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Everlywell Womens Health Test

LetsGetChecked Review | At Home Female Hormone Test

The Everlywell womens health test measures levels of 10 key hormones in your body, including total testosterone, thyroid-stimulating hormone, free T3, free T4, cortisol, DHEAS, luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, progesterone, and estradiol. It also checks for thyroid peroxidase antibodies, which can interfere with the function of your thyroid gland.

When youre ready to check out, youll be able to pay for your at-home hormone test with a credit or debit card, HSA or FSA account, or PayPal. Your kit comes with everything you need to collect blood and saliva samples and send them to the lab for processing. Everlywell also offers free shipping both ways to help keep your testing costs low.

Everlywell uses CLIA-certified laboratories to ensure the accuracy of your results. Once your sample arrives at the lab, you can expect to receive the results via email in no more than five business days. Physician support is included in the price of the kit to ensure you can ask questions and find out if theres anything you need to do to follow up on results that fall outside of normal ranges. Everlywell doesnt accept insurance, but you dont need to see a doctor before you order a hormone test kit, so home testing can still help you save money.

Cost: $199Visit Everlywell:Everlywell

How We Chose At

When researching at-home hormone tests, we read online reviews to determine the best tests on the market. We also ensure that people who work for these services are licensed, and each test is analyzed in a certified lab.

In addition, we also considered the available research that supports each test, the companys reputation, and their marketing processes. We review products and services periodically to be sure they continue to meet standards set out in our vetting process.

LetsGetChecked has an average 4.3-star rating, with over 8,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Customers praise LetsGetCheckeds customer service, easy instructions, and fast results.

The company carries a variety of tests for hormones, sexually transmitted infections, and overall wellness. Of the options, LetsGetChecked offers two thyroid tests targeting various biomarkers.

The basic Thyroid Test tests for biomarkers like TSH, fT4, and fT3 three core components to look at when evaluating thyroid function. The biomarkers can help diagnose conditions like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

The Thyroid Antibody Test goes a step further to test thyroid antibodies that can provide information on damage to the thyroid. The test measures TSH, fT4, fT3, thyroglobulin antibodies, and thyroid peroxidase antibodies.

Results are typically received in 2 to 5 days, and nurses are available to discuss results and answer questions 24/7.

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Who Should Take The Female Hormones Blood Test

Check female sex hormones and assess menopausal status using a home finger-prick blood test kit.

You get the convenience of home testing with the reassurance of professional clinical analysis. Your results are delivered quickly & securely online.

This Female Hormones Test is advised if you:

  • have a low sex drive & loss of libido
  • are aged over 35

Take a complete health check-up with Vitall.

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Hormone Imbalance And Hormone Testing

A woman’s hormones are constantly changing and the slightest imbalance can change how you feel day to day. A hormonal imbalance can affect the menstrual cycle, mood, metabolism, libido, and sleep. Testing hormones is a critical step in understanding a womanâs reproductive and general health. Knowing if you have a hormonal imbalance is the first step to understanding the changes you may be experiencing in your body.

To Check Your Fertility

Home Hormone Testing  Dr Fertility Ltd

Low testosterone doesnt necessarily mean infertility. More specifically, sperm production is mainly stimulated by other hormones, so men with low T levels can produce healthy sperm. However, low T levels affect the amount of sperm produced. Furthermore, low testosterone may decrease the sex drive or cause erectile dysfunction, indirectly leading to infertility. So, even if you check your reproductive hormones, you should carefully interpret the results as well.

Even though testosterone, as the primary male hormone, is usually associated with sex, your body needs this hormone for many other functions. For instance, you need testosterone for your body development and overall physic build, bone growth and stability, blood formation, the building of muscle mass, body hair, etc.

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Best Basic Hormone Test For Men: Everlywell Mens Health Test

This test looks at four hormones associated with general health in males, including DHEA-S. This hormone plays an important role in producing testosterone and estrogen and supports the development of male sexual characteristics.

The other three hormones that the test checks for are:

  • free testosterone

The kit requires a person to give a saliva sample.

Doctors who are board-certified in a persons state review the results, and a person can see their results online within a few days. Customers also receive detailed information about what the results may indicate and other personalized information.

Everlywell states it only works with labs that have been certified at the state and federal levels.

This Everlywell Mens Health Test costs $199 for a one-off testing kit. The following subscription options are available with reduced cost:

Once a person makes a purchase, the company ships their testing kit.

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When Should I See My Doctor About Low Testosterone

Testosterone levels must be checked more than once to gain a complete understanding of your levels, according to the Endocrine Society.

Make an appointment with a healthcare professional if your test results show low testosterone or if youre experiencing symptoms of low T. Theyll probably want to check again using a more reliable method to be sure.

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When To Call A Doctor

While home testing is a convenient method for checking your cortisol, it may be best to see a doctor first if youre experiencing severe symptoms of possible low or high cortisol. These may include sudden, unexplained weight changes, darkened areas of your skin, or significant changes in mood.

