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Why Do I Have Hormonal Imbalance

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Risk Factors And Causes

What Is Hormonal Imbalance? Dr.Berg

Hormonal imbalances are multi-factorial disorders, meaning they are caused by a combination of factors such as your diet, medical history, genetics, stress levels and exposure to toxins from your environment.

Some of the major contributors to hormonal imbalances include:

  • Food allergies and gut issues: An expanding field of new research shows that your gut health plays a significant role in hormone regulation. If you have leaky gut syndrome or a lack of beneficial probiotic bacteria lining your intestinal wall, youre more susceptible to hormonal problems, including diabetes and obesity. Thats because inflammation usually stems from your gut and then impacts nearly every aspect of your health.
  • Being overweight or obese
  • High amounts of stress, and a lack of enough sleep and rest

Adrenal dysfunction is the largest cause of the hormonal imbalance with the sex hormones especially because of something called the cortisol steal.

This occurs when cholesterol, which usually helps to make the sex hormones, combines with too much stress and the enzyme 17/20 lyase blocks the conversion the production of cortisol ensues. Cortisol then causes the imbalance of progesterone, estrogen and testosterone, which then decreases the sex drive.

Eat Enough Protein At Every Meal

Consuming an adequate amount of protein is extremely important.

Dietary protein provides essential amino acids that your body cant make on its own and must be consumed every day in order to maintain muscle, bone and skin health.

In addition, protein influences the release of hormones that control appetite and food intake.

Research has shown that eating protein decreases levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and stimulates the production of hormones that help you feel full, including PYY and GLP-1 .

In one study, men produced 20% more GLP-1 and 14% more PYY after eating a high-protein meal than after eating a meal that contained a normal amount of protein.

Whats more, participants hunger ratings decreased by 25% more after the high-protein meal compared to the normal-protein meal .

In another study, women who consumed a diet containing 30% protein experienced an increase in GLP-1 and greater feelings of fullness than when they ate a diet containing 10% protein.

Whats more, they experienced an increase in metabolism and fat burning .

To optimize hormone health, experts recommend consuming a minimum of 2030 grams of protein per meal (

This is easy to do by including a serving of these high-protein foods at each meal.


Consuming adequate protein triggers the production of hormones that suppress appetite and help you feel full. Aim for a minimum of 2030 grams of protein per meal.

Hormonal Imbalances And Depression

With Patricia Celan MD and Cory Rice DO

When something is out of balance with your hormones, it has an affect on the whole system, which means you’re going to feel it manifest in both your body and mind.

Living with an endocrine disorder such as hypothyroidism, Addison’s disease, or acromegaly means dealing with physical issues as well as possible cognitive and mental health issues.

You might have noticed that your hypothyroidism comes with the frustrating side effect of a depressed mood, or that your adrenal disorder triggers anxiety, agitation, or an inability to focus. Its unfortunately not uncommon, but being aware of how it all fits together and what you can do to manage it is key.

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Changes In Blood Pressure

Your hormones play a major role in heart health, primarily due to one of your bodys largest hormone-producing glands, the pancreas. The pancreas is responsible for producing insulin, which regulates the amount of glucose in the blood. Without proper regulation of this hormone, your body could end up with too much glucose in the blood, leading to cardiovascular problems like high cholesterol or high blood pressure. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, has also been linked to thyroid dysfunction, testosterone deficiency, growth hormone excess or deficiency, and more.

How To Diagnose A Hormone Imbalance

10 Signs You May Have a Hormonal Imbalance

The variety of different hormone imbalances means there are lots of different methods for diagnosis, and for treatment or management of symptoms. Sometimes hormone imbalances may be suspected based on symptoms or indicated based on blood result tests – eg, the HbA1c test for diabetes, or FT4, TSH and FT3 tests for thyroid function.

