterone levels dont only come down to the foods you eat, but also to your lifestyle. The best strategy for testosterone deficiency is to attack the problem from all angles, combining nutrition with sleep, exercise, and stress management.

Here are some tips for maximizing testosterone production in your everyday life:

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A Balanced Diet Including Proteins Carbs And Fats

Follow a reliable diet plan that includes the intake of all of the necessary nutrients in the proper proportions.; A balanced diet is a crucial factor in elevating T levels. Hundreds of researches show that low testosterone levels and poor diet patterns are strongly interrelated.

A balanced diet not only enhances your T levels, but it has countless health benefits. Many studies show that alterations in dietary plans may lead to hypogonadism. Consuming a balanced diet enriched in proteins, carbs, and healthy fats can go longer toward normal T levels as you age.

Many essential nutrients like proteins, carbs, and healthy fats may bring noticeable benefits to your health and hormonal secretions.

According to recent health researchers, a diet rich in proteins may aid a lot in testosterone boosting. However, another study has revealed low protein levels may damage the Leyden cells assigned to testosterone production.;

Therefore, try to increase your protein intake. This will help you in fat loss which, likewise, is linked with your testosterone. Moreover, it will support your muscle development, which may be essential in testosterone boosting.

Carbs may bring out a rapid increase in your T levels. According to the latest research, eating a carbohydrate-rich diet may be harmful to diabetic people, but it is associated with a high testosterone level in the average person. Instead, try to consume carbs from starchy tubers such as potatoes, yams, pumpkins, etc.

Stop Hating On The Fats

Testosterone(Total) for 40+ males : fitness30plus

Sifting through all the data can be a chore, but if youre up to it, youll discover that scientists generally agree that there is a positive relationship between the amount of monounsaturated fat a man ingests and his serum testosterone levels. That might seem counterintuitive since weve been told for decades that fat is bad. But it seems to be true .

That then begs the question: What type of food contains those beneficial monounsaturated fats? The answer is nuts like almonds and peanuts, peanut butter, olive oil, and avocados. For the record, there is also evidence that saturated fats have a role to play in boosting testosterone levels . Youll find healthy saturated fat in foods such as dark chocolate, hard cheeses, eggs yolks, red meat, and coconut oil.

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Learn Martial Arts Or Boxing

So far, we have looked at two dozen ways that you can naturally increase testosterone levels in your body. Most have involved some form of strength training or dietary adjustments. This one, however, involves neither of those. In this case, the recommendation is to get involved with some form of aggressive sport such as martial arts or boxing. Why? Because studies have shown that when you cultivate an aggressive mindset , you actually increase your testosterone production .

Granted, not everyone is up for trading punches to the face as a way to stimulate testosterone production. But the option is there if you want it. And it works. Dont worry, you dont have to turn into prime Mike Tyson to enjoy this benefit. You just need to engage in some type of sport that requires genuine physical aggression.

Kick Your Junk Food Habits

There has never been a time in anyones life that junk food has been good to them. Keeping a healthy diet is the key to increasing testosterone levels properly. It is practically impossible to maintain a healthy diet if much of each paycheck is dedicated to the local drive-thru for another meal of burgers and fries. Having too much fast food and other forms of junk food can create significant clogs in the arteries and damage the cardiovascular system. Plus, the food will add to the extra weight that the body is carrying, further impeding testosterone production.

The progression of the fresh food movement has made it possible for individuals to easily get fresh fruit or even a healthy salad at the drive-thru instead. Instead of leaving that opportunity open on the way home from work, stock up the fridge with lean meats and other healthy choices to make it easy to stay with good habits.

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Maintain Ideal Body Weight

This is probably the most important thing a man can do. As belly fat increases, there is an increase in activity of the enzyme aromatase which converts testosterone in the fat cells to estrogen. This reduces testosterone and increases estrogen, which can increase fat deposition in typical female areas and increase the risk of enlargement of the prostate and even prostate cancer. With every one-point drop in your body mass index your testosterone level will increase by approximately 1 point. In fact, management of obesity may prevent declining total testosterone in the aging male.

Increase Hdl Cholesterol Levels


The two most abundant types of cholesterol are LDL and HDL. HDL is considered good cholesterol while LDL is considered bad. There is scientific evidence that strongly suggests a positive link between elevated levels of HDL cholesterol and serum testosterone levels . As a result, you will read lots of blog posts and articles espousing the virtues of packing in the HDL cholesterol.