You should also see a doctor if you decide to take an at-home cortisol test and you receive abnormal results. They may order follow-up tests and determine an appropriate treatment plan. Its also important to communicate any at-home test results with a doctor if youre currently being treated for Cushing syndrome or Addison disease.

Finally, if you receive normal at-home cortisol results but still dont feel right, make an appointment with your doctor to help determine what could be the underlying cause of your symptoms.

When Should I Test My Hormones In Person Vs At Home

Home Hormone Test Kit Review

If you are experiencing symptoms that hint at a hormone imbalance and know what youre looking for, home testing can be a great way to get started balancing your hormones. But the key is that you need to know what youre looking for and what the results mean. They can be useful to establish a baseline, but a healthcare practitioner can provide more clarity on your specific situation and recommend appropriate testing.

Of course, if you are using hormone testing as a means of detecting your fertile window and ovulation, home hormone tests can be extremely useful. Hormone levels that are relevant in IVF, menopause, hormone imbalances such as PCOS, and other conditions could benefit from a hormone monitoring system like the Mira Fertility Analyzer.

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Discover What Your Body’s Hormone Levels Are Like

This easy-to-use female hormone panel will provide you with your levels of each of the 11 biomarkers measured in our Womenâs Health test and whether your levels fall within established normal ranges for your age.

As with all of our tests, we encourage you to share your results with your doctor as he/she can best offer guidance in your health and hormonal questions.

What Are The Benefits Of At

At-home hormone testing has many benefits. If you need to perform the same test multiple times, you may be able to get a discount for buying in bulk, saving you money. Home testing also protects your privacy and eliminates any embarrassment associated with discussing fertility, menopause, and other personal health matters with your physician. If you dont have health insurance, at-home testing can also be a more affordable alternative to visiting a doctor and having blood drawn in an outpatient laboratory, making health care more accessible to you and your family.

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What Is Hormone Testing For Women

Hormones are substances that send chemical messages in the body and have a variety of effects on processes like physical development, reproduction, and mood.

People of any sex have a wide range of hormones in their body. Hormone testing for women and people assigned female at birth often focuses on hormones that play a role in puberty, fertility, menopause, and health conditions more common in this population.

Hormone testing may be used for a variety of purposes in women and people assigned female at birth. Hormone tests for women can be used to confirm pregnancy, track menopause, detect hormonal imbalances, and understand the cause of reproductive health issues.

Women’s Expanded Hormone Panel


This hormone testing panel for women measures levels of Free and Total Testosterone, DHEA-S and Total Estrogen.

Why Use Saliva Hormone Testing

Fertility Tests  Dr Fertility Ltd

Human saliva is a reliable source of bioavailable, unbound hormones that are able to act on target tissues. Apparently, hormones in the bloodstream are bound to carrier proteins in about 95 to 99 percent. Therefore, saliva hormone testing can present a more accurate level of free hormones circulating within the body than blood hormone testing.

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Short On Time Here Are The Best At

  • LetsGetChecked Fast and affordable at-home testosterone test with medical support available 24/7.
  • Everlywell Determine if youre producing adequate testosterone for your age.
  • MyLAB Box Convenient at-home testosterone test including free physician consultation.

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Highest Quality Clinical Testing

Your Female Hormones Test will be expertly analysed by medical professionals in a UKAS accredited laboratory.

We offer best-in-class analysis, validated for home sampling, to deliver results you can trust.

  • Analysed by clinicians in the largest independent accredited clinical laboratories in the UK.
  • As trusted by NHS hospitals, private clinics & general practitioners.
  • Track your results over time to monitor lifestyle changes, treatments and behaviours.

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What Is The Menopause

The menopause is the moment of a womans life when menstrual cycles come to an end, which usually occurs after 45 years of age. As a result, natural pregnancy is no longer possible.

This transition constitutes a deeply personal experience: some women may think of it as a liberating moment in their lives, while others find it troublesome and disruptive.

Most women will experience menopause symptoms with varying degrees of intensity in certain cases, these symptoms may be too burdensome and some women may feel prompted to seek medical advice.

Best Thyroid Hormone Test: Zrt Labs Comprehensive Thyroid Profile

  • Price: around $319
  • Sample type: Finger prick blood sample and urine sample
  • Hormones tested: TSH, free T3, free T4, T4, thyroglobulin, TPO, iodine, arsenic, creatinine, bromine, selenium, cadmium, mercury
  • Sends results in: 5 days

This test may help with evaluating thyroid function. It checks levels of the following hormones:

This test requires blood spots and urine samples.

A person can see their results within 57 days after the lab receives their samples.

The company claims it only works with CLIA-certified labs.

ZRT Labs is a research company and does offer access to a healthcare professional. It encourages people to contact a medical professional for further guidance.