People with a suspected hormone imbalance will likely be referred to an endocrinologist. Those with an imbalance of sex hormones like progesterone or oestrogen may be referred to an endocrinologist and/or a gynaecologist. “Endocrinologists see people with too much or too little of a number of different hormones,” says Aylwin. “In general, heavy periods are best seen by gynaecologists, while light, absent or infrequent periods are mostly endocrine in nature.”

“Women with PCOS have high oestrogen and testosterone levels,” says Caroline Overton, consultant gynaecologist and spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. To diagnose PCOS, your doctor will look at your symptoms and run several tests. PCOS typically causes irregular periods other common symptoms include weight gain and unwanted hair growth. Cysts can be seen via an ultrasound, while blood tests look for an excess of androgen hormones.

“Premenstrual syndrome is caused by an imbalance of female hormones and a progesterone dominance in the days before the period.”

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Hormonal Acne: Diet Dos And Donts

The exact role between diet and hormonal acne isnt fully understood. Some foods may help prevent acne particularly inflammation-fighting foods.

Plant-based foods high in antioxidants may help reduce inflammation and promote clearer skin. Omega-3 fatty acids may also decrease skin inflammation.

Contrary to popular belief, junk food alone doesnt cause acne. But overdoing it on certain foods may lead to increased inflammation.

You may consider limiting the following:

  • sugar
  • refined carbs, such as white bread and pasta
  • red meats

Symptoms Of Vaginal Atrophy

While vaginal atrophy is common, only 20 to 25 percent of symptomatic women seek medical attention from their doctor.

In some women, symptoms occur during perimenopause, or the years leading up to menopause. In other women, symptoms may not appear until years later, if ever.

Symptoms can include:

The cause of atrophic vaginitis is a decline in estrogen. Without estrogen, vaginal tissue thins and dries out. It becomes less elastic, more fragile, and more easily injured.

A decline in estrogen can occur at other times besides menopause, including:

  • during breastfeeding
  • after removal of ovaries
  • after chemotherapy for treatment of cancer
  • after pelvic radiation therapy for treatment of cancer
  • after hormonal therapy for treatment of breast cancer

Regular sexual activity helps keep vaginal tissues healthy. A healthy sex life also benefits the circulatory system and improves heart health.

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Boost Hormonal Health Through Diet

In many cases, changing your diet can significantly improve hormone levels. Thats because hormonal health is inextricably linked to nutrition.

For example, soy-rich foods like edamame and tofu can affect your bodys production of estrogen.

If youre looking to address a hormonal imbalance without medical intervention, working with a dietitian may be a good place to start. In the meantime, you can also consult this list of the best foods that help balance hormones.

How To Treat Hormonal Imbalances

Why Hormonal Imbalance Often Starts In The Gut

At the Center for Womens Health in Wichita, Kansas, we develop a personalized plan to help get your hormones and your life back in balance. Depending on your issues, treatment options may include:

  • Low-dose antidepressants for mood and hot flashes
  • Omega-3 supplements for distress and depression
  • Vaginal estrogen to treat vaginal dryness
  • A healthy diet and regular exercise program
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • BioTE® Hormone Pellet Therapy

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Hormone Balance In Menopause And Anovulatory Cycles

Of course, there is little mid-life women can do to reverse normal physiology and aging ovaries, although they can diligently guard against undue stress that can speed up the process. But growing numbers of younger women are showing signs of estrogen dominance as a result of anovulatory cycles linked to an unbalanced lifestyle: chronic stress, crash diets, exposure to synthetic hormones used in birth control pills, and growth hormones in feedlot beef and dairy products, as well as xenoestrogens found in numerous personal hygiene and household products.

In any case, there is much women of all ages can do to rebalance progesterone and overall hormone levels to avoid becoming estrogen dominant. First, we can work with a provider to test our hormone levels for imbalances. If testing reveals estrogen dominance, we can take steps to restore the natural equilibrium by rebalancing with bioidenticalshormones derived from plant compounds that are made to be identical in structure and function to those our body makes naturally.

