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Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

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HGH – Human Growth Hormone – Doctor’s Analysis of Side Effects & Properties

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Claim: Hgh Grows Muscle Burns Fat

Most of his friends know Larry as a professional in the New York financial industry. What they may not know is that he can leg-press 1,300 pounds 18 times.

A competitive bodybuilder since age 19, Larry began to pay the price for his heavy lifting when he turned 40, facing operations to repair knee and rotator cuff injuries. Before that, he says, I was a completely natural athlete.

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When Larrys surgical recovery seemed to stagnate, a friend suggested he try steroids and growth hormone to speed things along. Access was not an issue.

If you spend as much time in the gym world as I do, you pretty well know how to obtain it, he says. Larrys supply comes from a special relationship with a physician. People who cant get prescription HGH often find a dealer who orders it from China.

Growth hormone is popular among athletes because it is widely believed by illicit users that growth hormone works, says Harrison Pope, M.D., a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School.

The problem is that growth hormone is almost always used in conjunction with anabolic steroids, and anabolic steroids clearly do work. So its hard to know what portion of the muscle gain, if any, comes from growth hormone.

One Australian study parsed the issue and examined sprint performance in 96 cyclists who injected either HGH, testosterone, HGH plus testosterone, or a placebo for eight weeks.

Human Growth Hormone Is Prescribed To Deal With Conditions That Cause The Body To Develop Abnormally But Side Effects Of Too Much Of It Should Be Known

Human growth hormone is commonly prescribed to treat conditions which cause the body to develop abnormally or when the body is not maintaining itself the way it should. Some people use this hormone as a way to unnaturally boost body performance, either to prevent natural deterioration or to improve athletic function. The success of these measures is unsubstantiated, so doctors frequently speak out against this type of hormone injection. Improper use of HGH severely increases the risk of developing growth hormone side effects which can be uncomfortable or dangerous.

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Does Hgh Cause Cancer

In the 1990s, a few studies linked HGH treatment in children with an increased risk of leukemia. However, more recently, studies have found no increased risk, and researchers believe that leukemia is only more common in children who have underlying risk-factors for the disease.

However, there is evidence linking HGH treatment with colon cancer, Hodgkins lymphoma, and recurrent neoplasms. According to a study published in Drug Safety in 2004:

A recent follow-up of pituitary GH recipients has suggested an increase in colorectal cancer. In addition, follow-up of oncology patients has suggested an increase in second neoplasms in those who also received GH therapy.

The problem is that HGH stimulates the body to produce insulin-like growth factor-1 . Both HGH and IGF-1 are known to cause cells to proliferate, including normal and cancerous cells. Studies in animals have shown that high doses of these hormones can cause malignant tumors. However, the risk in humans is still uncertain.

Occasional Hgh Side Effects:

Human Growth Hormone for sale

Some of the less severe and less common HGH side effects in males and females include irregular distribution of fat, nausea, abnormal sweating and swollen limbs, increased blood pressure, pain in the back and bones, dizziness, numbness of the limbs. Serious, but occasional HGH side effects are bronchitis, inflammation in the gastrointestinal system, pain in the chest.

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Is Growth Hormone Therapy Safe

Although growth hormone injections are relatively safe and effective, there are a few side effects. Fortunately, serious side effects are rare. Swelling, numbness, and joint and muscle aches and pains are the most common side effects.

You may experience these side effects if youre getting more growth hormone than you need. If you have these symptoms, talk to your doctor immediately. He or she will adjust the amount of growth hormone youre taking. Once your doctor adjusts your dose, the symptoms should go away on their own.

There are some people who shouldnt take growth hormone injections, such as people who have tumors or cancer. People who are seriously ill, have multiple injuries from a trauma, or severe breathing problems should also not take growth hormone injections.

How Is Growth Hormone Deficiency Treated

Since the mid-1980s, synthetic growth hormones have been used with great success to treat children and adults. Before synthetic growth hormones, natural growth hormones from cadavers were used for treatment.

Growth hormone is given by injection, typically into the bodys fatty tissues, such as the back of the arms, thighs, or buttocks. Its most effective as a daily treatment.

Side effects are generally minor, but may include:

  • redness at the injection site
  • hip pain
  • curving of the spine

In rare cases, long-term growth hormone injections may contribute to the development of diabetes, especially in people with a family history of that disease.

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Side Effects And Dangers Of Growth Hormone

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Human Growth Hormone has been shown in some studies to have side effects such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Edema , water retention, joint pain, Gigantism and bloating.

Avoid Side Effects


Supplements Injections Usage And Dosage Information

Is Human Growth Hormone the Fountain of Youth or a Dangerous Drug?