Unlike some testing companies that provide general recommendations or follow-up appointments from a nurse or other medical professional, ZRT Labs emphasizes that users should see a healthcare professional to interpret their test results.

At $319, this test kit is the most expensive covered in this article, which could be too much for some people. However, it includes many tests, and the manufacturer states that it offers a comprehensive review of thyroid health indicators.

Some online reviewers complained that drawing enough blood for the sample was painful and difficult. However, other users did not find the blood sample collection process difficult.

Once a person makes a purchase, the company ships their testing kit.

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How To Check Hormone Levels At Home

Hereâs how to test hormone levels from the comfort of home:

The Everlywell Womenâs Health test lets you easily check for 11 key hormones all from the comfort of your own home. The kit includes everything you needâ even a prepaid shipping label to send your samples to the lab.

This easy-to-use female hormone test can detect an imbalance, and it also includes detailed instructions for how to collect your blood and saliva samples.

To collect your blood sample, just prick your finger and apply a few drops of blood to the collection card. The saliva sample is collected by spitting into the saliva tubes provided in the kit.

Youâll then send your samples to the lab, and just a few days later, your test results will be ready to view on our secure, online portal.

How Much Do Female Hormones Tests Cost

The Vitall female hormones test is available online for just£69. Your home test kit will be dispatched by free first class post for delivery to your door.

For the best value testing you can also upgrade this female hormones home test to tests which also measure other biomarkers, including:

When you checkout to buy your female hormones test online we also offer additional options, including:

  • Upgrade to next day delivery of your home test kit for an additional £7.99.
  • Visit the Patient Reception in central London for just £25. Your female hormones test sample can be collected by a qualified nurse for immediate analysis.
  • Have a nurse visit you to collect the sample for your female hormones test, this is available within the M25 area for just £149.

Whichever option you choose at checkout, buying the best female hormones test online in the UK with Vitall ensures high quality results from an accredited laboratory.

Take control of your health today with one of Vitalls home blood tests.

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Why Have A Female Hormones Screen

The female hormones screen will test you for the levels of four separate important hormones. Hormones are chemicals produced by certain cells in our bodies. These chemicals are responsible for regulating a wide variety of processes including metabolism, digestion, lactation and reproduction.

The hormones tested for in this profile are all involved in regulating a womans reproductive cycle. If they are not in balance, this can indicate problems with certain glands such as the Pituitary and Thyroid glands. High or low levels of these hormones can also affect a womans ability to conceive and carry a foetus to term. So these hormones are important indicators of reproductive health.

Best Basic Hormone Test For Females: Letsgetchecked Female Hormone Test

12 Hormone Comprehensive Female Profile I Home Test Kit (Saliva: E2, Pg ...
  • Price: around $139 for a one-time purchase, $90.30 per test for a quarterly subscription
  • Sample type: finger prick blood sample
  • Sends results in: 2-5 days

The LetsGetChecked Female Hormone Test checks levels of:

A person needs to give a blood sample using a finger prick technique described in the kits instructions.

Once the lab receives the sample, the company states that a person can view their results within 5 days.

It also states that its team of physicians previews orders and checks results. Nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any questions.

This LetsGetChecked Female Hormone Test costs $139 for a one-off testing kit. The following subscription options are also available, which offer discounts on tests:

  • quarterly: $90.30
  • semi-annually: $103.20
  • annually: $109.65

The benefits of this test include its access to a nursing team to discuss test results. The test can help start conversations about fertility, but it is not a substitute for advice from a doctor.

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Why Take The Female Hormones Test

Our Female Hormone home blood test kit allows you to measure essential female sex hormones.

It is recommended for all women over 35 to assess your risk from the menopause.

If you do have the menopause, we also recommend monitoring your Bone Health as lowered oestrogen levels put you at an increased risk of developing osteoporosis .

Note: If you are still having periods then as female hormones fluctuate over time in a natural rhythm it is important this test is taken on day three of your menstrual cycle . We recommend your periods have returned to a regular cycle before testing, if you have recently stopped hormone replacement or contraception.

Take control of your health without any of the inconvenience of going to the doctors with one of Vitalls at-home blood tests.

Who Should Use An At

Dr. Jack Jeng, Chief Medical Officer at Hone Health, points out that at-home hormone tests are a good option for those seeking convenience and flexibility. These kits allow people to test when and where they want. Patients do not have to take time off work, find child care, arrange transportation, or wait at a doctors office or phlebotomy site. At-home testing also has the added benefit of reducing exposure and the spread of disease.

Jeng does warn that some populations, such as children or the elderly, may find it difficult to supply the required sample. In addition, people who have poor circulation may face hurdles when attempting to supply enough blood from a finger prick, which may require multiple tries.

Its important to note that hormone replacement, including an intrauterine device or hormonal birth control, will alter the results of an at-home hormone test, and will not depict the true hormone levels in your body.

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