Inflammation Can Also Play A Role In Mental Health

Another possible culprit? Inflammation, according to Dr. Kelly Bay, DC, CNS, CDN. Dr. Bay says that autoimmune reactions against the thyroid and abnormal thyroid hormones could increase inflammation throughout the body, which could then lead to cognitive and emotional health issues as well.

We know this, she says, because markers of increased inflammation, particularly brain inflammation, are common among those diagnosed with major depressive disorder, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. For this reason, some doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory treatments for patients with depression.

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Treatments For Hormonal Imbalance

Hormone replacement therapy is used commonly to balance hormones in women after menopause. It is used for a certain period of time before being discontinued.

Bioidentical hormones are another way to balance out hormones. They are man made hormones similar to those in our bodies like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. They are advertised as being safer and more natural than conventional HRT.

At this time, medical societies and researchers state that the risks and benefits of conventional and bioidentical hormones should be considered equal. Talk with Mid-City OB-GYN about their use if you are having symptoms.

Contact Mid-City OB-GYN at for treatment and other options if you think you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance.

Problems With The Master Gland

Do you Have a Hormone Imbalance

The pituitary gland is a small structure located at the base of the brain. It is known as the “master gland” because it produces several hormones that affect many bodily processes and other endocrine glands. Hormones produced by the pituitary gland include prolactin, growth hormone , thyroid-stimulating hormone , luteinizing hormone , adenocorticotropin , and follicle-stimulating hormone . The pituitary gland also releases antidiuretic hormone and oxytocin. A pituitary gland tumor is the most common kind of pituitary disorder. They are usually benign . Sometimes these tumors secrete more or less of hormones made by the pituitary gland. Other tumors don’t secrete anything. Some pituitary tumors produce symptoms because they grow large enough to affect the functioning of the pituitary gland or surrounding brain structures.

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Eat Protein At Every Meal

Consuming an adequate amount of protein at each meal is extremely important, as protein influences the release of hormones that control appetite and food intake.

Eating enough protein can and stimulate the production of hormones that help you feel full.

To optimize hormonal health, aim to consume a minimum of the recommended 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal.

S To Balance Hormones Naturally

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Hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, adrenaline and insulin are extremely important chemical messengers that affect many aspects of your overall health.

Conventional treatments for hormonal imbalances typically include synthetic hormone replacement therapies, birth control pills, insulin injections, thyroid medications and more. Unfortunately, for the majority of people suffering from hormonal disorders, relying on these types of synthetic treatments often does three things:

  • It makes people dependent on taking prescription drugs for the rest of their lives in order to keep symptoms under control.
  • It simply masks the patients symptoms, but doesnt solve them, which means that the patient can continue to develop abnormalities in other areas of the body while the disorder progresses.
  • It potentially causes a higher risk for serious side effects, such as stroke, osteoporosis, anxiety, reproductive problems, cancer and more.
  • Is it possible to balance hormones naturally? The good news is: yes, in many cases it is. Below youll learn about some root causes of hormonal problems, as well as about treatment options to help you balance your hormones naturally.

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    Getting The Right Hormone Testing

    If you think you may have a hormonal imbalance its key to get comprehensive testing that looks at all of your sex hormone levels and metabolites, along with stress hormones that may be impacting them.

    In my experience, the gold standard for hormone testing is the DUTCH Plus. Its my go-to for assessing both sex hormones and stress hormones in women and men.

    This functional lab test is a dried urine analysis and it provides much more in-depth information than conventional saliva and blood tests. However, it only requires one collection so its much more convenient and less susceptible to collection error than a 24-hour collection.

    It measures progesterone, estrogens, androgens, cortisol, cortisone, and DHEA, along with nutritional markers related to hormones and neurotransmitters.

    This test also shows if youre breaking down estrogen into healthy metabolites or inflammatory metabolites that cause oxidative stress, cell damage, and increase your risk for breast cancer.

    If you want to learn more about everything analyzed in this test and how we can use that information to help restore your health, check out this video.

    If you do uncover a hormone imbalance your next question is likely, whats the best treatment option so I can start feeling like myself again?

