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Why Are Bioidentical Hormones Better

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Why Might You Use Them

Bioidentical Hormones Explained & Why They Are SAFE and EFFECTIVE

As women get older, there are many changes that can occur in the body. This could cause a decline of natural hormones as they go through things like menopause around 40-50 years old. When this starts to happen, their mind and body can go through things they havent had to go through before. Such as hot flashes, night sweats, weaker muscles or bones, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and loss of energy. By adding hormones or bioidentical hormone replacements to your routine and lifestyle after you start seeing these symptoms, they can help bring them back to their normal levels. They can also help raise them even higher and in the end help the symptoms fade with time with the help of hormone replacements.

How Does My Doctor Select My Dose

People on hormone treatment are watched very closely by their doctors. Most often, doses are adjusted according to a patients symptoms and needs, with the goal of keeping the dose to the minimum required to achieve your goals. Depending on your doctor, you might have routine blood, urine or saliva tests to check your hormone levels. Your doctor may adjust your dose based on your changing hormone needs. It should be noted that the FDA recommends against using hormone levels to guide the dosing of hormone therapy in women, as normal levels fluctuate day to day, and vary between patients. In particular, salivary hormone levels are known to fluctuate widely, and have not been shown to be related to menopausal symptoms.

Compounded Bioidentical Hormones Have Been Associated With Endometrial Cancer

If you still have your uterus, your doctor can prescribe conventional MHT containing progestogens to protect your uterus and reduce the risk of endometrial cancer.

Of concern, compounded BHTs have been associated with cases of endometrial cancer, after the compounded progestogen component did not protect women from endometrial cancer.

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Compounded Bioidentical Hormones Are Sold Outside Pharmacy Board Guidelines

Compounded BHTs are sold outside Pharmacy Board Guidelines, which state that medications can be compounded only for research purposes or if a commercial product is not available or not suitable.

As pharmaceutical-grade MHTs are available and can deliver body-identical hormones, this means compounded BHTs are not required and their preparation and sale is outside the guidelines.

Push Away From Alternative Therapies

Best Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Rancho Cucamonga

Widely available over the counter, dietary supplements like soy, red clover, and black cohosh are a convenient alternative for women seeking to avoid conventional HT nevertheless, for the most part, these products have not proven themselves efficacious in clinical trials . Eighty-one percent of the CBHT users in this study reported trying dietary supplements at some point to manage symptoms they associated with menopause. Many said that specific herbal or soy supplements had been recommended to them by their health care providers, while others reported receiving recommendations from friends or media sources, or reading the labels to find products to fit their needs. Like others who use dietary supplements , many women in this study described supplements as more natural than pharmaceuticals, and thus perceived them to be safer. Sandra, who tried black cohosh during her search for the right treatment, put it this way, I tried it. I tried it before I on hormone therapy. Didnt like it much. I dont know about the safety of it, but its an herb, so very safe. It didnt work.

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How Frequent Will Monitoring Appointments Be

It is important that we monitor your hormone levels as you undergo therapy to ensure they remain stable and are effective at treating your symptoms. We will usually schedule an appointment every three or four months to check your hormone levels, discuss any concerns you have, and to make any necessary alterations to your prescription.

Lack Of Evidence For Claims

In 2006, actress Suzanne Somers released the book Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones endorsing the use of bioidentical hormones. The book was criticized by a group of doctors who state that more research is required, and object to protocols mentioned in the bookâbecause of their potential danger and the promoters lack of qualifications. Somers book may have increased awareness of the existence of BHT for a growing number of menopausal women, but also may have caused confusion by making unsubstantiated claims for BHT and referring to bioidentical hormones as non-drug products with fewer risks. Bioidentical hormones have also been discussed on The Oprah Winfrey Show, with Somers as a guest.

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In Search Of Natural Aka Bioidentical Hormones

The interest in finding a more natural approach to provide hormone replacement therapy shifted researchers attention to bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical hormones are identical in molecular structure to the hormones women make in their bodies, unlike the hormones used in the WHI study so many decades ago.

Bioidentical hormones are made from a plant chemical extracted from yams. These hormones then go through another process in the lab called micronization. Micronized means that they are just finely ground in the laboratory for better absorption in the body, and less medication can be used.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is often called natural hormone therapy because bioidentical hormones act in the body just like the hormones we produce. Technically, the body cant distinguish between bioidentical hormones from the ones your ovaries produce. The hormones used in the WHI cant even be measured in standard laboratory tests. Winona never prescribes Premarin or anything like it.

Whats The Difference Between Synthetic And Bioidentical

What You Should Know About Bioidentical Hormones

The main difference between synthetic or synthesized hormones and bioidentical hormones is accuracy. Bioidentical hormones replicate the exact molecular structure of naturally produced hormones , resulting in a hormone that functions far better than synthetic forms.

