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Best Foods For Hormonal Imbalance

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Maintain A Moderate Weight

12 Foods That Prevent Hormonal Imbalance: in Women

Weight gain is directly associated with hormonal imbalances that may lead to complications in insulin sensitivity and reproductive health.

Obesity is strongly related to the development of insulin resistance, while losing excess weight is linked to improvements in insulin resistance and reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease .

Obesity is also associated with hypogonadism, a reduction or absence of hormone secretion from the testes or ovaries. In fact, this condition is one of the most relevant hormonal complications of obesity in men .

This means obesity is strongly related to lower levels of the reproductive hormone testosterone in men and contributes to a lack of ovulation in women, both of which are common causes of infertility .

Nonetheless, studies indicate that weight loss may reverse this condition. Eating within your own personal calorie range can help you maintain hormonal balance and a moderate weight .


Maintaining a moderate weight is crucial for hormone health, as obesity is strongly related to hormonal imbalances that may impair insulin sensitivity and fertility.

26 ).

For example, when your gut microbiome ferments fiber, it produces short-chain fatty acids such as acetate, propionate, and butyrate. Both acetate and butyrate aid weight management by increasing calorie burning and thus help prevent insulin resistance (

27 ).

Here are some tips to improve your gut bacteria to positively affect your hormones.

The Best Foods For Hormone Balance

Carrie Gabriel, MS, RDN, clues us in on the best foods to eat for hormone balance.

When we think about hormones, we often immediately think of reproductive health. But theyre not just heavily involved in keeping the reproductive system functioning: Hormones can affect your mood, stress levels, appetite, and overall health. If our hormones are off balance, we might feel more fatigued than usual. Even further, we might experience irregular bowel movements to irregular menstrual cycles, heightened stress, and general irritability. Yikes!

Many of us dont think about turning to food first as a remedy for hormonal issues too often, we tend to steer toward medication. And unfortunately, hormone production isnt something we can directly control.

Diet is integral to hormone health, especially by regulating your gut health . Thankfully, there are certain foods that can help you balance your hormones, so we can select the best foods that regulate hormones and fuel our bodies with those. Heres everything you need to know about treating hormonal imbalance with a hormone-balancing diet and other positive health habits.

Inside this article:

Engage In Regular Exercise

Physical activity strongly influences hormonal health. Aside from improving blood flow to your muscles, exercise increases hormone receptor sensitivity, meaning that it enhances the delivery of nutrients and hormone signals (

7 ).

Insulin is a hormone that allows cells to take up sugar from your bloodstream to use for energy. However, if you have a condition called insulin resistance, your cells may not effectively react to insulin. This condition is a risk factor for diabetes, obesity, and heart disease .

However, while some researchers still debate whether the improvements come from exercise itself or from losing weight or fat, evidence shows that regular exercise may improve insulin resistance independently of body weight or fat mass reduction .

Many types of physical activity have been found to help prevent insulin resistance, including high intensity interval training, strength training, and cardio .

Being physically active may also help boost levels of muscle-maintaining hormones that decline with age, such as testosterone, IGF-1, DHEA, and human growth hormone .

For people who cannot perform vigorous exercise, even regular walking may increase these hormone levels, potentially improving strength and quality of life .


Strength training, aerobics, walking, and other forms of exercise may modify hormone levels to reduce your risk of disease and prevent muscle mass decline as you age.

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What Should You Drink When You Have Adult Hormonal Acne

Try to avoid cows milk and soy milk. If you must have milk in your latte or cappuccino take it with almond or cashew milk.

It seems that drinking green tea can help with acne. Green tea contains antioxidants and has been shown to have potent anti-inflammatory effects. A study in 80 women with acne showed that those who took 1,500 mg per day of green tea extract for four weeks experienced significant acne lesions reductions compared with a placebo group.

Drinking sweetened and diet sodas should not be part of your diet. A much better choice for cold drinks is water, sparkling water, green tea, hibiscus tea, and lemon water.

Beer Bellies & Low Testosterone

Maca: The Superfood for Hormone Imbalance

As men age their levels of testosterone are also going to go down and down . Now, this is considered to be a normal response to the aging process. But diet, lack of exercise and other lifestyle factors can drive testosterone levels down into the dumps.

Studies have found men with lower testosterone levels are more likely to develop belly fat . Then this excess belly fat can be converted into estrogen if theyre under high-stress levels. Then next thing you know theyre fighting belly fat caused by both low testosterone and high estrogen levels. But studies have also found belly fat to go down when testosterone was increased .

Many men also like to drink a lot of beer but unfortunately, the hops in beer also contain phytoestrogens . These phytoestrogens are similar to estrogen. This can cause men to have increases in estrogen which leads to belly fat and man boobs. Plus drinking alcohol itself has been linked in studies to cause increases in abdominal fat as well .

Some natural ways to increase your testosterone is to lift weights, lower stress, get enough sleep, take vitamin D3, and get enough minerals such as zinc and magnesium . If none of these are getting your testosterone levels up high enough then consider talking to your doctor about testosterone replacement therapy as well.

