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Women’s Hormone Test At Home

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LetsGetChecked Review | At Home Female Hormone Test

This form enables patients to ask specific questions about lab tests. Your questions will be answered by a laboratory scientist as part of a voluntary service provided by one of our partners, American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science. Please allow 2-3 business days for an email response from one of the volunteers on the Consumer Information Response Team.

Is This Test Still Useful If I Am Using A Form Of Contraception

If you are taking a progesterone only form of contraception such as progesterone-only pill, progesterone implant, or Minerva coil then this test is still useful as these forms of conception do not suppress normal production of FSH, LH, or oestradiol. This test is not useful if taking a combined form of conception e.g the combined oral conceptive pill .

When Is Hormone Testing Helpful

Women with fertility issues. For women in this category, hormone panels are key, both as a diagnostic and a therapeutic tool. So many fertility problems can be traced to irregularities in the menstrual cycle, and your practitioner needs to understand what’s wrong in order to give you the right support.

Women with ordinary symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Women often ask us: is there a test to tell whether I’m in menopause? The short answer is no. You’re menopausal when you haven’t had a period for a year. Hormone tests are not required for this largest group of women. The symptom patterns are very individual, but the first line therapy is mostly the same: build a nutritional foundation, take the right basic supplements to restore balance, and make meaningful lifestyle changes.

Women with severe symptoms of hormonal imbalance. For women with debilitating or intractable symptoms, a hormone panel is essential. When dealing with PCOS, fibroids, diagnosed alopecia , and other more severe hormone issues, your practitioner simply can’t treat you without knowing where your hormones are.

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How Is Low Testosterone Diagnosed What Treatments Are Available

Most healthcare providers will measure their testosterone levels by having a blood test, doing a physical exam and having the patient describe his symptoms. Finally, they may order additional tests to rule out other possible diagnoses.

Testosterone is sometimes prescribed for men with low testosterone. Almost all hormone supplements and testosterone treatments are available in different forms, including lozenges, patches, gels and creams.

Because of the limited knowledge regarding this condition, challenges in having a proper diagnosis, as well as the possible side effects of treatments, HRT should not administer for men without proper testing, retesting and consultation with a healthcare provider to discuss the pros and cons. One may want to consider an endocrinologist who specializes in hormones.

What Should Women Know Before Taking An At

Home Hormone Testing  Dr Fertility Ltd

First, know that an at-home hormone test cant fully evaluate you for infertility.

These dont evaluate the many other causes of infertility, such as tubal blockage, uterine problems, or male factor infertility, Kallen says. Ovarian reserve testing is generally not recommended in women who arent infertile or who have untested fertility. The testing doesnt predict reproductive potential or fertility and can cause a false sense of alarm.

Also, its important to follow the instructions included in the at-home fertility test very carefully, Petrini says. This is because some hormones need to be checked on a certain day of your cycle for correct interpretation.

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Too Much Knowledge Isnt Always Empowering

Obviously, the other side of the argument is that arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible about your hormones and potential fertility allows you to do something about it. So, isnt that empowering?

Yes, and no, Dr Mavrelos says. Because what can you do about it? You can make choices that perhaps you wouldnt have made, and making these consequential life choices like who youre going to start a family with on the basis of a blood test that you may have misinterpreted concerns me.

When To See A Doctor

Menopause is a major life change. It can bring a variety of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.

If youre experiencing symptoms that disrupt the usual rhythms of your life, its best to talk with your doctor. They can outline potential treatments such as hormone replacement therapy and medications to prevent or treat osteoporosis.

Its particularly important to talk with a doctor if you experience postmenopausal bleeding. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the cause is often nothing serious, but its best to rule out any other potential causes.

Menopause can also affect your mental health. Decreasing levels of estrogen and progesterone may cause feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear, along with uncomfortable physical symptoms like hot flashes and sweating.

If you experience symptoms of depression, you can reach out to a mental health professional for talk therapy or antidepressant drug therapy.

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Why Are Hormone Tests Important

Glands in certain organs produce hormones. Adrenaline and cortisol, for example, are produced in the adrenal gland, the sleep hormone melatonin in the brains pineal gland, serotonin in the intestine and in nerve cells, and the sex hormones oestrogen and testosterone mainly in the ovaries and testicles respectively.

You can measure your hormone levels with cerascreen®s range of hormone testing kits including the Testosterone Test, Thyroid Test, Cortisol Test, for example. Most of these tests are saliva tests, which means that a swab of saliva from the oral mucosa is collected.

Hot Flashes And Night Sweats


These symptoms usually indicate that a womans hormones are lower, like the kind of dropping estrogen levels we see in perimenopause or postmenopause, Dr. Batur says. They can also be a side effect of some medications and treatments. Your doctor can help you find ways to manage your hot flashes so they dont negatively affect your quality of life.