When prescribed by a doctor, human growth hormone is given in injection form. There are no HGH pills currently available by prescription.

For children, the approved usages of human growth hormone for height deficiencies due to unknown causes as well as poor growth due to various medicals conditions include:

  • Children born small for gestational age
  • HGH deficiency or insufficiency

For adults, approved HGH uses include:

  • HGH deficiency due to rare pituitary tumors or their treatment
  • Short bowel syndrome
  • Muscle-wasting disease associated with HIV/AIDS

Speak with your health care provider about the best HGH dosage for your condition.

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Benefits Of Human Growth Hormone Including More Muscle & Less Fat

By Annie Price, CHHC

If youre a sports fan, youve probably heard of human growth hormone more commonly known as HGH and associate it with cheating and steroid use.

However, did you know that HGH is a natural testosterone booster thats produced on its own and provides many important benefits? Its true.

Is human growth hormone good for you?

Natural HGH benefits are major. Its actually vital to cellular growth and regeneration throughout our entire lives.

Growth hormone makes sure that our muscles, bones and fat tissues stay in a healthy balance.

The study of human growth hormone is a little more than 100 years old, and synthetic human growth hormone was first developed in the 1980s and approved by the FDA for specific uses in adults and children.

Lets find out why.

The Scoop On Hgh Therapy And Hgh Side Effects

HGH deficiency can result from many different circumstances. For one, it could come from a birth deficiency, in which case HGH therapy is recommended at a very early age. Likewise, it could be instated after an injury, especially one to the pituitary gland, where human growth hormone is produced.

But the most common way of becoming deficient of HGH is the most natural – aging. It is bound to happen to each and every one of us, but that does not mean that you should throw in the towel when you start to notice your body and mind become more stagnant. In order to fight hormone deficiency, decades of research have been dedicated to creating a supplemental form of HGH.

Finally, the science has been perfected so that anyone in need of treatment can enjoy its benefits. Our company has dedicated itself to making it available. Not only that, but we only offer certified products that are safe, legal, and extremely effective, along with unbeatable prices. The HGH therapies we offer will treat all symptoms of low HGH, leaving you looking and feeling great.

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Common Side Effects Of Human Growth Hormone:

The most common side effects of Human Growth Hormone are water retention and headaches. Water retention can be very common during the early stages of use, especially around the wrist and ankles. Most users will, however, find the retention subsides as the weeks of use go on. Higher doses will cause greater water retention. Some people also report moderate joint pain. These represent the most common side effects of Human Growth Hormone.

What Causes Growth Hormone Deficiency

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) : Uses And Side Effects

GHD that isnt present at birth may be caused by a tumor in the brain. These tumors are normally located at the site of the pituitary gland or the nearby hypothalamus region of the brain.

In children and adults, serious head injuries, infections, and radiation treatments can also cause GHD. This is called acquired growth hormone deficiency .

Most cases of GHD are idiopathic, meaning that no cause has yet been found.

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Human Growth Hormone Benefits Facts And Fiction

Can human growth hormones really benefit aging, like the elusive fountain of youth? In 1513, the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon arrived in Florida to search for the fountain of youth. If he got any benefit from his quest, it was due to the exercise involved in the search.

Few men today believe in miraculous waters, but many, it seems, believe in the syringe of youth. Instead of drinking rejuvenating waters, they inject human growth hormone to slow the tick of the clock. Some are motivated by the claims of the “anti-aging” movement, others by the examples of young athletes seeking a competitive edge. Like Ponce de Len, the athletes still get the benefit of exercise, while older men may use growth hormone shots as a substitute for working out. But will growth hormone boost performance or slow aging? And is it safe?

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Hgh Side Effects: Is Growth Hormone Worth The Risks And Are There Safe Alternatives

In the last few years, human growth hormone, which is simply referred to as HGH, has become increasingly popular. More and more people are talking about powerful HGH injections and their wonders. Perhaps, you are contemplating trying the injections to enjoy the benefits you have been hearing others talk about. But before you do that, you should first go through the information provided in this piece to determine if you should take such a decision or just forget about it. Most importantly find out what kinds of HGH side effects do you expose yourself to when you use HGH incorrectly.

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Hgh Use Among Bodybuilders

Without a doubt anabolic steroids are still one of the main substances that are used by bodybuilders, however, athletes will go to extreme measures to beat the competition which is why HGH use has become mainstream among profesional bodybuilders.

The average human circulates about 5 nanograms of HGH per milliliter of blood. Growth hormone helps preserve brain, muscle, and organ tissue. When HGH is secreted it only lasts for a few minutes in the bloodstream, however, this is still enough time for the liver to metabolize it and convert it into IGF-1 and insulin. A combination of both can help increase muscle and help prevent fat buildup.