While the evidence leaves little doubt that more HDL cholesterol equates to more serum testosterone, a word of caution is nonetheless warranted here. Thats because a recent study involving more than 6,000 people concluded that getting too much HDL cholesterol in your diet can dramatically increase a persons risk of heart disease . Therefore, if youre determined to raise your HDL intake to boost testosterone, talk to your doctor first.

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Dont Go Overboard At Happy Hour

Alcohol;can convert testosterone to estrogen, explained Jed Diamond, PhD, author of the books “MenAlive: Stop Killer Stress With Simple Energy Healing Tools” and Male Menopause, and director of the MenAlive mens health program in Willits, Calif.

A glass of wine with dinner is no problem, but overdrinking is not a good idea. Moderate alcohol consumption for men is a max of two drinks a day, with one being a 5-ounce glass of wine.

Get To Know Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has been a part of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, mostly as a treatment for infertility. Until recently, Western medicine tended to scoff at the idea that this small evergreen shrub produced anything more than a captivating myth. However, once Western researchers finally got around to taking a look at Ashwagandha, they were impressed.

It turns out Indian ginseng, as its also called, does pretty much what traditional healers have been saying for centuries that it does: boost testosterone and increase sperm counts. Ashwagandha is most often taken as a supplement in capsule form, but ashwagandha powder can also be sprinkled into your latte or used in baking.

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Stop Hiding Behind Your Age

If you have a chance to engage in candid discussions with aging men , you will often hear them dismiss the idea that they could naturally increase their testosterone levels and enjoy the benefits thereof. One of their most common excuses for dismissing such talk is that theyre too old to work out, or save their sex life, or build a manlier physique. All we can say to that is hogwash!

Scientists and researchers are adamant in expressing their belief that older people will reap numerous important benefits from weight training , which, as weve seen, is the best natural way to increase serum testosterone levels. In fact, doctors recommend that older people partake of resistance training three or four times a week with the stated goal of gaining muscle, which will, of course, increase testosterone levels. So, stop hiding behind your age.

Testosterone And Vegetarian Diets

Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Another common concept is that vegan and vegetarian diets will contribute to lower levels of testosterone. Still, one study found vegans to have higher testosterone levels than both vegetarians and meat-eaters .

The vegans and vegetarians in this study were younger and had a lower body weight than meat-eaters, which can affect the results. If these men were healthier in general, they would also tend to have higher testosterone levels.

Nonetheless, the study seems to prove that you can have a vegetarian or vegan diet and enjoy optimal hormonal balance and health.

Need a boost?

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How To Use Exercise To Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Most people know that exercise can raise testosterone levels.

What they dont know, though, is it can tank your T levels as well.

It all comes down to what type of exercise you do and how much you do of itand the worst choice is doing a ton of cardio.

This is bad for many reasons, not the least of which being;the fact that it can greatly elevate resting cortisol levels, which in turn depresses testosterone levels.

And if you really want a problem, combine a large amount of cardio with a large calorie deficit . The results can be quite catastrophic.

Now, that isnt to say that all cardio is bad, of course. You just need to know how much is too much.

Now, if you want to have healthy hormone levels and a lean, muscular, and athletic physique, then the type of exercise you want to focus on is resistance training.

Nobody will argue that lifting weights helps you build muscle, but did you know;that it also supports testosterone production?

Not all forms of resistance training are equal, though, both in terms of muscle building and hormone optimization.

If you want to get the most out of your time in the gym, you want to

These exercises elicitlarger hormonal responses than the wimpy isolation exercises you see most people doing.

2. Follow a workout routine that combines traditional strength and bodybuilding training.

This combination of training methodologies is the perfect way to get the most muscle and the most testosterone for your mileage.

3.;Keep cardio to a minimum .

Nutrition Part : Stay Away From Fad Diets

Diets that brand themselves as low-carb, low-calorie or low-fat often promise quick results, but those quick results come at a price that isnt worth to pay.

As a guy into fitness youre most likely focusing too much on protein intake, and too little on carbs and fat.

The truth is that carbs and fats are more important for performance, health and well-being than protein!

Instead, it will detract from your energy because you will be able to eat less of the energy sources .