    Be Sure To Have Your Hormone Levels Regularly Checked And Take Your Medication As Prescribed

    Hormonal Acne Symptoms – 6 SIGNS YOU HAVE HORMONAL ACNE

    If you already have a diagnosed endocrine disorder, you can help to prevent psychological issues by always taking medication as prescribed.

    Dr. Celan says youll want to keep track of new and worsening changes in mood, sleep, enjoyment, energy, concentration, and appetite, as they may be a sign of the endocrine disorder changing and needing subsequent medication tweaking. Youll want to be open and honest with your doctors about when symptoms began, the context in which they exist, and what those symptoms look like.

    On the other hand, Dr. Celan says, If you do not have an endocrine disorder diagnosed, when getting assessed for a new psychological problem, check if your doctor will also be looking at your hormone levels to assess for possible endocrine causes.

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    Major Hormones + Functions

    There are many textbooks that just cover hormones and hormone imbalances, says Lynn Westphal, MD, FACOG, a reproductive endocrinologist at Kindbody. The vast literature indicates how complex hormones truly are.

    For a quick guide, heres a brief overview of some of the main players in the human endocrine system and their primary functions.

    • adrenaline: a crucial part of the bodys fight-or-flight response
    • cortisol: helps control blood sugar levels, regulate metabolism, reduce inflammation, and assist with memory formulation
    • estrogen: influences female physical features and reproduction
    • insulin: allows cells in muscles, fat, and liver to absorb glucose in the blood, which serves as energy for these cells
    • luteinizing hormone : controls the function of ovaries in females and testes in males
    • melatonin: signals relaxation and lowers body temperature to aid sleep
    • oxytocin: plays a crucial role in childbirth and assists male reproduction
    • progesterone: prepares the endometrium for pregnancy potential after ovulation
    • testosterone: controls male physical features
    • thyroid hormones: regulates weight, energy levels, internal temperature, skin health, and the growth of hair and nails

    Dangers Of Hormone Imbalance

    The most dangerous thing about a hormonal imbalance is not actually the symptom, but what it may represent. Common causes of a hormonal imbalance range from diabetes to thyroid issues, to glandular issues and possible tumors either benign or malignant. If your body is reacting in these ways to changes in your bodys chemicals, it could be sign of a deeper issue, which could be dangerous if left untreated.

    Particularly in women, a hormonal imbalance could indicate early onset of menopause, polycystic ovary syndrome, primary ovarian insufficiency and even ovarian cancer, among other conditions. In men, hormone imbalance could indicate any number of conditions, including prostate cancer.

    Talk to your doctor about any new or unusual symptoms that are not typical of your personality or body. Many people keep a log to keep track of changes this is helpful when describing to their doctors any concerns or symptoms. Once diagnosed, your doctor will work with you to prescribe medicine, advise life-style changes, conduct additional testing, or refer you to a specialist.

    Remember, a hormonal balance can be serious if left untreated, but speaking to your doctor even if youre wrong can only help make the issue better.

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    Brown Discharge Before Menstruation Or After Menstruation

    It is possible that a few days after your period ends or just before the start of a period, flow is brown or darker than usual. In this case, it does not imply any health problem, but it happens because during menstruation the uterus was unable to expel all the cells and it does so with some delay. As a result, you can see brownish vaginal secretions that are part of a natural process of cleaning the uterus by expelling the remains of old blood.

    However, if the brown discharge occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle, it may be related to a certain hormonal imbalance, something that some women who are taking contraceptives tend to experience, such as the pill or the ring. In addition, specialists have pointed out that although the exact cause is unknown, during ovulation it is also possible that at some point the discharge becomes somewhat more brownish.

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    About the Author: Dr. Seth Osgood is a Doctor of Nursing Practice, Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner. Dr. Osgood received his post-graduate training in Functional Medicine through the IFM and from working with Dr. Amy Myers. He has helped people from around the world improve their health utilizing a Functional Medicine approach.

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