Hormones and other bodily chemicals work like a lock and key. A molecule with a unique structure is sent to a receptor , if they fit, a further chemical process takes place resulting in body functions. If youve ever accidentally used the wrong key in a lock, you know all too well that the lock wont function, the key may get stuck, or ultimately the lock may break. If a chemical in the body doesnt exactly fit a receptor, issues may arise.

Bioidentical hormones aim to get around the problem of mismatched hormones by starting with a natural hormone as a base, treating menopause, hot flashes and a myriad of other conditions more efficiently.

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Bioidentical Vs Synthetic Hormones

When women begin searching for options many times they find information about BHRT. BHRT is a more natural solution to other hormone therapies on the market. BHRT are medications that contain hormones that are an exact chemical match to the hormones naturally made by humans. Bioidentical hormones come in many different forms including pills, patches, creams, gels, and injections. Bioidentical hormones are safer and more effective than synthetic hormones. Bioidentical hormones duplicate the structure of our hormones exactly as they are found in our bodies. Synthetic hormones do not fit the original design that our cells recognize. Some patients complain that they just do not feel or act quite right when taking synthetic hormones. Some of the side effects of synthetic hormones are annoyance and discomfort. These two side effects are not common with bioidentical therapy. When women start taking bioidentical hormones they are frequently replacing estrone , estradiol , estriol , progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA.

Should A 70 Year Old Woman Take Estrogen

On the other hand, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says: Because some women aged 65 years and older may continue to need systemic hormone therapy for the management of vasomotor symptoms, the ACOG recommends against routine discontinuation of systemic estrogen at age 65 years.

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What Is Adrenal Fatigue

Fatigue, foggy mind, poor sleep, and weight gain are common symptoms of adrenal fatigue. The adrenal gland produces Cortisol, which controls our response to stress. During times of high stress, whether short or long-term, your ability to produce the proper levels of Cortisol can be affected. Sound nutrition, exercise, and short-term Cortisol supplementation can reverse this condition.

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In This Short Video I Talk With Dr Glenn Wilcox About The Benefits Of Bio

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Buffalo NY

Learn about:Why you might want to replace your hormones. Problems associated with decreasing hormone production. What may be causing a decline in your sex drive.How HRT can make you feel more frisky. Why you may be losing lean muscle mass. The impact hormones have on overall well-being and that go get em attitude. How testosterone can impact skin elasticity. The psychological effects of low sex hormone levels. Sex hormones and depression. Sex hormones and sleep. Why you should not take estrogen orally. The best way to take estrogen. Why its better to take hormones trans-mucosally rather than trans-dermally.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Bioidentical Hormones

When the FDA approves a drug, the drug company must report any side effects they are told about. These side effects are included in the paperwork you get when you pick your medication up at the pharmacy. Pharmacies that compound hormones do not have to report drug side effects to the FDA or provide paperwork. This contributes to the myth that compounded hormones are safer when healthcare providers don’t know all of the possible side effects of these hormones.

Side effects can occur, especially after the first dose. Your body is not used to the new level of hormones. Many side effects get better as the body adjusts to the new level of hormones. In some cases, the dose may need to be changed.

Some common side effects of bioidentical hormones include:

You may itch or get red around the area where you apply your hormones if you use a patch, cream or gel.

Can Bioidentical Hrt Be Obtained Through A General Physician

Usually, the answer to this question is no. General physicians do not have the time to invest in becoming experts at bioidentical HRT. They are trained to provide traditional HRT and only in instances where the benefits outweigh the risks. Our specialists have undergone extensive training to fully understand bioidentical hormones and how to use them to treat a variety of symptoms. We are the best source for this treatment due to our specialized knowledge of bioidentical medicine.

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Why Bioidentical Hormones Could Be Banned In The Near Future

If you are reading this blog, you are most likely interested in natural hormones and other therapies as a way of maintaining your health. Perhaps you have used some or all of the bioidentical hormones I mention above. And maybe you even prefer these proven therapies over prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications to treat illnesses.

If so, here is something you need to know: On July 9, 2020, the FDA made an announcementseemingly out of the bluestating that bioidentical hormones are a public health concern and that a ban is likely. This statement could not be more false. All estrogensbioidentical includedthat bind to the alpha estrogen receptor can act as growth promoters in estrogen-sensitive tissue, including breast and uterine tissue. This is why some women prefer herbal approaches instead. However, bioidentical hormones have long been found to be safer and more effective than their pharmaceutical counterparts. In fact, a review of the studies found that compounded bioidentical hormone therapy is associated with lower risks of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease and is more effective than synthetic or animal-derived hormones. And there are many women who have comfortably stayed on low doses of bioidentical hormones for years with great results.