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How To Balance Hormones For Overall Wellbeing

Sometimes the answer to the question of how to balance your hormones is to seek professional advice and guidance, particularly if you are suffering from a medical condition. A qualified and experienced professional will be able to determine the main causes of your hormonal imbalance by using a quiz and asking you questions.

You may also need hormone balance supplements like magnesium, aloe, glutamine, and curcumin. Vitamins A and D can also help to balance hormones.

When it comes to diet, though, there is nothing strange or radical about diets that promote hormonal balance. Essentially it involves eating a balanced diet that avoids refined carbohydrates, sugars, and trans-fats, replacing them with good carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, and fibre-rich foods.

What Is A Customized Keto Diet Plan Best Diet Plan For Hormonal Imbalance

Custom-made Keto Diet plan is a keto-based diet strategy from famous nutritional expert Rachel Roberts. The diet strategy is complete.

The Customized keto diet plan is a customized eating strategy that allows you to slim down using a complete ketosis-based diet plan. Elaborately created by skilled nutritionists, gourmet professionals, and trainers for different needs, the eating program strategy assures to assist you get fitter in less than 2 months.

The Customized keto diet plan program thinks about a range of components such as BMI, physique, health goals, and your way of life, such as work hours, and so on, requirements. It is an online guide with a plan that you can take anywhere.

Unlike other diet plans, there is no need to await the Custom-made Keto Diet plan package to appear. With a simple click, the program will be accessible on your PC and smartphone screens. The consuming plan is rather detailed as it acquaints you with the universe of ketosis and how ketosis works.

Within the program, you will find essential details divided into various locations on how ketosis helps you manage blood pressure and drop weight, among numerous advantages. Plus, youll get an overview of the foods you can consume from your No. 1 budget plan food cycle. Consists of a host of meal strategies, including smoothies, celebration treats, desserts, bacon, and more Best Diet Plan For Hormonal Imbalance

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Nutrition Response Testing Can Help You Determine What Foods To Eat For Hormonal Imbalance

While eating foods that help with hormonal imbalance can be beneficial, no two people are alike and the cause of a hormonal imbalance will vary from person to person.

Most patients that come to us want to know about foods that balance hormones in females, but a hormonal imbalance can happen anytime, they are not exclusive to pregnancy, PMS, or menopause.

At HealthierU in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Donna Sergi, Nutrition Response Practitioner, and Holistic Chiropractor, uses a technique called Nutrition Response Testingto determine the underlying cause of your hormonal imbalanceand evaluate how your body is functioning and responding to hormonal imbalance.

With the results of your Nutrition Response Test, Dr. Sergi will develop a plan, based on your bodys specific needs, that will help return your body to a balanced state while restoring full and proper function to all of your organs.

As a result, the symptoms youve been experiencing will improve as your hormones become balanced again.

Balancing Hormones With Food

Have Estrogen Dominance & Hormonal Imbalance? Learn the best foods to flush out unwanted hormones!

As you may know, foods such as sugar, caffeine and alcohol can all contribute to hormonal imbalances. However, the great news is that not all food is bad, and in fact, most food can be extremely beneficial in balancing hormones. Hormones depend on healthy fats as building blocks, particularly Omega 3s and saturated fats, so if your diet is lacking in those healthy fats, your body may not be able to efficiently build those essential hormones. Healthy fats include coconut oil, avocado and wild salmon which all have anti-inflammatory properties .

Caffeine can interfere with your sleep cycles which in turn can affect your cortisol levels among other things. Limit caffeine or choose an alternative, such as matcha green tea, if you require a little boost during the day which has a lower amount of caffeine then a cup of coffee does. Alternatively, herbal teas such as peppermint and dandelion root tea are also beneficial in helping to balance hormones as well as being great liver cleansers.

Dairy can also be a trigger for hormone imbalances particularly because of the natural hormones found in the dairy itself. It may also play a role in aggravating hormonal acne. So, if you are sensitive to dairy and experiencing hormone imbalance, alternatives such as coconut milk and almond milk are extremely versatile and readily available in most supermarkets. When working to improve hormone balance, try to avoid soy-containing products as they can mimic estrogen in the body.


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Best Diet For Women With Adult Hormonal Acne

It is estimated that 50% of women in their 20s and 25% of women in their 30s still struggle with acne. Recent research shows that the wrong diet can make acne worse in both teens and adults. Today, most dermatologists believe that switching to a better diet and taking the right supplements are beneficial to topical acne treatment.

What Causes Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalance can be caused both by external and internal factors. Some of the main causes of hormonal imbalance are:

  • Hormone therapy, a cancer treatment that blocks or alters the hormones that fuel cancer development.
  • Eating disorders lead to increased production of stress hormones, which cause higher levels of stress, depression, and sleep issues.
  • Certain foods that contain hormone-disrupting substances. E.g. Even wild fish may be contaminated with high levels of mercury, which causes hormone imbalance.
  • Cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, cause hormone imbalances mainly associated with changes in sexual health.
  • Stress is known to throw hormones out of balance and cause mood swings, irregular menstrual cycle and increased libido in both genders.
  • Injury or trauma can cause adrenal glands to produce insufficient amounts of hormones, which result in dehydration, fatigue and hormone imbalance weight loss.