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Long Nhs Waiting Lists

Long waiting lists on the NHS, busy lifestyles and the high cost of going private are some of the most common reasons women are increasingly opting for DIY at-home testing, says hormone specialist and nutritionist Kay Ali. They are often cheaper, quick and convenient to organise.

But she warns that the downside of organising your own tests, without guidance from a doctor or specialist, is that you might not be testing for the most helpful things or getting the full picture of your hormonal health. Understanding your hormones and how to navigate them is vast and complex, never mind the complexities of certain hormonal issues like infertility, she says.

Assuming a decent home test is available and taken at the right time in your cycle, most kits will only offer insight into hormone levels. What a finger-prick blood test wont answer is how these hormones are metabolised or detoxified. This is really important as some hormonal issues are due to poor signalling or detoxification. For this reason, she says shes sceptical of cleverly marketed finger-prick tests that typically assess a very narrow panel.

Best For Consultations: Letsgetchecked

LetsGetChecked offers two thyroid tests. One test measures the three main thyroid hormones: thyroid stimulating hormone , triiodothyronine , and thyroxine . The other test measures antibodies as well as hormone levels.

A person takes a finger-prick blood sample, then returns it to the company right away using the prepaid shipping label in the kit.

According to LetsGetChecked, the results are typically available in 25 days.

Pricing starts from $99 and people can also enroll onto the subscription option to save money and receive the test kit every three months.

The companys team of doctors and nurses review the results and contact the customers to discuss what their results mean. They can discuss any concerns and advise about next steps if the result is positive.

The EverlyWell at-home thyroid test measures thyroid hormone levels and antibodies in a finger-prick blood sample.

The testing kit includes everything a person needs, including a prepaid shipping label.

EverlyWell says that a doctor reviews each result. The results are available to view on the companys secure online platform. A person can also view detailed information about what the results mean.

Once a person accesses their results, they can set up a call to discuss them with a healthcare professional if they want more detail.

Customers can also choose to speak with a doctor before ordering an at-home health test.

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Why Take A Womens Hormone Test

A hormone level test can tell you a lot about your bodyâs well-being. The test results can point you to a hormone imbalance, which can affect your health. This is because hormones regulate many vital functions in the body by acting as âchemical messengers.â So out-of-balance hormones can disrupt your bodyâs normal, healthy functioningâand result in a variety of symptoms.

For example, if your thyroid-stimulating hormones are out of balance, you might experience hormone imbalance symptoms like fatigue, cold sensitivity, irregular periods, dry skin, thinning hair, and more.

Or if your steroid hormones are imbalanced, you could have symptoms like increased body fat, lowered sex drive, loss of strength, and so on.

What Can You Learn From Hormone Testing

Testing Hormones At Home With EverlyWell Women

In some cases, hormone testing can unveil a major imbalance indicative of, say, a thyroid condition or polycystic ovary syndrome . But even a slight hormonal shift away from the optimal range can have an impact on your well-being. There are a lot of conditions that fall on the imbalance spectrum. Your cycle can be thrown off a little, or you could have PMS or premenstrual dysphoric disorder . A hormone imbalance can even put you into premature ovarian failure, which is something that can be really life-altering.

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Advice Before Doing This Test

If you’re on hormonal treatment

Your results will only show what your hormone levels are from hormonal contraception the insights might be less useful. This includes the oral contraceptive pill, implant, ring, injection, and hormone replacement therapy .

If you just stopped hormonal contraception

Wait 3 months before doing this test this allows time for your natural cycle to return. If you were using the contraceptive injection, we recommended waiting a year.

If you use an oestrogen or testosterone cream/gel

If you use a topical oestrogen-containing or testosterone-containing cream or gel, always use a glove when applying it. Contact with your fingers could affect your finger-prick oestrogen or testosterone result.

If you’re breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can affect your hormone levels which can make it difficult to accurately interpret your results. We recommend waiting until you’ve stopped breastfeeding before doing this test.

If you’re pregnant

Dont do this test if you’re pregnant as we won’t be able to interpret your results.

If you’re 45 years or over

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence advise that the diagnosis of perimenopause or menopause should be made based on symptoms alone in women aged 45 years and over. You might like to do this test to get a snapshot of your current hormonal balance, but you must see your GP to discuss treatment options if your symptoms are affecting your life.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Low Estrogen In Men

In men, male menopause may result from too little estrogen in addition to lower testosterone levels, at least according to some recent studies. Diminished libido, strength and energy are the main symptoms. However, testosterone levels tend not to fall as sharply in aging men as estrogen does in women who are post-menopausal. Further research is needed to determine if changes that come with aging are due to hormonal declines and if so, which hormones are the culprit.