Keep in mind that the main factor for staying lean is to manage your daily Calories.

If you eat a ton of protein, you will have to limit either carbs or fats or both.

So why are carbs important?;

I mentioned that fats are the most important to include because theyre the building block of testosterone.

However, this doesnt mean you need to go to the other extreme and cut carbs.

Carbs are the best energy source for your body because theyre readily available to be absorbed by your muscles and brain where as fats are a slower energy source that takes a longer time to digest.

For the best result, you need the optimal balance of both.

Generally speaking, the better shape you are in and the more active you are, the more carbs you can eat.

Heres a quick contrast breakdown:

  • Low body-fat + high muscle mass + high activity levels = high carb intake.
  • High body-fat + low muscle mass + low activity levels = low-moderate carb intake.

When it comes to choosing carbs, you have to choose those that:

  • You digest well.
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    Take Vitamin D To Lower Shbg Count

    Vitamin D is one hell of an awesome vitamin.

    Most commonly its associated with cardiovascular health, bone health, and immune function.

    And while vitamin D is called a vitamin, its not. Its really a steroid hormone that regulates more than 1,000 bodily functions, mistakenly named a vitamin.

    Best part about the bone vitamin however is the fact that it increases testosterone levels

    And this study found out that 3332 IUs of vitamin D3 was enough to significantly reduce sex hormone binding globulin count.

    Therefore if you want to increase testosterone , and reduce SHBG count, start supplementing with high quality vitamin D3 supplement;, be out in the sun, and eat plenty of fish.

    The 4 Best Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

    How to raise your testosterone levels NATURALLY?


    Weve reviewed how testosterone impacts both your muscle and fat levels and weve set some realistic expectations as to what is and isnt possible without drugs.

    Lets now talk about how to increase;testosterone naturally.

    There are several natural, science-based strategies you can use to boost your testosterone, and, depending on your circumstances, the overall effects on your general health and well-being can be negligible or significant.

    If youre currently doing most of what were going to cover, you obviously dont have much room for improvement.

    If youre not, however, you do, and the resulting physical and mental/emotional effects;can be quite dramatic.

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    The Bottom Line On Testosterone

    Testosterone is an incredibly important hormone.

    It directly impacts our quality of life in many ways and factors heavily in our fitness and performance. Its worth much of the attention it gets.

    What many people dont want to hear, though, is there are no quick fixes for raising and maintaining optimal testosterone levels.

    High T levels have to be earned. Theyre one of the many rewards for healthy living, which looks like this:

    Cut Back On The Sugar

    Eating lots of sugary foods raises a persons blood glucose level. That, in turn, promotes insulin release to counteract the effect. Insulin interferes with testosterone production and testosterone levels in the blood, which typically means testosterone levels drop when insulin levels rise to meet elevated levels of blood sugar . The effect is even more pronounced for those who have developed type 2 diabetes.

    If you want to ensure all that testosterone youre producing through your weight lifting routine is not being devoured by insulin, you would be wise to cut back on sugary drinks and desserts. You would also be well-advised to watch for sugar that is often hidden in processed foods to make them taste better.

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    Increase The Size Of Your Muscles

    As users go through the resistance training workouts recommended at the start of this list, their muscles size will inherently increase and improve testosterone levels in the blood. As with any workout, the resistance will increase over time as users push themselves to new heights in their routine. Inherently, the increased muscle mass and workouts will help to boost testosterone levels.

    With more muscle, men can increase how much weight they can handle, and their testosterone levels will rise. Men who are not trying to improve their muscles size may notice that their workout maintains their current levels of the hormone. Any increases would likely be minimal without pushing the body to do more.

    Try Some Hiit Training

    How to increase testosterone levels naturally ...

    If youve never heard of HIIT training, we can assure you it has nothing to do with hitting anyone. HIIT, if you dont know, stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It involves alternating periods of very high intensity followed by low-intensity exercise. For example, one type of HIIT workout may involve sprinting all out for a minute, then transitioning directly to a minute of jogging, followed by a return to all-out sprinting, and so on.

    The effect of subjecting your body to this kind of alternating intensity workout is that it tends to burn through the sugar in your blood, putting you into an anaerobic state. HIIT training is very popular these days in health clubs and gyms nationwide. So if you are someone who likes to work out in a group, you should have no problem finding HIIT classes in your area.

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