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Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Reviews

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Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Review | Shaun Hadsall Weight Loss Program

Cost: Eating organic will probably add to your grocery bill. Beyond your food shopping and supplements, the hormone tests Turner recommends may not be covered by your insurance.

Support: None, though Turner runs a Toronto clinic that offers health assessments, nutrition and exercise coaching, and other health and wellness services.

What Is Hormone Diet

A hormone diet is a method used to attain the desired body weight and figure. Among the many advantages of growth hormone is its action to maintain a good metabolism, resulting in the proper weight and muscle build-up. It helps maintain healthy and strong bones by processing calcium absorption. It reduces fat and helps control sugar and insulin levels in the blood. Knowing the appropriate human growth hormone diet will give you the body formed and healthy that is desirable.

The recommended daily protein intake differs from person to person regarding age, activity level, and more. For individuals who have an active lifestyle, they need about 0.5 to 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. So, if you are about 200 lb, you need to consume about 100-160 grams of protein. Lean meats from beef, chicken, turkey, seafood, and low-fat dairy products, are examples of protein-rich foods.

Final Thoughts On The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Protocol

The first couple of weeks of fastingwhether you do it for 5 days or just decide to use it a fewtimes a week for health reasons is the hardest.

Initially, fasting seems like a big pain in the butt, but remember to focus on the reward. You mighthave to sacrifice if you have an obsession with food or eating every 2 to 3 hours, but I consideredit a welcome break from the burden of having to eat from sunup to sundown day after day.

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This One Demonstrates That Fasting Increases The Release Of Catecholamines

If you combine that with high-intensity exercise, you get a powerful 1-2 punch to help yourelease more fat in the bloodstream where it can be burned off:

This study shows that fasted training is more potent than fed training tofacilitate adaptations in muscle and to improve whole-body glucose tolerance and insulinsensitivity during hyper-caloric fat-rich diet.

If you absolutely HAVE to have something before a workout , Irecommend a scoop of whey protein powder like Spring of Life Grass-Fed Whey Protein orBioTrust Low Carb with a few krill oil capsules.

Just make sure you do a thorough five- to ten-minute warmup to bring down insulin levels soyou maximize fat loss during and after the workout.

Protein = The Size Of Your Palm

The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Manual Reviews

An acceptable range is 15 to 30 grams per serving for women and 30 to 40 grams for men. This can increase 10-20 grams during the post workout window. If youre not consistently exercising, these amounts can be lower. You should be shooting for 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of LEAN body weight. An estimate is fine. Dont get caught up in the details.

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Shipping Refund Policy & Money

The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet PDF program is free from shipping charges, the purchaser has not to pay additional charges. One year money back guarantee policy is available with The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Program. The author returns the whole investment of the user in the condition of returning the program.

Alternatives To Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet

Here are other weight loss programs I recommend you to try instead of Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet:

1. Eat Stop Eat.

This is another weight loss program by Brad Pilon. It is a very famous program that has stood the test of time. Eat Stop Eat is all about how to lose weight and gain muscle by doing the correct form of intermittent fasting. One thing I like about this program is that there is no diet restrictions. You get to eat whatever you want on non-fasting days. Get the program now or read my review for more details.

2. Trim Down Club.

This is an 8-week weight loss community program designed by a team of experienced dietitians and scientists. For just $1.99, youll get one-month access to an amazing Menu Planner, 8-week weight loss eating plan, free access to free expert consultation and much more. You can either join now or read my review for more details.

3. HealthyWage

This program offers you cash rewards just for losing weight. As crazy as this sounds they are the real deal and have been paying out thousands of dollars since 2009. This program is designed for those who have lost their motivation or need something to keep them focused on the goal of losing weight. Find out how it works by reading my comprehensive review or you can join now.

If this review has helped you, please dont forget to share to the relevant people you know. Also feel free to use the comments section if you have any contributions to make.

Thank you!

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What Are The Natural Resources Of Resetting Hormones

Another factor that could increase HGH naturally is in your diet, about 50% carbohydrates, 30 % protein, and 20 % fat. You should consider only the healthy and organic food products. Avoid sugar, alcohol, refined flour, highly processed food, and junk foods. Instead, eat plenty of fruits, green foods, and whole grains to make your diet healthful. Unsaturated fats are healthy, which can be found in olive oil, nuts, seeds, and fish oils.

Athletes who have a high level of activity should consume high carbohydrates in their diets. After performing exercises, foods high in glycemic content should be consumed. On the other hand, starchy types of carbohydrates can be consumed by intervals. It is necessary to drink plenty of water as needed to avoid dehydration. Avoid fatty foods before exercising, and protein foods can be consumed as a protein shake, protein bar, lean meat or eggs, after the exercise. Sugar should be avoided after the exercise.

Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Amazon

The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Reviews Shaun | Does it REALLY Work?

Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet is not available on amazon. Amazon doesnât know when the Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet will be back in stock. You can order Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet through its official website instead of amazon.

Due to the high demand, Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet is always out of stock from Walmart, eBay, and Amazon websites. The product is available exclusively online, only through its official website. So you can order this book from the UK, Australia, US, and Canada.

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Science Behind Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet

The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet is all about hormones.

Once we hit our 40s, our body starts to change, and more often than not, we end up gaining stubborn fat and pretty much struggle to get rid of it. This, According to Shaun, is because of hormones.

Due to this, the Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet claims to provide you with continued health and fitness if youre at or over your 40s.

Anyways, coming back to Hadsalls claim. Next, he claims that genetics, metabolism or even age does not have anything to do whatsoever if youre struggling with weight loss.

Shaun has outlined 03 hormonal problems that you need to overcome if youre to look younger, live longer, lose fat and body weight a lot efficiently.

Lets take a look at them.

  • Over-40 Metabolism Problem 01: Growth Hormone Age-Related Deficiency

After your 40s, According to Shaun, your bodys hormones begin to dwindle considerably. This is called somatopause, and it can lead to problems like excess fat storage, lower sex drive, weak bones and more.

But Shaun, to alleviate these adverse side effects and increase growth hormone, has cited what he calls the latest science that you can use.

However, when I looked up the research cited by Shaun, I found out that it was not at all latest.

Also, the suggested claim doesnt even seem to be talking about the growth hormone or anything like that. Instead, it talks about spot reduction, which is a Myth.

  • Over-40 Metabolism Problem 02: Metabolic Slowdown

But wait

Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Whole Package

  • Follow-Along Success Tracker
  • 8 Fat-Burning Drinks that Reset Your Hormones
  • Hormone-Optimizing Keto Cheat Sheets
    • Offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    Hormones play a vital role in your daily health. If your hormone level is out of balance, it can affect your mood, health, weight, and even fertility are impacted.

    Your hormones changes throughout your life- from puberty to adulthood and then into your menopause.

    This program offers a solution to balance your hormones and help you lose weight.

    People who can lose weight are not luckier or stronger than you. The only difference is that they are committed to the fitness goal they already longed for.

    Yes, you cant pull back time, but definitely, you can make your body look and feel even ten years younger through a healthy diet and exercise.

    The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet makes a bold claim, suggesting that it can help you reset your body burning hormones in just 24 hours.

    You can try and see for yourself if this program works. If it doesnt, it has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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    Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Solution #: Strategic High

    Hadsall says that hes going to show you how to correctly use high-carb cheat meals in order to reap the supposed benefits that they give to your leptin and thyroid hormones. According to him, high-carb cheat meals resets and increases your leptin and thyroid hormones. These hormones then proceed to turn on your fat-burning switch and permanently increase your over 40 metabolism.

    To authenticate his claim, Mr Hadsall goes on to repeat the falsehood we discussed earlier that low leptin levels inflames the thyroid gland. Of course, he manipulated the Leptin graph. And again, the study where he took the graph from doesnt support his claim.

    So as you can see, Hadsall is busy making claims and using random studies talking about something else other than his claims to back them up. I cant say that Im surprised he did that before in his terrible Over 40 Ab Solution program which, by the way, hes now offering as a bonus if you buy Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet.

    Now besides these fundamental problems above, here are other issues you need to know:

    What Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Will Supposedly Do For You

    Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Review

    According to Hadsall, here is what his Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet program will do for you:

  • Eliminate OVER-40 Menopause Belly Fat, Stubborn Abdominal Fat & Love Handles
  • REACTIVATE Your Bodys MASTER Hormones
  • Look & Feel YEARS Younger
  • Reignite & BOOST The Over-40 Aging Metabolism
  • Rebalance The Key Hormones Which ELIMINATE Aches & Pains
  • Regulate Your Metabolism To Reduce Fat-Storing Inflammation
  • Control Blood Sugar & Stabilize Insulin
  • Of course, Hadsall made more claims about his program and added a slew of citations to make his presentation look well researched and backed up by science. But by the time you finish reading this review, well find out if all those scientific papers he cited indeed back up his claims. This will be very interesting so keep reading!

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    Cheap And Wonderful Alternative

    Metabolic Cooking uses the same hormone science but focuses on easy, fast meal planning.

    You can get the same results as the Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet for a fraction of the price. Check out the website to get some free recipes. If you like what you see, the Metabolic Cooking book is just $10.

    Plus, they normally offer a special 50% off discount. That means you can revolutionize your entire lifestyle for just a few dollars. The cookbook helps you reset your hormones to lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle. Ive compared Metabolic Cooking to the Over 40 program, and Metabolic Cooking is amazing. Its a comprehensive program for an incredible value that really cant be beat.