Bodybuilders have taken HGH for several decades because of the results it has to offer, these include increased muscle mass, bone density, performance enhancement, and less body fat. This gives bodybuilders a hard looking muscular and vascular body.

Most tend to think that HGH is a magic substance that will instantly help them pack on muscle. This is not the case. Just like with anabolic steroids they can only enhance what you already have. Meaning you cant take HGH by itself and expect an immediate physical transformation.

If you already have proper conditioning and good genetics taking HGH should help you put the finishing touches on an already good physique. In other words, you can expect a benefit of around 15%.

Recombinant Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone Side Effects in Children

Recombinant human growth hormone stimulates anabolic effects in patients with malnutrition and has been investigated as a treatment for PEW in children and adults treated with HD and PD.137 Results are well established in children, where a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study showed that children with CKD treated with rhGH had significantly increased growth rate.119 In the first year, children with CKD treated with rhGH grew 10.7±3.1 cm compared to the placebo group who grew 6.5±2.6 cm. Second year growth was also significantly higher in children treated with rhGH, with a growth of 7.8±2.1 cm versus a growth of 5.5±1.9 cm in children given placebo. These results provided the evidence necessary for allowing the use of rhGH as a treatment for growth failure in children with CKD.138,139 Children with CKD treated with rhGH have sustained catch-up growth compared to untreated CKD children. The mean final adult height of pediatric CKD patients treated with rhGH is only 1.6±1.2 SD below normal, which is 1.4 SD above their standardized height at baseline .120 Untreated children with CKD had a final height of 2.1±1.2 SD below normal, which is 0.6 SD below their standardized height at baseline.120

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Hgh Side Effects: Headache Cancer Diabetes Heart Surgery Breathing Problems

When the dosage of HGH is exceeded or the term of treatment overly prolonged, HGH side effects can take a fairly serious form. Some of the most feared side effects include headache, diabetes, heart disease, breathing problems, and even cancer. For you to be aware when and why these symptoms may occur, here is a short insight into each.

Hgh Side Effects For Women

Women will typically see the same inherent risk factors as shown for men, above. To list them all again would be redundant. For the most part, and changes seen that are different from what males experience have to do with the area of sexuality, and here we are speaking mostly about positive benefits, such as an end to many of the adverse effects of menopause, including hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

While this has nothing to do with negative HGH side effects for women, it is important to point out that, for those who are dealing with growth hormone deficiency, the positive benefits of treatment will greatly outweigh the slight chance of the development of any of the adverse side effects listed here.

Among the more common side effects listed above that seem to be of concern to women we find:

  • Hypoglycemia blood sugar changes
  • Depression
  • Dizziness

This does not preclude any of the risks also shown for males, these might just be more noticeable at times for females. Again, it is essential to point out that the overall chance of developing any of these issues is extremely minute, and should not stand in the way of receiving a treatment with HGH injections that could bring incredible widespread benefits, as shown in this report about human growth hormone deficiency.

The less common HGH side effects in women, once again, are no different from those listed above for their male counterparts, and include:

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Dose Dependent Side Effects Of Human Growth Hormone:

The side effects of Human Growth Hormone can include carpal tunnel syndrome this is normally due to water retention issues and is most commonly associated with high performance level doses. Such doses have also been shown to promote hypothyroidism , we wouldnt call it common but it can occur due to performance doses most commonly. The use of Liothyronine Sodium will remedy this issue if needed.

What Triggers Human Growth Hormone

HGH Side Effects, is Human Growth Hormone Dangerous?

Your pituitary gland normally releases hGH in short bursts throughout the day. The release of hGH is mainly controlled by two hormones your hypothalamus releases: growth hormone-releasing hormone , which stimulates hGH release, and somatostatin, which prevents hGH release.

Several other endocrine hormones also regulate hGH, including insulin-like growth factor 1 . IGF-1 is a major suppressor of GH production, whereas thyroxine, glucocorticoids and ghrelin stimulate hGH release.

IGF-1 thats released by your liver is one of the best-characterized effects of hGH activity. IGF-1 plays a critical role in preventing the release of the hGH through a negative feedback loop by stimulating somatostatin and inhibiting GHRH release. However, hGH and IGF-1 secretion are regulated by each other, where hGH triggers IGF-1 release and the IGF-1 inhibits hGH release in a feedback loop. In healthy people, hGH release is inhibited by hyperglycemia and stimulated by sleep, stress, exercise, hypoglycemia and amino acids.

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