Finally, the committee recommends increased oversight of traditional pharmacies by the federal government and the State Boards of Pharmacy to ensure quality standards for every cBHT preparation dispensed.

Gives You Stronger Nails And Hair

Can Bioidentical Hormones Help?

When your hormones dip below normal levels, it can impact your hair, nails, and bones, leading to problems such as brittle nails and hair loss. Bioidentical hormones increase your bodys production of proteins like collagen, which helps you look younger and restores the strength of both your nails and your hair.

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Lack Of Us Food And Drug Administration Regulation For Compounded Preparations

Compounded preparations are not regulated by the FDA. Although technically all compounded prescription drug preparations could be considered unapproved new drugs, the FDA has adopted a policy of enforcement discretion, allowing legitimate preparation of compounded formulations to be regulated by state boards of pharmacy, with a provision of stepping in when dangerous practices must be addressed and when drug manufacturing occurs under the guise of compounding. There are currently no specific regulations by the FDA on what constitutes a legitimate claim for compounded drug preparations. In general, states regard compounding to be part of the practice of pharmacy. In addition, individual states pharmacy acts usually permit other licensed practitioners to engage in the practice of pharmacy compounding for their own patients.

Are Compounded Bioidentical Hormones Bad

There are risks to taking compounded bioidentical hormones, but in some cases, they may be a better choice. Compounded bioidentical hormones are not FDA-approved. They are not tested for safety or effectiveness. Many major medical groups do not support using them because not enough is known about their safety and long-term side effects.

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Get Started With Bhrt Treatments

Many individuals are discovering the benefits of BHRT as an effective way to reduce symptoms related to menopause, perimenopause, and even andropause.

Understanding the various effects and dosing forms of bioidentical hormones is essential for health care practitioners who want to offer BHRT therapy.

The individualized treatment that BHRT offers can help women and men feel more empowered about their own health.

To learn more about how to prescribe BHRT effectively and safely, schedule a free strategy call with us.

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Why Bioidentical Hormones Work Better

You Can Treat Hormone Imbalances Better With Bioidentical Hormones ...

Our hormones are comprised of a solid steroid base , decorated with arms, legs, and tails pinned on here and there. These attachments are what turn hormones into specialized molecules, allowing them to plug into receptor molecules throughout the body, turning on and off much of the cellular behavior that makes us tick.

When we take hormonal replacement therapy that doesnt fit the original design that our cells have evolved to recognize, the end result simply may not feel or act quite right. Hence, all those side effects, ranging from annoying and uncomfortable to downright dangerous, can occur.

Bioidentical hormones, on the other hand, duplicate the structure of our hormones exactly as they are found in our bodies. This is why they work better in our bodies.

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Bioidentical Hormones Cause Fewer Side Effects

Most treatments for hormone imbalances have side effects, but bioidentical hormones tend to cause far fewer side effects than traditional hormones due to their closer likeness to human-produced hormones. For most patients, non-bioidentical hormones carry at least some degree side effects like high blood sugar, sexual dysfunction, depression, fatigue, anxiety, and acne as a result of their less precise and less efficient impact on the endocrine system. While typically mild, some patients experience severe and even dangerous side effects. Unfortunately, both mild and severe side effects are often deeply intertwined with therapeutic effect if you dont experience side effects on some level, theres a good chance that the traditional hormones arent working for you, suggesting that a higher dose is necessary. Of course, this also raises the risk of disruptive side effects that compromise your health and quality of life.

If you end up struggling with side effects while taking traditional hormone therapy, they may not subside or become more tolerable with time. Although side effects may diminish over the course of treatment, others are chronic. Similarly, while some patients can effectively cope with side effects, others find that they become more grating over the course of treatment. While common side effects are rarely debilitating even when they stick around longer than youd like, they can easily reduce your quality of life.

How To Talk To Your Doctor

I receive letters almost daily from women who have taken the initiative to offer their health care providers information on bioidentical hormones. If you want to use bioidentical hormones as replacement therapy, here are the salient points to know and share with your doctor about bioidentical hormones:

  • They have been prescribed by doctors for many years.
  • They are readily available through formulary pharmacies.
  • They are easily titrated to suit a womans individual needs.
  • They are readily absorbed and utilized.
  • They are safe and effective.

Many formulary pharmacists work in partnership with physicians to provide individualized hormone-replacement solutions. You may want to call a local formulary pharmacy to consult with a knowledgeable pharmacist to develop your customized plan.

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Why Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Better Than Synthetic Hormones In Bellmead Tx

by SkinAndBodyAdmin | Dec 29, 2018 | Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are many different health and wellness services offered here at The Skin and Body Refinery. One of them is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is referred to as BHRT. BHRT has been on the market for years but many men and women are not familiar with what it can do for them.

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