    How Much Does The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Cost

    When it comes to the cost, The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet, I have to say, is pretty well priced.

    It costs just $27, which, to be honest, is a fair asking price. But, Its worth noting that the program is not available in physical format.

    Every single one of the materials here is Digital, so, after the order, youll receive everything in a PDF format Instantly, which youll be able to download on any device.

    The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Also comes with a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. This means, If youre not happy with the program or FAILED to see any outcomes That were promised, you can return the program.

    Returning the program will not be much of a hustle. Because Shaun claims theyve got the BEST Customer Service in the Industry and promises to answer every question you throw at them within 24 to 48 hours.

    This is where Ill go through everything I researched about The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet. Its only going to get interesting from here, so I recommend that you continue reading till the end.

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    Level Of Effort: Medium To High

    First, you’ll quit caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy, gluten, and most oils for 2 weeks.

    Also, Turner recommends using pH strips and ketone strips to test your bodyâs pH balance getting a series of blood, urine, or saliva tests to check hormone levels and taking supplements including multivitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and calciummagnesiumvitamin D3.

    Limitations: If youâre used to eating prepared meals and snacks, The Hormone Diet might be a big adjustment, since it focuses on whole foods that you cook yourself. If you love coffee or soda, you may find it hard to give up these beverages in favor of green tea and other drinks on Turner’s list.

    Cooking and shopping: The plan calls for eating organic foods as much as possible. The recipes and 1-week sample menu are fairly basic, so if youâre not comfortable cooking the foods in the diet plan, your options may be limited.

    Packaged foods or meals: Not required, though Turner recommends certain brands of supplements.

    In-person meetings: No.

    Exercise: Turner recommends getting roughly 30 minutes of exercise 6 days a week in a mix of strength training, cardio, interval training, and yoga.

    Now Dont Freak Out About This

    Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Review: What A HOT MESS! (Find out Why)

    I guarantee its a lot easier to follow and more effective than you could ever imagine.

    And believe it or not, theres a whole subculture around the world following this method withunheard of results. Including myself. Ive been using various methods of I.F. off and on now foralmost 5 years to help me stay lean, healthy, and happy.

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    Skipping Breakfast Is Not For Me

    The ideal way to follow intermittent fasting is to only eat within your 8-hour window. If you want to eat dinner with your family members , that means no breakfast. No breakfast makes me feel crabby and tired.

    Fortunately, the plan includes some simple breakfast options for cheaters like me who arent willing to commit to the full intermittent fasting schedule.

    The Problem With Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet

    There are a lot more problems with this diet program than the actual claims it makes.

    So Lets Take A Look At Those.

    Earlier, I mentioned that Hadsall had developed 03 other diet books: Namely, 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan, 4 Cycle Solution, and Over 40 Ab Solution. With that, I also mentioned that they are identical.

    However, My concern is not about the programs but the actual main photos he has used to show his wifes results.

    Shaun, on each of the 04 programs, including the Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet, has used the exact same photos showcasing Karens results.

    Ive already put up Karens before and after photos from the Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet above. So herere the photos I got from Shauns other 03 programs.

    The 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss PlanThe 4-Cycle SolutionThe Over 40 Ab Solution

    As you can see, every one of these images is virtually identical. And from what Ive seen, these programs were created in very different years.

    • 4 Cycle Solution was created in 2010.
    • The 14 Day Rapid Plan was created in 2011.
    • The Over 40 Ab Solution was created in 2015.

    I couldnt find out when the Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet was created, but I think it was designed in 2020.

    Either way, my concern after seeing these photos is, what is the exact program that Karen used to achieve these results?

    Is it the 4 Cycle Solution, 14 Day Rapid Plan, Over 40 Ab Solution or Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet?

    And by the way, each of these products also uses different claims and methods to achieve weight loss.

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    Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Reviews

    Official Website:

    Are you living a happy life with complete health? Are you becoming obese and overweight by eating unhealthy foods?

    In this world, people are experiencing so many pitfalls like hormones decline, age-related inflammation, unexpected joint pain, lack of energy, poor sexual performance, slow metabolism, aging signs, brain fog, lack of concentration, and many more.

    You must know the truth and the hidden fact before using a program or method because Growing old is more dangerous when compared with other problems.

    So you must find the exact solution to solve your obesity-related issues wisely.

    Here this review discusses how to beat the problem wisely by addressing the root cause and overcoming it with some support to help people who are struggling to lose weight and overcome obesity.

    The author Shaun Hadsall introduced an excellent program called Over 40 hormone Reset Diet to eliminate over-40 Menopause Belly, burns stubborn abdominal fat and reactivating master hormones in less than few hours.

    It shares 1-Day diet secret that you can follow to reverse the rapid hormonal decline to live longer, look younger and eliminate unwanted flab in just a few days.

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