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Women’s Health Test By Every Well

The at-home women’s health test by every well is designed to help women understand their bodies better. The kit contains everything you need: a questionnaire, a guidebook, and a sample collection device.

You’ll use the kit to collect urine and saliva samples from yourself. Then you send them to a lab where they will analyze the results. The kit has detailed instructions, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

You can start using the kit immediately after you order it. However, it would help if you waited until you received your kit before collecting any samples.

How Does Women’s Health Test Work?

Women Health Test works in two ways. First, it uses a proprietary algorithm to evaluate your answers to the questionnaire. Based on those results, the kit recommends a series of tests that will give you a deeper understanding of your health.

Second, the kit sends your samples to a lab to analyze them. The lab reports the results to you via email if abnormalities exist, they tell you what action to take next.

What Are Female Hormones


Estrogen and progesterone are the primary sex hormones in females. Most of the bodys supply of these hormones is produced by the ovaries, although small amounts are supplied by other tissues in the body. While best known for their primary function of regulating the reproductive system, female hormones also play a role in other aspects of womens health, including cardiac function, metabolism, bone health, skin thickness and elasticity, urinary tract health, emotional health and brain function, among others.

Cortisol and the thyroid hormone can become imbalanced for various reasons and affect both men and women. Ensuring a healthy profile means keeping abreast of your bodys levels. A comprehensive hormone test can provide much needed insight.

The three primary sex hormones in women are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

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Do Menopause Home Tests Really Work

Yes, to some extent, but they are not definitive. A home test cannot confirm if you are in perimenopause or menopause.

Instead, the tests provide further information about your hormone status, and youll learn if your FSH levels are elevated. Then, you can use the results to inform your next steps.

So, if your FSH levels are high and youre experiencing uncomfortable menopausal symptoms, this may be a clue that youre approaching menopause. From there, you can make an appointment with your doctor to talk through your symptoms, medical history, and more.

A variety of at-home menopause tests are out there. To choose the best, we kept the following in mind:

  • how quickly results come back

Should You Test Your Hormones At Home

Your reasons for testing may be as unique as your hormones, so its impossible to say if home hormone testing is right for you. At-home hormone tests can be effective but the potential for error is also a factor. Its a suitable starting place for many, especially if you have a demanding schedule and can provide a jumping off point for you and your doctor to investigate further.

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How Do Testosterone And Estrogen Differ

Testosterone, the key hormone in men, is the chief regulator of muscle tone and lean body mass, or the very essence of what gives a man his masculine appearance. A normal level of testosterone is a broad term, making deficiencies difficult to detect. The hormone is produced by the adrenal glands and testicles, with levels highest in the mornings and decreasing throughout the day.

Testosterone also regulates a mans sex drive. Lack of sexual desire and performance, often associated with low levels of testosterone, or low T, is a common complaint from men as they age and hormone levels drop. Sex drive and performance, however, require the presence of both estrogen and testosterone.

Estrogen, by contrast, is the hormone responsible for sexual and reproductive development in women and is also referred to as the female sex hormone. Estrogen is really a group of hormones that includes estrone, estradiol and estriol. Estrogen is produced in the ovaries but also by fat cells and the adrenal gland.

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Find Out Top 3 Best At

LetsGetChecked At

What does the future hold for female hormones? What are they being used for now? How much do I need to test my levels? Are there any side effects or risks associated with them?

Female Hormones are responsible for regulating our menstrual cycles and other reproductive functions. They also play a vital role in maintaining women’s health throughout their lifespans.

While these hormones are essential for proper functioning, they can sometimes cause problems. You might consider having your hormone levels tested if you’re experiencing symptoms such as irregular periods, hot flashes, mood swings, bloating, nausea, fatigue, headache, and insomnia.

Hormone testing helps us monitor our body functions and determine whether or not we are experiencing certain symptoms. This information can diagnose health conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome .

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Who Is This Test For

The Classic Hormone Test is useful for anyone experiencing symptoms with or around their period such as PMS, cramping, mood swings, tender breasts, acne or migraines. This is also a helpful test if youre looking for quick insights into your fertility.

This hormone test can also be helpful if you are in perimenopause or menopause and are either on HRT or considering HRT. This is because it allows our hormone experts to assess which hormones you actually need, and whether youre safely metabolising your oestrogen.

How Is A Hormonal Imbalance Diagnosed

First, make an appointment with a health care provider for a physical exam. The health care provider will ask about your symptoms. Then, depending on your symptoms, they will suggest which hormone imbalance tests to do. These could be evaluations like:

  • Blood test: Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroxine, TTH, insulin, and cortisol levels can be detected in the blood.
  • Pelvic exam: A health care provider will search for any lumps or cysts.
  • Ultrasound: Images of your uterus, ovaries, thyroid, and pituitary gland can be obtained.

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