Here are the 5 most common hormone imbalances to look out for:

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What Causes Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Every womans menstrual cycle is different. Some women get their period at the same time each month. Others are more irregular. Some women bleed more heavily or for a longer number of days than others. Your menstrual cycle can also change during certain times of your life. That said, its really helpful to track your periods. Eventually, the goal is to sync your cycle with your life. Spoiler alertthats part of how to balance your hormones naturally. Any of these things can alter your menstrual cycle, causing hormonal imbalance:

This is not an exhaustive list of reasons why a menstrual cycle can be irregular. If you sense your period is irregular .

Image by Michelle Nash

Your High Estrogen Levels Are Expanding Your Fat Cells

Hormone Imbalance: 8 foods that you should avoid to help you naturally!

Although estrogen is responsible for making women uniquely women, its also the hormone that can be the most troublesome in the fat department. At normal levels, estrogen actually helps keep you lean by goosing the production of insulin, a hormone that manages blood sugar. When estrogen gets thrown off, though, it turns you into a weight-gain machine.

Heres how: When you eat, your blood sugar rises. Like a bodyguard, insulin lowers it by escorting glucose into three different places in your body. When insulin is in good working formnot too high and not too lowit sends a small amount of glucose to your liver, a large amount to your muscles to use as fuel, and little to none for fat storage.

If youre healthy and in good shape, your pancreas produces exactly the right amount of insulin to have your blood sugar softly rise and fall within a narrow range . But when your estrogen levels climb, the cells that produce insulin become strained, and you can become insulin resistant.

Thats when insulin starts to usher less glucose to the liver and muscles, raising the levels of sugar in your bloodstream and ultimately storing the glucose as fat. Your fat tissue can expand by as much as four times to accommodate the storage of glucose.

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Cruciferous Vegetables Support Healthy Hormones

Cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, sprouts and cabbage, are part of the brassica family. When they are cut or chewed, a phytochemical known as isothiocyanates and Indole-3-carbinol is released. I3C improves liver function which plays an essential role in balancing hormones and filtering out exhausted hormones.

Note: Heat destroys these special chemicals. If you are cooking cruciferous vegetables, chopping them first and lightly steaming them will help to retain as much of their powerful nutrients as possible.

Some women have oestrogen dominance this happens when the level of oestrogen outweighs the level of progesterone in the body. This can be aggravated by chronic stress and sluggish liver detoxification. Eating cruciferous vegetables can help to balance this imbalance.

Some cruciferous vegetables you can include in your diet include:

+ Eat In A Calm Environment

Perhaps the most easily forgotten , its not just a matter of WHAT you eat but HOW you eat it.

When you eat in a relaxed state, you allow your body to transition into your parasympathetic nervous system, aka the rest and digest mode. In this state, your body sends blood and resources to your center, where all of your digestive organs are located. This allows them to function optimally, shuttling food through the steps of digestion at the proper rate and consistency, and ensuring you actually absorb the foods nutrients.

Eating with relaxed awareness also prevents uncomfortable and painful physical symptoms like heartburn, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea. Mindful eating also soothes anxiety and helps you more easily experience your hunger and satiety cues, so you dont overeat.

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Symptoms Of Hormonal Imbalance

If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms of hormonal imbalance, then you can get checked with your doctor to find out what hormone is lacking or in excess. Blood tests can help find out levels of hormones such as cortisol, insulin, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroxin and TTH, among others.

  • Excessive weight gain

Diet plays a very important in helping keep hormone levels balanced in the body. Below is a list of 8 foods that balance hormones in females.

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Best Hormone Balancing Foods

The Ketogenic Diet, Women & Hormones Hormonal Imbalance In Women On Keto Dr.Berg

Academy of Culinary Nutrition Health Resources

We make a wide variety of hormones that circulate throughout our bodies to help with growth, mood, sexual function and metabolism. Its a complicated web that can be easily thrown off kilter, leading to symptoms that can disrupt our fertility, weight, menstrual cycles and our ability to cope with stress. Food is an incredibly helpful tool when dealing with hormone imbalances and today, were going to share our best hormone balancing foods with you.

Note that we cannot cover all of the hormones in the body and their unique effects, but were covering some of the most common hormone imbalances our grads from the Culinary Nutrition Expert program see in their clients.

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Hormone Imbalance Food Trail Mix

If youre suffering from a hormone imbalance and looking for food that can help nuts and seeds are definitely a great place to start.

This trail mix is a super simple way to get essential vitamins and minerals that support your hormones. Not only do the nuts and seeds give you some protein and healthy fats, they also contain essential nutrients for hormone imbalance, specifically:

  • Cashews for magnesium, zinc, and iron
  • Walnuts for Omega 3s, magnesium, iron, and b6
  • Brazil nuts for selenium and magnesium
  • Pumpkin seeds for magnesium, iron, and zinc
  • Dairy-free chocolate chips for Vitamin T

The essential nutrients in these nuts and seeds have been shown to support your thyroid and healthy menstrual cycles. Getting adequate proteins and fats are also important for supporting your adrenals.

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